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Off Topic / Re: Mini csgo skin giveaway!
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on October 19, 2019, 02:45 am to delmiss
I would really love that Trigon skin. Wouldn't really care about the M4A4 though, got my dragon king :) Desert Eagle would be nice, don't have a skin for that yet.
Suggestions and Questions / Re: DarkRP Bug Reporting
on May 06, 2019, 02:31 pm to BlueNova
i have a bug the server isnt popping up in the darkrp tab, my history tab, or my favorites

did you try turning it off and on again

no that's wrong, he has to type 'quit smoking' in console
General Chat / Re: Permanently remove Ninjabob from byb
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on March 09, 2018, 03:26 pm to Pantho
Removing everyone above me is a tempting option.
General Chat / Re: Permanently remove Ninjabob from byb
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on March 09, 2018, 03:26 pm to BlueNova
Voting is closed, Dan will be banned k thanks, love you all bye
General Chat / Re: Permanently remove Ninjabob from byb
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on February 14, 2018, 04:22 am to xProdigy
i'd prefer just banning you dan
Off Topic / Re: Rick and Morty is a show for true intellectuals
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on October 01, 2017, 04:38 am to BlueNova
Kys asap

Come over here and make me big boy
Wire / E2 / Re: [Problem] Help me with Expression2 Problem.
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on September 26, 2017, 08:34 am to Serconker
The entit:isShipment() function is something that was made for our servers and such will not work on other servers/single player unless the serve has its own version of the function.
General Chat / Name.
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on September 05, 2017, 08:29 am to Ninjabob03
NinjaBobTell me Where your name originated from. If theres a story behind it or whatever. Ill start.
We were in school messing around in the Computer lab. I was playing the game Floodrunner 3. ( awesome game btw C: . I got really far. I named the character in the game bob. So once I reached around 700k points, i started boasting:3. I started to call myself a ninja. I kept on mentioning how bob was a ninja XD. So after a while one of my friends suddenly exclaimed "Ninjabob!". That name i thought was cool. So from there on i used that name in almost all of my user names. This happened about 2 years ago.
No Offensive remarks please.
General Chat / Re: Problems of ByB
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on August 17, 2017, 11:43 am to AdamS
**Initializing connection to Adam S Industries LTD.
**Incoming message from PonyNet Central Command

The Royal Ponies Corporation2
Official Message from the Boss

Good Afternoon,
As mentioned throughout this thread the discontent with how things have been done this revival are clear.  Me personally I can point fingers at individuals who made problems worse or caused growing discontent within the community.  That is not for this thread tho and starting more drama would only worsen the issue.  Seeing everyone has addressed the staff issue I will abstain from commenting on it.

Today I will focus on one of the other issues that caused a lot of players to just grow bored and leave... The Economy. 

Quote from: FPtje
A badly balanced server can lead to either players hoarding money for too long before doing anything or spending money as if they didnít work for it.

The Short: The current state of the Economy is a laughing joke. To make a a semi-real life example our currency is about as worthless as Zimbabwean dollars except in our reality the companies are mentally retarded and still selling items such as cars/guns at stupidly low prices.  By doing this literally everyone and the dog has the most expensive items within mere hours due to how bad the economy is.  Whomever set this up originally thought nothing of it and I could argue that they never took an Economics course.

The Long: Okay so let's first take a look at the 3 most viable ways of earning our worthless Zimbyb dollars.

Printing: The most low-effort bullshit excuse of gaining billions by sitting on your ass. The most common reasoning ive heard about the pay-out was "IT TAKES SO LONG TO BREAK EVEN IM SO FUCKING DUMB AND CANT DO ANYTHING ELSE".  Based on my research this was a load of bullshit.  The average player tends to play for 2-3 hours.  Given that it is estimated that a Supporter can earn over 1,255,500 Zimbyb Dollars and Non-Supporters can make 356,940 Zimbyb Dollars.  This of course does not factor in your printers exploding but in my research time this never happened and the chances of such happening are not high enough to report. Printing only gets worse when you have huge gangs sitting back with over 20+ Printers in a base at a time.

Suggestion: Greatly reduce the probability of printers or require upkeep to keep them printing so AFKing/leaving them for hours is not a viable decision.  This is likely why some communities use the ScriptFodder printers that require Ink/Cooling.  OR printers have a MUCH higher chance of exploding the closer they are to other (>5) printers.  This includes supporter printers .

Weed/Meth: There is really no huge rant on this.  The only thing I really hated was how a lot of the costs for items were the same.  The profit based in the charts are based on 90% Maximum Efficiency where you are constantly tending to your stuff (With the exception of 10% of fuckups).  To me there should be a drop in earnings but at the same time this should prove over 30% more viable than printing because it actually takes effort.

Suggestion: Diversify the costs of items (Some higher) to promote some realism. Also drop the profit some as earning 3,267$ per Min. is not very good either. 

And for those who cannot process large walls of text I will also leave a simple giraffe:

I mean the real problem with that is staring you in the face.

Surely with all the cash we are earning we have these huge ticket items that would take hours/days to earn right? WRONG.

For Guns/Weapons the issue is pretty obvious.  Whomever increased the profitability from farming stupidly underestimated the prices needed for weapons. Rather than argue a paragraph on this I will provide a graph.

Cars.. Something that should take hours/days to earn and should be a way to show your wealth right? We fucked that up too!

The Lambo... One of the highest priced cars on the server only takes 7 hours to get! Something that should take like days/weeks to get right? Bloody hell....

The real insult was when someone realized that the Economy was fucked in every direction and decided to add accessories which were priced in the millions as a sort of end-game item to acquire. I won't even comment on that. 

Quote from: FPjte "Good DarkRP Server Foruma"
There are two main questions here: how players should earn money and how they should spend it. In vanilla DarkRP, money is earned (and spent) with money printers, salary, guns and drugs, obviously, but also through player interactions, like /dropmoney and events, such as the lottery. Your server may have many more ways to both earn and spend money, but how balanced is it?

Money printers, job salary and some other things create money from thin air. Buying something from the F4 menu, buying doors and other things have money disappear into thin air. A big part of the balance lies in those two flows being more or less equal.

A second major part of the balance lies in the gameplay mechanics of both money generating and consuming elements and how they affect playersí behaviour. The money printer, for example, requires protection and are often hidden. Interaction between players around money printers is both rare and often hostile. That and the waiting for and picking up of money packets is frustratingly boring.

In a good server, the ways to earn and spend money encourage player interaction. Think of trading, public events, jobs that provide services for money or just a hobo being tipped for their amazing reproduction of Hitlerís speech over the microphone. There are many different opinions on how to get the economy right. Try some things out, see what sticks and what doesnít. Ultimately itís different for every server anyway.

I would like to also quickly bash the rules while I am here.  Who the fuck is in charge of writing this stupid shit? There are hundreds of legitimate complaints about some (You have to grow meth alone) and then there are suggestions that have gone on deaf ears.  If it does not make things worse about a month prior to the "death" of the playerbase some fuckwit started telling everyone "YOU CANT HAVE LADDERS IN YOUR RAID ENTRANCE".  But if you are a normal player who did read the rules you will realize this guy just pulled a rule out his ass! But wait guys let's remember that anything that is not listed in the rules is caught by the "Common Sense" clause because it's common sense not to have a fucking ladder in your raiding entrance! Tbf I could make an entire thread picking and bitching about some of these rules/issues.

**Disconnecting from PonyNet UseNet
**Saving Data...
**Ending Message
News & Announcements / Re: Admin Helper E2...
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on June 06, 2017, 02:55 pm to Ninjabob03
I'll run to your house and explode :^)
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