April 10, 2020, 05:37 am

Helpdesk Rules & Guidelines (read before use!)

The helpdesk is not a discussion forum. You may only reply to a helpdesk ticket if you have something significant to contribute to the ticket (hard evidence: screenshots, videos or demo files). "Witness Statements" are not a valid form of evidence, nor should you be replying to a friends ticket simply to "back up what they're saying". Bug Report tickets are exempt from these requirements, however any reply should still be constructive/meaningful.

All submitted tickets must contain appropriate evidence and a valid steamid. To give an example, if you're accusing an player of RDM the evidence will have to prove its a random killing (video or demo files are ideal for this). Tickets without sufficient evidence may be immediately marked as resolved.

Ensure demos are in a compressed archive (.zip/.rar/.7z) before uploading. If you are unable to attach a demo file to your ticket, we recommend uploading your demo to either a filesharing service & include the link in the ticket.

See the helpdesk section of the rules for the full set of rules.