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April 18, 2017, 09:56 pm by Pantho
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Admin Helper E2

Banned simply put, anyone using it after first warning will be banned for 24hours.

Firstly, it's an RP entity and should not be used for admin. If we want to 'AI' script admin we will be it via LUA.

Also, 5 people running explode on everything is rather laggy...
April 09, 2017, 04:08 pm by StupidWeasel
Views: 894 | Comments: 9

Doctor Update

Drugs [Boosts]
Damage Reduction - Reduces all incoming damage for 5 minutes. Can't be used by Swat or Bounty Hunter, they already have built in damage reduction!
Regen - Heals 15hp every 15 seconds for 2 minutes, up to players max health, which can be boosted by a...
HP Pill - Fully heals player & boosts their health to 150hp for 10 minutes.
Adrenaline - Boosts runspeed and lockpick speed for 5 minutes. Scales with the masterthief boosts - giving a slightly smaller bonus on top of the base boosts.

Drugs [Misc]
Nullifier - Removes all positive drug effects, keeping the cooldowns. Might be fun for a mayor who wants to run a rehab program, allowing early release for prisoners who comply.

Other changes
Two new models to choose from & a nice spammy swep that can heal the targeted player (or yourself, with right click). Completely up to the doctor if they wish to charge for this healing!

Suggestions & tweaks?
Happy to hear them, especially with regards to drug duration, cooldown & pricing. With how we've coded the entities it's very easy to add additional drugs, so suggestions for those are more than welcome too!
April 02, 2017, 11:03 pm by iProxy
Views: 1760 | Comments: 36

Congratulations to all of our winners and runners-up!

(Click spoiler to view list of winners)

Information for Winners & Runners-up
  • Those in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be contacted by a root admin to receive their prize.
  • Runners-up can choose from either: a $400,000 DarkRP cash voucher or a 1-month admin/mod voucher.
  • All of those in the runners-up category should create a helpdesk ticket in the "Easter Egg Hunt" department with their SteamID and their choice of prize.

Original thread OP:

3rd of April - 17th of April

For the duration of the event, little coloured eggs will be hidden around the map, it's your job to find them! There are four tier of eggs, with normal eggs being worth 1 point and the rarer eggs being worth  substantially more.

The number of eggs on the server scale with the number of players & the rounds restart every 30 minutes - even if there are eggs left on the map. There is a cap of 30 eggs per round, but this may be adjusted if it feels like too many (or too few).

The event closes the evening of Monday 17th of April, with the First, Second & Third prizes detailed above (including an exclusive hat!) being given out at that time.

Note: Anyone found to be cheating will be immediately disqualified and face a permanent ban from the servers. If you think you've found a bug/issue with the egghunt please private message a root admin directly.

-edit: Prizes are rewarded in either Steam Gift Cards / G2A / Kinguin or Origin - no cash alternatives allowed - Pantho

Top 3 winners have received there gift card, ingame hat given separately. - Pantho
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October 24, 2009, 04:22 pm by Pantho | Views: 725678 | Comments: 0

Hello, if you want to buy Admin for the GMOD RP servers then this is the place.


Admin Power
6 - 1 month admin
30 15 (equivalent to 5 a month) - 3 months admin
120 40 (equivalent to 3.33 a month)  - 1 Year admin

By purchasing from this website you agree that you will follow all this rules:

  • You must still follow all player rules.
  • Abuse of any admin powers will result in either a minor or major warning.
  • Three active warnings at any one time will result in you being demoted/blacklisted - with no refunds given.
    • Typically minor warnings are considered active for one month, whilst major admins are considered active for three months. If a player repeatedly abuses the same power (ie: 4 warnings for no clip abuse) older warnings will may still be considered
  • Only super admins, root admin's and the owner may give you an admin warning. Complaints / appeals can be filed via the helpdesk as an unban request.
  • Mass banning an entire server (known as "going rogue") and Paypal fraud will both result in instant loss of admin powers, regardless of the number of admin warnings you may or may not have.
  • Kicks & Bans must have a clear, sensible & valid reason. Likewise, any warnings you give to a player should be type (ideally as an /aadvert or the slay reason), player warnings may not be given over voice chat.
  • If a super+ says jump, then jump. Only super or root may boss you around - trusted admin's are considered equal to regular admin's in rank.
  • You should not use any of your powers for personal gain or to give yourself a roleplay advantage over players.
    • The exception to this is that you may build with noclip. However you obviously may not use it to travel or 'cheat/abuse'.
  • You may NOT ban another admin. There are exceptions to this rule (ie: propspam, mass banning), but use them wisely. You must be able to fully justify, with evidence, any ban. You also may not kick/slay/discipline another admin, create an admin abuse report if you have a problem with another admin. Be sure to make use of both the byb_who console command and the !menu chat command to check a players status.
  • Keep up to date with the MOTD/Admin rules. There is also an excellent admin manual that gives a few pointers (note: the manual is not official and may not be up to date, treat it as a guide only). Excessive/instabanning for minor offenses will result in a warning.
Breaking any rules here, or any rules we see fit to enforce that are unwritten may result in an Admin Warning. Three warnings results in the loss of admin. We are not harsh, we're not trying to steal your money. But we will not tolerate abusive admins.. Once demoted you may not re buy admin. Demoted admins are blacklisted. Any attempts to buy admin once blacklisted simply will not work.

Subscriptions will recur every month unless you tell it not to. The responsibility for this is on the player solely. You may un-subscribe the Paypal Control Panel or by clicking here. All Gift Code's are one off payments and do not renew.

Purchase by pressing the shiny button, or paypal to: [email protected]

Any abuse of ingame benefits or powers can and will result in loss without refund.
This is a digital item and is not bound by (EU) physical item refund laws.
You will be treated as a regular player. If you are banned for player abuse, you will not be refunded.
We reserve the right to ban any player we deem a threat to the peace and stability of our servers.
If banned from ByB do NOT rebuy abilities on new accounts as you will be re-banned without refund upon discovery.
This extends to having multiple steam accounts at once. Admin warnings apply across all accounts belonging to a player. If you accumulate three active admin warnings in total across these accounts, all accounts will have their admin revoked.
Global Admin does not include admin on RP2, ByB Sandbox or our Minecraft servers. Admin on these servers is controlled separately. If you're unsure which server(s) the subscription you're interested in covers, please private message a root admin.

Above all else remember you are playing a game, these are digital items. Items you can enjoy for years, or for seconds if you abuse your fellow players.
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  • The Lexi Of the Other Kind: Top kek
    October 04, 2017, 01:32 pm
  • BOO Nova: I feel like a "LMAO FAM WHO DID THIS" caption is needed there Mariuss
    September 29, 2017, 08:52 pm
  • Mariuss: this is too good [link]
    September 29, 2017, 08:24 pm
  • pimpdaddy: fuking end your self please
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