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Ok so I have a couple questions about warrants about the police system!

First off

1. Probable Cause:

Ok so this is a big thing in the US, probably the equivalent of this in the U.K would be "reasonable suspicion" but essentially probable cause is what gives a police officer the right to search you our your home if there is probable cause a crime happened there (without needing a warrant). So what is the servers stance on probable cause on the server? Of course ByB isn't the exact equivalent of real life but this in an interesting concept.

2. 911 Calls and Probable Cause:

Ok so say probable cause is a thing on the server, would a 911 call by someone else describing that there is a crime being committed in a base be reasonable suspicion for a raid? So say someone does /911 I saw a gun in (N/A's) base, could an officer warrant and raid a base based on this 911 call? Of course one bad thing about this is that someone could just lie about a crime being committed in a base causing it to be raided. This would of course pertain to probable cause as in the U.S right now this is cause for an officer to search someone without a warrant.

3. Warrants

Ok so say an officer is in a situation that if creating a warrant, he would probably die or lose his chance to arrest the suspect. Would it be illegal to raid that person without a warrant or does he have to request a warrant in all situations no matter what circumstance?

Suggestions and Questions / [Question] Bank Security
« on: March 20, 2017, 11:29 pm »
I know that corruption is allowed for police. However, if caught they will be demoted.

My question is if the same rules apply to Bank Security.

Would bank security be allowed to give keypad codes and access to the bank by bribes?
(Obviously if caught banker could demote)

Or this is just totally not allowed at all for bank security to do for their job.

Thanks!  :D

Yeah I don't know if you only get money for stunsticking printers and not shooting them, because when I was a SWAT I stunsticked a lot of printers in one base and got money for it.


This would lead to people being more careful and planning their drug sells rather than just make a quick run to the weed/meth dealer and maybe create strategies for a quick get away with gang members.

Although whenever Alex becomes cop it would be impossible to make any drug money haha

Suggestions and Questions / Increase the bank vault money
« on: March 14, 2017, 12:00 am »
I would like to suggest that the money earned from raiding the bank is increased. Currently I have only seen at most $60,000(Lowest $34,000) in the bank which is not worth the amount it potentially could cost for raiding tools in an environment with a lot of police officers.

I would like to recommend that the amount be raised to $150,000 but if you don't agree feel free to input how much you would like the amount of money earned to be.

P.S: Possibly if the bank vault amount is too much the amount of police online needed to start a bank raid should also be raised!

P.P.S: I also have no idea if the bank being raided affects the mayors income in anyway, but it would be an interesting element to add into RP. The mayor would be focused on making sure the bank never gets raided.

Thanks! :)

General Chat / Re: [Video] Look at me ay
« on: March 02, 2017, 02:41 am »
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I would only support bail NPC if lawyer would be the only job able to bail someone out giving new meaning to the job and would stop gang bail chains

Suggestions and Questions / Riot System/Revolution
« on: February 21, 2017, 08:04 am »
Revolution/Riot Idea

Currently the resistance is meant to disrupt the government that is "oppressing" them. In the rules the Resistance leaders purpose is to: 1. "Lead the resistance and bring about the downfall of the government." this is pretty difficult to do when the people you just revolted against keep their jobs.

I think that this new riot system could really improve the resistance and their function on the server and i've looked up a lot about it for a while.

The description of the script is:
"Why should the citizens live in a police state? This government threatens our freedom, our culture, and our very lives! Rise up, dismantle this corrupt state, and overthrow this tyrant!

   This Riot system allows your players to start a riot and overthrow the current government officials. Rebels' primary aim is to take and hold government buildings, executing any officials they find inside, while the police attempts to stop them. If the rebels win, they take over the government's positions."

As it says the resistance would start a riot/revolution and take control of the government HQ (PD)? and then hold that position while fighting back the police. I think that this would be a very interesting opportunity for resistance in a totalitarian regime. If the resistance ends up winning the battle they would end up becoming the government officials and the old ones would be booted off.

This could cause the government to think more about the people and it could stop extreme police/mayor corruption or oppression for fear of a revolution.

In the script you can designate certain people to be worth certain kill points in the war, so if the police or resistance operative are worth 20 points in the battle a mayor or resistance leader could be worth 500, causing a complete win or failure for either side if one would be killed. This would make it more difficult for both sides to win and instead of being just a total RDM fest it would have to be a coordinated attack/defense for a win. Also collateral damage takes away points from either side, so in order to win both sides would have to actively avoid shooting innocents.

In addition to this, hitmen would also be given new opportunities from this script, both sides could hire an assassin to take out a leader of the opposition party which is also integrated into the job category of the settings.

I think this would really add to RP, a Resistance Leader could threaten to revolt if the Mayor doesn't remove a very unreasonable law (should only be allowed for a valid reason) or a recent scandal. Then the mayor can either give in to the demands or fight back and potentially win a battle destroying the opposition and gaining more power.

If you would like to learn more about this script here is the link:https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/3515/riot

Please leave your feedback below!



P.S: There may be grammar or spelling errors because I'm posting this at 3 A.M and I can't sleep.  :'(

General Chat / Re: Addition of a few things
« on: February 10, 2017, 11:36 pm »
Where is the car's third person? Tried pressing Q a couple times and searched all the options but didn't find anything third persony.

General Chat / Re: Anyone still on here
« on: January 22, 2017, 07:19 am »
everyone just go on and be afk and people will join

Suggestions and Questions / Re: Map Change Poll
« on: October 07, 2016, 12:14 am »
I would like to change my vote to v4c_v2

Suggestions and Questions / Re: Suggestion: Bank Robbery Changes
« on: October 01, 2016, 08:05 pm »
I think cut system is already in the vault system, because the last time I raided the bank with 2 other people it would let you press E and add you to the people raiding it, and then it would split on that I think?

But yeah the thief escape thing would be good.

Suggestions and Questions / New Bank Robbery System
« on: September 28, 2016, 12:37 am »
I would like to introduce the idea of adding a new addon for the Bank Robbery System. As of right now The Bank Robbery system is pretty simple, wait for a couple of cops to get on and rob it, wait 8 minutes and ka-ching. But I think a better more exciting, challenging system would be the PAYDAY Bank Robbery System


I think this is a good idea because it gives more challenges to the robbers, including drill maintenance, alarms,hacking, and getaway. On top of this it adds new items such as the drill and EMP,etc.

This could also be used in the PD because as described in the video weapons could be stolen in addition to money. This could offer a new reason to raid the PD other than getting your friends out of jail.

I think this is a great addon that will add to rp and make bank robberies much more interesting.  :D

Off Topic / Re: Reviving ByB
« on: January 06, 2016, 09:25 pm »
Only our effort can bring ByB back to what it used to be, I see everyone putting up suggestions but the most obvious is just that we have to join and play. But clearly no one is willing to play on a server where you're the only one on. We should all join on a certain day and I see people making suggestions like this but no one really goes on (From what I've seen).

Dark RP - News / Information / Re: IDEA TO REFRESH DEAD RP SERVER!
« on: December 05, 2015, 09:17 pm »
OVER 9000

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