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General Chat / Re: Deon is returning!
« on: July 29, 2015, 09:38 am »
Return of the dirty smelly abuser Deon!

And he saidth; there shall be events, and it was good. And he saidth; there shall be rewards, and it was very good. Yes Weasel edited the big horrible title of this thread.

General Chat / Re: Smite Friend Request.
« on: June 01, 2014, 01:38 pm »
My IGN is... TheDeon

News & Announcements / A new official ByB RUST server!
« on: April 17, 2014, 10:19 pm »

Basic Server information:

What is Rust?
Rust is an open world MMO zombie survival game designed by Facepunch Studios. It takes inspiration from games like DayZ, Minecraft, and STALKER. To survive in Rust you may choose to work together with friends and strangers, scavenging for supplies and building giant bases, or go at it alone, killing other players for loot. Unlike DayZ, Rust aims at being a game that gives players the freedom to play the way that they want, and that doesn't involve a hero and bandit system. With Rust, you will have to use your instinct, not a humanity number, to figure out if you can trust people.
-TankTan38 on facepunch

The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players. Create alliances with other players and together form a town. Whatever it takes to survive.
-Facepunch Studios


April 29th 2014
- Switched too a different Mod
- Fixed a bunch of mods/plugins
- Airdrop Exploit is fixed along with Supply Signals
- New Mods/plugins are installed
- Economy is Disabled at the moment
- The new command for removing your prop is now /destroy
Visit the rust forum for more information

We have switched too a different mod called Magma. It is very stable than Oxide our previous mod. This Mod contains most of our old plugins but improved and stable. Very easy too edit, and find exploits, and fix them. I have fixed the Supply Signal Exploit/Airdrop. There isn't a wipe, however when you connect you will be at your last position,


(Q) How do i join through console?
(A) Press F1, and type this in console: net.connect

(Q) I need to report a bug/exploit on the server
(A) Head on over too the helpdesk located http://www.bybservers.co.uk/index.php?action=helpdesk;sa=main this can be also used too report player abuse and ingame hackers

(Q) I'm wanting too become an admin on the server
(A) We do not plan to give away admin on the server, due too untrustworthy people and possible abuse that may go on. We are strict against abusers and we want our server too be abuse-free and also so that you can enjoy yourself, we already have a trust worthy staff team too help players out.

(Q) I have a suggestion for the server
(A) That's great! head on over too this category http://www.bybservers.co.uk/index.php?board=73.0 and post the suggestion, and we shall look into it!

I heard microwaving it boosts the energy capacity by 400%.
It also fully recharges the battery within seconds.
I heard that it also increase computer speed x100 and give 4 Gbs of extra RAM power

That's just stupid... Everyone knows that you need to download RAM...

News & Announcements / Re: ARMA 2: CO - Roleplaying Server
« on: January 26, 2014, 04:16 am »
Do trusted admins get "staff" on here?

Yes. You receive Trusted rank.

News & Announcements / ARMA 2: CO - Roleplaying Server
« on: January 26, 2014, 02:37 am »
Hello everyone,
UPDATE 2014-01-27 18:30 GMT+0

Unfortunately I do not have as much free time as I'd need or want to, and we ran into an issue regarding the stat saving system. This is being looked into and the server will be back up as soon as possible. Hopefully Weasel will be able to assist in regards to the SQL issue. Apologies for the inconvenience, but it took us by surprise as well.

Everything else is setup and ready to go. We could technically have it running, but without stats saving. However we've decided to keep it down until the current issues have been resolved.

UPDATE 2014-01-26 22:25 GMT+0
The official missionfile is now ONLINE! We start it off on a clean slate!

Supporters and staff, look here!

Send Deon a private message for your supporter perks and staff ranks! In the PM, remember to include your GUID and your UID!

UID's can be found in your Main Menu -> Profiles location.

GUID's can be found by joining the server and typing #beclient guid in the chat.


The Takistan Life Revolution - Roleplaying Server is now officially online!

The rules and TLR (Takistan Life Revolution) controls can be found in-game, they are pretty basic and unfinished. I will be launching and updating a formal rule page on the forums and in-game upon official release.

Do note that ARMA 2 is known to have script kiddies, but I've lately been very busy dealing with those as well, however it has not proven to be a major issue considering the fact that the established script logging has proven to be very effective (+600 bans on valid script kiddies as of now). If this does however happen, i.e. you witness a hacker, it will be dealt with asap. If a root administrator is on, it can be dealt with immediately. If not, I am afraid you will have to be patient until one is available. As I said, this is only a BETA, so that you can get a hang of the gamemode and mess around until official release.

We have the last few days often had a constant full server (though tends to take some time to recuperate upon restarts, so feel free to join then), so attaining an available slot may prove to be difficult. There will also be Supporter-perks added upon official release, as well as some other juicy things that will revamp the whole gamemode itself for your roleplaying pleasure.

So feel free to join the server and have a look!

SERVER IP: OR Filter 'ByB' in the HOST NAME within ARMA 2 SERVER LIST.

ARMA 2 Combined Operations is a sandbox military simulator (A combination of ARMA 2 and ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead, you need both). The game mode we are planning on using will be similar to that one of the roleplaying game mode known as Life (Or more commonly NameOfTerritory Life; Example Takistani Life). The game will consist of several jobs both illegal and legal, from drug dealing (both harvesting, processing and selling), to taxi service, herald (though simply delivery of products), workshops (producing and selling cars/weapons) and much more. There will also be a law enforcement that players can take part of in order to prevent crime. Possibly a paramedical unit (neutral, provides medical support to anyone that requests it, though not yet confirmed). A terrorist training camp, where individuals who have worked their asses of earning their money and wish to strike back at the law enforcement agents or the president can purchase training and weaponry to utilize in a tactical insurgency. Possibly a second government to the south with its own "military/law enforcement/president" and a border splitting those two entities up (North and South).

Staff that wishes to be added, please PM your GUID to either me or iProxy in a PM here on the forums. STAFF has 10 reserved slots (50 official, 10 reserved, totaling 60 slots)

Rules for Players:
All rules are enforced by the admins! Obey an admin even if the rule is not listed! Do however contact Deon or iProxy if you have questions about a scenario in regards to the rules.
1) Do not kill unarmed civilians. 
2) Do not teamkill or rob teammates as BLUFOR / OPFOR / INDFOR.
3) Do not randomly stun / detain / arrest civilians as BLUFOR.
4) Do not use offensive racist, sexist, or homophobic language. Do not insult another player based on their real or perceived race, sex, national origin or sexual preference.
5) Please get on Teamspeak if you are BLUFOR / OPFOR / INDFOR.
Guidelines are to give out helpful information. The admins will not enforce them unless deemed necessary.
DeathMatching Rule:
Deathmatching is killing unarmed civilians without a legitimate reason.
This applies to all factions: Civilians, Blufor, Opfor, Independent.
-Civilians may kill armed members of the other factions (Not Civilian) without the Deathmatching rule applying.
-Blufor may kill Opfor and Independent freely. However they should remain within their borders acting as a law enforcement and peace keeping unit, unless the Police Chief has decided to wage war and hunt another faciton down with a legitimate RP reason.
-Opfor may kill Blufor and Independent freely. However Opfor should remain in their land unless a war is waged by the commander for a legitimate RP reason.
-Independent may kill Blufor and Opfor freely. They are not restricted to their lands, however terrorist attacks have to be of value, no randomly blowing up innocent civilians etc, but using it for strategic means. No blowing up of key targets (this includes the hospital/bank/bases/shops etc.

Communication Guidelines:
Teamspeak spying is cheating. Joining an opponents teamspeak channel to gather information about an opponent is teamspeak cheating and will result in an instant ban from the teamspeak server and the ARMA 2 server. This includes using information from your previous faction upon switching over to another. Try to use global chat only for emergencies. User direct chat/side chat/cellphone text messages or Teamspeak for other uses. Administrators will warn you if you abuse global. Repeated abuse will result in a kick, followed by a ban if not ceased after that.
New Life Guidelines:
The New Life is when you are killed, or suicide. You start a completely new life as a unit in the specific faction and you do not recall anything that has happened before. I.e. you continue on with your daily routines, not directly returning to a scene of crime etc.
Job guidelines/rules:
Blufor/Cop/UN Guidelines:
Personal safety is your first priority, and Civilian safety is your second priority!
Your main objective is to keep peace in Northern Takistan.
All Blufor should carry a stun weapon.
Blufor must obey traffic laws, unless responding to a call. Police must have their lights and sirens on for legitimate reasons in order to speed. Failure to abide by this or abuse of lights and sirens will result in blacklisting.
If a vehicle is illegally parked or blocking an area they should ask the civilian to move it, if the civilian does not move the vehicle, they may impound it.
Any vehicle used in a crime must be impounded. (All illegal items in a vehicle are removed when its impounded) Any weapon used in a crime must be taken as evidence.
Fortify the borders and prevent the propaganda from the South spreading hate across Takistan, before your citizens turn against you.
Tickets should only be given for legitimate reasons. Here is a small guide:
-Not cooperating: 10k
-Blocking roads: 15k
-Illegal weapon without license: Confiscation + 25k
-Speeding: 5k
-Threats: 25k
-Attempt to pass/smuggle across the border illegally: 45k or 15 minute jailtime.
Arrests should only be given for legitimate reasons. Here is also a small guide:
-Still not cooperating: 1minute
-Drugtrafficking: 1minute/1k worth of drugs.
-Aiding a criminal: 10minutes
-Driving without a license: 5minutes
-Continued threats despite ticket: 5minutes
-Bank robbery: 15minutes
-Murder: 10minutes
-Killing Blufor: 12minutes
-Mass murder: 20minutes
Aviod firing on unknown aircraft, unless you know for 100% that it is hostile.
Not everything is listed, contact an online administrator and ask for a suitable ticket/jailtime before issuing one if you are unsure.
All Blufor/Opfor/Indfor Must join Teamspeak 3 at ts3.bybservers.co.uk
This will help with operations and communication. Join the Blufor/Opfor/Indfor Channels, and make sure your name is the same as ingame.
Search Guidelines:
Random searches are allowed but must not be abused.
Examples of when you should search:
-Checking people around a bank/gas station/shop that has been robbed
-Near or in the area of a crime
-Checking people going through a checkpoint
-Because the person acts suspicious.
-The Blufor are not required to enforce any laws made by the president unless the Police Chief agrees.
-The president cannot legalize anything illegal.
 Private Military Contractors
-Blufor must not engage PMCs unless they have a legitimate reason and or are deemed a direct threat to the safety of others. Not a excuse to outright kill them on sight.
Insurgent Guidelines:
All Independent Must join Teamspeak 3 at ts3.bybservers.co.uk
You are a insurgent and a rebel to the Takistan Government. 
Do so by acting in this manner, destory anything that comes into your path is not the way to go.
Use tactics and cooperation with your teammates to gain a common goal, to topple to Takistan Government. This may include capturing small villages or areas/kidnapping the president/civilians and holding them for ransom. This should be done in an RP manner, and NLR applies. Do so primarily by the means of demands, if they are not met, you are permitted to initiate insurgent attacks to either weaken the government or to present a true threat to them.
Allah is your master and commander.
Roleplay is key.
Opfor Guidelines:
All Opfor Must join Teamspeak 3 at ts3.bybservers.co.uk
You are a member of the Takistan Liberation Army. Your objective is to hold your territory from the democracy in the North.
Your commanders have ordered you to liberate all foreign members from your land and try to restore dictatorship in Takistan.
Do what ever you need to do to fulfill their commands, even if it means temporary maintaining a ceasefire with the Northen governments.
Your main concern is the insurgents that have established in the west, rid them from your land.
Roleplay is key.
Government Guidelines:
-Must be a civilian.
-May not be involved in any illegal activities.
-Cannot stop Martial Law.
Police Chief
-Represent and maintain the Blufor faction.
-Handle relations with other factions and government officials including the president.
-May declare Martial Law. (Preventing Civilians from directly entering areas and/or containing weapons in a given area)

Tech Help / Re: Something isn't right
« on: January 09, 2014, 12:41 pm »
Not sure about the SSD not making any noise even if it is going bad, but what I assumed is a crackling noise is a result of an HDD going bad. However, if it's making more of a fizzing noise (bit like electricity), then it could be your PSU or alternative cables (monitor cables etc)/receiving cable ports.

Tech Help / Re: Something isn't right
« on: January 09, 2014, 08:49 am »
Crackling? I'd bet my 50 cents on the HDD, as that is a common symptom for HDD's going bad.

Tech Help / Re: Computer randomly shutting down while playing games.
« on: January 06, 2014, 12:15 am »

Such mentality. You know, most things can be fixed, rather than forcefully replaced. Planned obsolescence, children.

In order to properly figure out what the issue is, it will require patience and time. And the best way to approach this, if you do not already know the ways of retrieving specific information (such as BSOD info, heating info, memory/psu fault etcetcetc), is by submitting a request for assistance on a forum that orients around resolving issues with PC:s. They will at first request a detailed description of your setup (hardware), as well as explanation of what happens. After that they'll submit one or more ways of obtaining important information (such as crash logs/BSOD etc), in an attempt to localize the issue.

The issue you are describing can be one of many things, and almost every single one, comes with some form of crash log prior to the shutdown/upon startup.

It could be related to one or more of your hardwares overheating, be this due to poor thermal paste placing, excessive dust, overload/excessive (to some extent faulty) overclocking. (Generally comes with some form of log upon crash.)

It could be related to your PSU, resulting in some fault where it cannot provide enough power to certain hardware, resulting in an automatic shutdown of the PC. (Generally does not come with a log as far as I know.)

It could be a memory issue. (What tobeass described is a nice way of locating the faulty memory stick, or by using MemTest86. (Generally comes with some form of log upon crash by default).

It could be related to your HDD failing. (I've had this issue with my previous HDD, shutsdown randomly, no warnings etc, all due to a failing HDD).

It could be related to issues with drivers. (Any kind of drivers. And boy you'd be surprised at the issues I've witnessed caused by single, presumably normal and unimportant drivers).

However without wasting any more of your time, I'd advise that you submit a request for help on a tech forum. Some that I'd recommend are;

If you do find out that it is a BSOD, then I'd highly recommend sevenforums (Microsoft Windows 7), as from experience, they've by far been the most resourceful and helpful of all forums in regards to BSOD.

General Chat / Re: Bandi\'s true identity.
« on: December 25, 2013, 04:04 pm »
Quote from: Obligatory remark
That's a cold-ass honkey!

The issue at hand, which was brought up in my topic, was the common attitude of issuing an instant day ban to anyone who "leaves an administrative situation", be this through crashing/disconnecting/walking away etc. This includes administrators issuing day bans because a person kept "walking away from administrative situation", when in fact the administrator could easily freeze them and ask them to explain their actions and inform them of what they've done wrong prior to issuing the punishment.

If a person breaks the rules, and then leaves the server, you can still issue punishment for the rules that they've broken by banning their SteamID. If it was breaking NLR and RDM:ing even once, and then not remaining on the server to answer for ones actions, an hour ban seems like a suitable punishment. Either way, the user would've been either slain or kicked at most for a single RDM initially anyways. So I do not understand what the problem is?

And Sniper, that does not excuse administrators to issue instant 1 day bans simply because a player disconnected prior to a punishment being issued, whatever the rules that they've broken might've been. THAT, was the issue. And as Phil stated, if they leave the server and their crime was only slay worthy, then why make a fuss about it? It's fairly simple to double check SteamID's the next 10-15 minutes, to see if the person does rejoin, so that you can explain the rule(s) that they've broken. And if a person does RDM once every hour and disconnects every single time, it is fairly simple to double check the SteamID and issue a ban for the # accounts of rules broken altogether.

Again, the issue was people issuing 1 day bans as a result of a user disconnecting prior to punishment being issued. THAT, is NOT ok.

Suggestions and Questions / Re: Nightvision for SWAT
« on: December 10, 2013, 08:42 pm »
Press your F key, see what happens! Magic light appears!

F = "heal"

F = ulx removeuser bandicoot

Er... there hasn't been ulx on the server for many moon, genius.


Also related to the off topic rants; me and iRIDE whenever we are near each other.

Suggestions and Questions / Re: Nightvision for SWAT
« on: December 10, 2013, 10:08 am »
Press your F key, see what happens! Magic light appears!

F = "heal"

F = ulx removeuser bandicoot

Recently, while undercover, I've come across a lot of administrators advocating that it is an instant day ban if a user disconnects during an administrative situation (i.e. brought by an admin, requested by an admin in order to answer for an alleged rulebreak reported by another user, or prior to punishment of said rulebreaks being issued). This is very similar to the "disrespect as a ban reason"-incident we had prior.

My attempts to figure out the source of these rumors, as many point to "a superadmin told me", without clarifying or providing an identity of said superadmin, have not presented any advocate or initiator.

However, this is
false. It is not against the rules to disconnect at any time, and never has been. (This is also related to a primary past issue of specifically Gmod crashing due to its instability, and receiving an instant day punishment as a result of that is simply not fair). You are NOT permitted to issue instant day bans irregardless of the rules broken if said user were to disconnect/lose connection during an administrative situation. Doing so in the future, or punishing for anything else that is NOT against the rules (in regards to our DarkRP rules found here), WILL result in an admin warning being issued. You are to punish a user for the rules that they have broken, nothing else!

Any superadmin advocating similar things that are not officially declared or not part of ByB's Rules will suffer the same, if not worse, consequences. Each situation will be discussed between the Root Staff in regards to the potential outcome of said superadmin.

If you are uncertain or have a question about anything, be this rules, in regards to appropriate punishment to be issued, do post a topic about it in our
Suggestions and Questions board. This is so that Root administrators can properly answer your question or clarify an uncertainty.

And to remind you all once again, your administrative powers are there to punish users for the specific rules that they have broken. That is IT. If you believe something should be added to the rules, post and discuss it in our
MOTD Revision board.

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