April 28, 2015, 06:46 am

Helpdesk Rules & Guidelines (read before use!)

The helpdesk is not a discussion forum. You should only be replying to a helpdesk ticket if you have something significant to contribute to the ticket (with hard evidence such as screenshots, videos or demo files). "Witness Statements" are not a valid form of evidence, nor should you be replying to a friends ticket simply to "back up what they're saying". Any user replying to tickets without adhering to these requirements will receive a forum warning and/or a forum or server ban - at the discretion of the trusted+. Bug Report tickets are exempt from these requirements, however any reply should still be constructive/meaningful.

All submitted tickets should contain appropriate evidence and a valid steamid. To give an example, if you're accusing an player of RDM the evidence will have to prove its a random killing (video or demo files are ideal for this). Similarly if you're accusing an admin of noclip abuse, we need evidence of them abusing noclip. Tickets without sufficient evidence may be immediately marked as resolved.

Please do not request a specific admin handle your ticket, unless you've been directly asked by that admin to do so. The whole ticket process goes much faster if any staff member of the appropriate rank feels they can jump in and handle/assign the ticket as required.

If you are unable to attach a demo file to your ticket, we recommend uploading your demo to either Mega, OneDrive or Google Drive. This way, you can include the link to your demo in the ticket for us to download and review.