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Suggestions and Questions / Re: [Suggestion]Let AoD physgun player
« on: April 03, 2017, 05:06 pm »
For the love of god, please bring back !breeze. You cannot freeze someone and then bring them. If you want to talk to someone, you have to bring then freeze. So unless you're in a limited access area, they will generally just run off

Thank you both for clarifying the content in question.

Just one more addition. About police and a bank robbery. Since the timer on the vault lasts 8 minutes, are police/swat allowed to come back after dying once, after 5 minutes, or must they wait until a new 'event' occurs that tips them off about an active bank robbery?

Many of these are about base rules, so lets start there.

If someone makes the first door of their base their garage, is this technically part of their raiding entrance because they are forcing the raider to crack the garage keypad before being able to enter the real raiding entrance?

Also about the kidnapper, some people run out in the middle of the street and hit someone with their bludgeon. This doesn't sound like someone that's a loner and a weirdo. Of course if their potential victim is standing alone on a sidewalk, that's a place where anyone would get kidnapped. But some people run into the street and try to kidnap someone in mid daylight. Just curious if this is allowed or even practical.

Now onto E2's in bases. Are people allowed to have automatic alarm systems that activate when keypads are actively being cracked? Not just that, but E2's that automatically have the player call 911 when someone is raiding/actively cracking their keypad.

Do shooting windows have to be transparent? The only thing regarding this in the motd is "It must be obvious whether the window is open or closed (textures, for example, should be at least 130 alpha)" which explains that it must be obvious if it's opened or closed. There's nothing against it so I haven't been able to tell for sure if it's allowed.

Do shooting windows have to be parallel to the raiding entrance? I've noticed a few people using diagonal shooting windows. This fits the size requirements, but it will allow the defender to only have a single raider vulnerable at a time, which allows them to kill them while they're cracking the keypad. Usually there's two or more raiders, which are the shooters. If there's only one raider visible, the others cannot shoot the defender when only one raider is visible.

Are cameras allowed while being operated by the numpad? I don't see any tool that allows us to utilize in-game screens to make it realistic, while instead being able to see through the cameras wherever you are on the map. Mainly I'm writing this to decide if it's an in character thing and you are able to react upon what you see, or if it's an out of character thing and you aren't able to react upon what you see while operating the cameras.

Last but not least, what are you ALLOWED to do while you're kidnapped? Call the police? Build? PM Someone? Try to demote the Kidnapper for "Social Rejection?"

Now onto the rule modifications.

Type: Add
Info: Requiring players to build in their base or do something related to roleplay within 5/10 minutes of owning their doors.
Reason for suggestion: Just tonight when I was walking through the map, I came online to work on one of my bases, and I was heading to the building where it was and the doors were owned by someone for almost a half an hour before I was finally able to get him to sell them. The building was being utilized for absolutely nothing from the time I logged on, until the time I got him to sell the doors for me.
Suggestion as to what should be added specifically in the MOTD (What the MOTD should say): "If you purchase doors to a building, you must start using the building within 10 minutes of purchasing the doors."
Pros: Allows people to be able to save time, prevents useless door ownership.
Cons: Really nothing that I can think of.

Type: Add
Info: Police/SWAT are able to return to the scene of a Bank Robbery a total limit of three times per Bank Robbery.
Reason for suggestion: Realistically when there is a bank robbery, there are seemingly infinite police officers/swat officers there to try and stop the thieves. Police should have a limited NLR time when it comes to the bank, as in waiting outside before being able to go in. The thieves must stay in the bank anyway, so after a police officer/swat officer dies, they must wait outside the bank for a minute or two before trying again. A limit of three times per bank robbery should be enforced because it would seem more balanced that way to increase the amount of Police. Gangs are way overpowered in the meanwhile, and having a hard balance like this would prevent them from getting away with lots of money very easily.
Suggestion as to what should be added specifically in the MOTD (What the MOTD should say): "Police/SWAT are allowed three chances, per officer, at stopping the thieves from robbing the bank."
Pros: Will create a strong balance counteracting the bank robbers, easy to check death messages within the logs.
Cons: None that I can think of.

Type: Add
Info: This one should go under the Administrative Rules Section.
Reason for suggestion: This is becoming a problem among administrators on the server.
Suggestion as to what should be added specifically in the MOTD (What the MOTD should say): "You may only punish for things listed in the MOTD."
Pros: Will prevent mods from punishing players based on what they think is illegal. Will have to require root/super clarifications to be listed in the MOTD before being put into effect, so all players have a fair chance at satisfying the requirements/expectations set forth.
Cons: Will unfortunately stop people from making up rules because "a super said it."

Introductions / Hayyyy
« on: March 02, 2017, 05:11 pm »
I might've introduced myself back in 2014 or something but I used to play here on ByB since 2012, also when my account was registered. I'm a supporter and I used to be an administrator as well (with 0 warnings ;)). I enjoy the big yellow ball maybe a little more than most people :P

I used to play with a lot of senior staff back in 2012. I was friends with Awesomesauce, before he became a trusted admin. Also did some talking to Glue and Nightmare and all of those fluffies.

Forgive my name, I was approximately 12 when I made this account.

Suggestions and Questions / Re: Suggestion: Silly Suggestion!
« on: February 13, 2013, 01:48 am »
"I like the serculation of weapons. When someone leaves the weapons change bases and hop other bases. Most groups don't buy there stuff they steal it, this would ruin that. I also like how people all have a mosh pit over unprotected shipments when someone goes. This would ruin it."

1 Thing. How would this be stealing if they're sitting in a vacant house?

Beautiful. Thanks for all your Support!

Throw this piece of trash in the closed section and start over Larry Newman.

Suggestions and Questions / Suggestion: Silly Suggestion!
« on: February 11, 2013, 10:22 pm »
Name: Another NPC!

What is it about? It's an NPC that you can sell your weapons to for, lets say, 1/3 the price of buying it is for. Depending on how many weapons are in the shipment. It's like, giving it to the military to fight in other countries that want to pick a fight with Parliment. It's basically something that you can sell your weapons to if you find them, or steal them.

Why do you think this is a good suggestion? Well, people like to sell their weapons after basing and It's useful. I can't tell you how many other times I've seen myself destroying all the shipments of weapons then being unable to get rid of them. Then just using them all and jumping from a roof.

Other info/pics? It's a Non-Playable-Character. ACRONYM MAN!

"Last reason, this rule is way to hard to set, people can break it and without suficiant evidence how can cops be punished?"
It's pretty easy to look at a cop's health if they are down to 4.

It makes cops more OP.

Type: Add
Info: Well, if you are in a predicament with the cops and you are shooting them, they try to lunge at you and dodge every bullet and run at you then arrest you.
Reason for suggestion: Unrealistic
Suggestion as to what should be added specifically in the MOTD (What the MOTD should say): During a firefight, if your opponet has a weapon, you must use lethal force unless you are cleared for an arrest.
Pros: You can actually roleplay instead of getting arrested.
Cons: Cops aren't able to handle every situation
Server specific: DarkRP. 1, 1M, 3, 4, 4M, 5.
Other info: I completely came up with it and my answer is not iased in any way.

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