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Title: Supporter!
Post by: Pantho on March 22, 2010, 05:26 pm
Supporter Rank & Gift Codes


The ByB Supporter rank is awarded to players who purchase it for a value of 15 GBP or higher. This reward lasts a lifetime, so once you have purchased supporter you never need pay for it again. You get supporter perks on ALL SOURCE Servers, present and future!

Supporter Benefits
Dark RP -

Benefits for RP Legacy
  • 9 unique jobs, only available to supporters!
    • Secret Agent - Be a thief or help the cops or be rogue the choice is yours
    • Mercenary - Be hired to do odd-jobs, No matter what it is.
    • Black Market Dealer - Who has access to sexy items, like guns, keypad cracker shipments right up to laser weapons!
    • SWAT - Take a cop. Give him 250 armour, door charges and a sexy a silenced scoped Mp7 with a laser sight ( You now have a swat officer!
    • SWAT CQB - Same as a SWAT But with access to stronger short range starting weapons.
    • SWAT Medic - Same as a SWAT But with the duty to heal all other PD & SWAT members.
    • SWAT Scout - Same as a SWAT But with access to long-range tactical weapons.
    • Hitman - Get payed to kill, But only for a reason.
    • Master Thief - A thief with super keypad cracker & lockpick, a TMP, and 25% armor
  • Ability to spawn an Emerald money printer. Despite the name, this money printer is made from pure rubies, and as such it'll not explode randomly (Can still be shot!).
  • Ability to spawn a Ruby money printer. Despite the name, this money printer is made from pure emeralds, and as such it'll not explode randomly (Can still be shot!).
  • Ability to spawn Becki's Box. This is a box (barrel) in which you can store up to 4 printers in to make raiding easier! (Printers will NOT Gain money when in a Becki's Box)
  • Reserve Slot! Tired of waiting to join the server? Not anymore! Secret hidden slots, type connect <server ip> to join when full (This feature doesn't always work, heh)
  • Increased Prop limit! Tired of small shops? Well, double your prop limit
  • Ability to use any job without voting! (Police/Mayor/Bodyguard)
  • Access to a number of tools that regular players do not have. The ability to colour props, spawn E2 chips & make beautifully aligned bases with Easy Precision are just some of the perks.

Gift Codes
Upon purchasing a code the owner of the paypal account shall receive an email containing your activation key. Providing you were logged into the forum when purchasing the code, your code will also be visible on the Gift code History page (

You can use this yourself ingame or give it to a loving friend. Simply hit F4, click the "Supporter" tab, paste your code into the box & press enter. You will receive an ingame confirmation and instantly receive supporter - although you're demise or death is required to see jobs/items. (Change job or kill yourself). If you do not recieve the email code please check your spam/junk folder, if you're still unable to find the code please contact a root admin - providing your paypal email address.

( (

Manual Purchases
You may manually send paypal payments to [email protected] (please make sure you send at least 15 GBP), once you've sent a manual payment please private message me with your paypal email address and I'll send you a private message with your code.

Any abuse of in game benefits or powers can and will result in loss without refund.
This is a digital item and is not bound by (EU) physical item refund laws.
You will be treated as a regular player. If you are banned as such you will not be refunded.
We reserve the right to ban any player we deem a threat to the peace and stability of our servers.
If banned from ByB do NOT rebuy abilities on new accounts as you will be re-banned without refund upon discovery.

Above all else remember you are playing a game, these are digital items. Items you can enjoy for years, or for seconds if you abuse your fellow players.