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News & Announcements / DATA RELEASE!
« on: October 05, 2019, 06:24 pm »

We will be releasing all ByB data over the next few weeks.
- All ByB Code will be posted, from gmod10 (DRP 2.4.3) and all code to present -

The query is: Should we release the Advanced Duplicator files as they contain code people worked on?

Vote away!

General Chat / MOVED: A server for y'all
« on: July 22, 2019, 06:29 pm »

News & Announcements / Factorio, Friendly
« on: January 04, 2019, 09:58 pm »
Factorio Friendly

The server is modded but only for map generation. There are 6 teams, first to join is the admin of the team.
Once all teams fill you have to ask to join someones team, doubt we'll have too many players anyway. Just a friendly.

Map generates each team a base, this base is protected while you are offline - while you are online people/aliens can enter/damage your base.

It is NOT peaceful, but your main base is safe while you're offline, external bases are not.

Map preview:

Password: apple

Rules: Don't bully people... Be polite, have fun?

Dark RP - News / Information / Wire Edits & Transparency
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:57 am »
People keep telling me our wire works different, or we've changed this, changed that or whatever.

I think it might help if you knew what we edited, so here is a full list of Wiremod modifications we have made & what they do.

To the base Wirefolder:
Code: [Select]
>Social Spy hook to stop reading of admin/rp chat.
>Single line edit just to set Entity info for logging, nothing more.

These are not edit to Wire folder,but part of our GameMode addons.
Code: [Select]
E2 Functions removed
E2 function edits, nerfs or permission changes
Gates too
>Same as E2 function table edits, emptied there equivalent gate.
Additions to E2
>ByB DarkRP functions that we've always had.
No other edits, we don't change EGP refresh rates, we run latest wire from GIT and we are not responsible for errors in WireMod itself, report them to who is relevant.

We are running the latest Wire, with NO relevant code edits, 1 if statement in chat.lua for Social Spy and 1 in init.lua for logging support.


Server is READY TO GO! ... But we are moving the hardware/IP for better performance.
This means a new IP, so we figured it's best to do it before we open for real kinda thing.

Server will be online Saturday 14th of July at some random time - OK!

Let us say Saturday Evening UK time? The servers VHD is transfer and im busy morning time.

So we'll likely get it online tomorrow evening. VIVA LA BYB!

News & Announcements / Admin Helper E2...
« on: April 18, 2017, 09:56 pm »
Admin Helper E2

Banned simply put, anyone using it after first warning will be banned for 24hours.

Firstly, it's an RP entity and should not be used for admin. If we want to 'AI' script admin we will be it via LUA.

Also, 5 people running explode on everything is rather laggy...

Dark RP - News / Information / Discussion: Limiting E2 usage
« on: March 20, 2017, 11:44 am »

I don't play other servers but do any of those actually have 50+ players and let you use E2/EGP with 100+ props?
I'm cutting the fat heavily but struggling to cut down on performance anymore.

Now, these bases with 10 E2's are just stupid. Why not control all your doors with 1 E2? Is there actually any reason.

You want E2, you want EGP, you want cars? You want 40+ players and playable then something has to be trimmed.

Proposal: Limit of E2's per base, to say 4?

General Chat / DarkRP/Gmod Multicore Rendering.
« on: July 06, 2016, 03:56 pm »
This makes a MAJOR difference on servers like ByB. Garry finally fixing this actually really makes me want to spruce up RP4... we'll see.

Ones that have a lot of prop bases with materials etc, it could quadruple (4x) your FPS in some situations. I tested it today by spawning around 500 props with meterials applied and it boosted FPS from 36 to 86.

Multicore rendering on: - 86FPS
Default settings: - 36FPS

Details are here: 

You need to set 3 commands in your console to enable the beta multicore rendering.
These 3 commands will greatly improve your gameplay in certain situations, specifically when people have a ton of props spawned.

I know ByB is empty at the moment but I updated the server anyway & figured I'd share the commands.

The commands
gmod_mcore_test 1

mat_queue_mode -1

cl_threaded_bone_setup 1


General Chat / IRC - FreeNode
« on: May 19, 2015, 08:39 am »
So I used to be a major IRC fan back in the day, pre ByB was last time I used it actively and 10-15 years ago when I used it very actively.

Anyway Lexi is trying to get me back into IRC as a way to receive annoying messages from folk. The service he's linked me looks fairly good though, it's called IrcCloud.

Talked me into trying out IRC as a multiplatform messaging client, so I'll have a handle inside FreeNode for at least the next 7days while I try it out.

Messages sent to use: Pantho on FreeNode will ping my mobile & my PC so if anything goes terribly wrong you can message me there. Least until I make up my mind on keeping it turned on in 7days ;)

I did join #byb as a channel also, just for the hell of it.

If you don't know what IRC is then well ... nevermind, google if you want to learn.

I hate writing guides, why I said I'd write one I dunno :(

Basic Data Backup Guide

So I saw some people using GitHub to backup there E2 directory, which is just silly. If you want your E2 to be public with commits and update history etc then sure that's a great idea. However chances are you will have some E2 code that you want to keep private.

Easiest method is a simple cloud file sharing program like Dropbox, so...
Dropbox & Symbiotic links which work on any version of Windows newer than Vista, command line syntax is different on Mac/Linux though so google that yourself.
mklink technet

In basic terms what this command allows you to do is make 1 folder/file appear in multiple locations.
So you can have the real folder exist in C:/Dropbox/CakeTime/ but it creates a shorcut to the folder where you tell it to, like C:/games/steam/Garrysmod/Data/ so anything you save into Garrysmod/Data will appear in Dropbox/CakeTime, following me?

You don't have to use Dropbox, can use any such similar service like OneDrive, Google Drive etc. However this crummy guide will be using Dropbox.

Step 1
Install Dropbox... I'm going to assume you know how to make a Dropbox account and install it.

Step 2
Create a folder in your Dropbox directory, I called mine gmod_data:

Navigate to your Garrysmod install and find the Data folder, mine is @
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\data
You see the Data folder, you want to copy the contents of this folder and place them inside gmod_data. YES copy everything, this backup method will keep your entire data folder backed up. If you just want to do expression2 then alter it to the expression2 folder etc.
You can't create a shortcut folder if there's already a folder/file named the same. So you need to remove your data folder, the best way is simply rename it to keep as a backup for safety. So rename data to data_backup.

Step 3

mklink command needs to be ran from a command prompt, with permission to write to C drive.
Open windows command prompt, we'll assume you're running default windows so you might need to run this elevated. That just means "Run as Administrator".

You need to run these 2 commands in the command prompt.
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod
mklink /J "data" C:\Users\Samuel\Dropbox\gmod_data"
This makes a link called data that links to Dropbox/gmod_data folder. When Garrysmod launches it will now treat c:/Users/Samuel/Dropbox/gmod_data as your data folder. Every file it writes, everything it saves will save there. The data folder is used by every (ok nearly, but who the hell apart from Falco actually uses sqlite client side I dunno) major addon/gamemode to save your settings, so if you play other servers than ByB this could backup your clientside settings for them as well.

Now inside your Garrysmod directory you should see a folder shortcut icon, when you open this all your fun loving data will be there.
Dropbox is great at updating text files, if you accidentally delete an E2 for example or want to roll it back by a few days you should be able to do so within Dropbox.

General Chat / ByB Meetup October 31st 2014.
« on: October 20, 2014, 01:50 pm »
ByB Meetup
October 31st 2014.

There isn't much point in me making this thread, but we have one for a get away normally. It's just this is a really short hastily arranged one to have a laugh for a weekend.

Ya see, every year I buy some fireworks to use at my sisters house for bonfire night. She puts on a BBQ etc etc. However after buying my fireworks from some shady website in Poland (Because it's cheaper) I ended up getting about 5x as many as I had intended for free. More than I could possibly use at one night at my sisters, specially with my little nieces around.
Stumped what to do with a few hundred of fireworks I decided that it would be fun to throw my own BBQ and set them off... however you are not all screwing my house up, plus my gardens small.

So, welcome to Wales!


Sam - Pantho
Paul - Voodoo
Rhian - Voodoo's Wench
Oli - Olicool
Jamie - JamieH
REDACTED - Shikari
Lexi - Lexi

Did I forget anyone? Nightmare says he isn't going, just because he's scared of Jamie which is kinda pathetic of him really isn't it?

It is very late organised, but if you want to go then the normal invitation rules apply.
You must be over 18, you must be trusted admin or higher OR ask an invite from someone else going. If someone who is going thinks you're good enough company then he may invite you but I have full final say over who may go & you must ask beforehand. Everyone above has already organised there travel, if you want to go you can get a free ride from either Manchester, Sheffield or Chester (possibly Lancaster if you ask Paul nicely).

Dates: 31st Oct - Sunday 2nd November. 2 Nights only.
Price: Free, just your own food and drink.
Activities: Fireworks, BBQ, Booze, General frolicking and accidental sofa breaking.

And yes, there we do have our very own private sheep pen for Jamie to sleep in (with).

General Chat / Halloween Map Props
« on: September 28, 2014, 07:41 pm »
I've still got all the old code loaded from last Halloween & Christmas.

Essentially this code sends a text document to clients on connect and checks if they have TF2. If they do have TF2 it will load the Halloween props, we use TF2 simply because they have a rather large mount of TF2 props.

Anyway I don't have time to decorate the RP4 map myself, but if someone uploads an adv dupe text file or a save game with the Halloween props on the map I'll set the file activate for Halloween.

Fear not about FPS and such, we let clients turn off the Halloween props with a simple command. Just a bit of fun for those who like Halloween.

So if anyone uploads a decent one I'll set it up. Try to keep it below 200 entities, there are a few things we have in the code setup. The TF2 Ghost entity (looks like casper?) has a setting in our code to randomly look you in the eyes so feel free make those floating in the sky etc.
Remember, this are clientside entities and don't effect the server at all. They won't stop bullets being fired, but do end line of sight. The usual configuration is to have pumpkins line the street, few of the big jack pumpkin guys in some weird places and floating ghosts etc etc etc.

Suggestions and Questions / MOTD/Rules - Warrants and the cops.
« on: June 13, 2014, 04:27 pm »
A few facts for warrants for you all, since people seem to think rules exist where they do not.

Warrants should be used, specifically if the target is not aware that the police are interested in them.
You do not need a warrant if the owner or resident (so yes gang member counts) is in jail.
You do not need to reapply a warrant that has expired, an exception to this is a reasonable time span.
If this is an OBVIOUS criminal base then a warrant is not needed. The obvious being visible illegal activity inside. This is DarkRP, there are gang bases designed just to make people raid and engage in battles. Cops still need a reason to search/raid obviously.

Warrants are buggy at best, they randomly expire, or just won't apply to specific individuals.

This thread be a discussion on warrants & cops, however what I sad above is also a rule.

General Chat / Anyone want to make some new forum icons?
« on: June 08, 2014, 01:54 pm »
By which I mean the title bar things:

Not to flash
Neutral color scheme/visuals
Easy to read fonts
Fit in well with current forum theme.

Titles wanted:
Super Admin
Trusted Admin
TTT Overseer
TTT Admin

Not really any reward for doing them, but if anyone is bored enough then feel free and we might end up using them. Just post them here and we'll see which fits the best.

If nobody wants to make them then I'll guess I can do it later and laugh at the ugly ones I make.

TTT General Chat / Changelog - Deluxe Edition of TTT
« on: June 08, 2014, 01:48 pm »
So, for security reasons I can't use the automated changelog for this server.
That changelog is propagated by git commits which nobody but roots can access.

So we'll make posts here whenever we edit anything on the server. For now only myself and Deluxe should be making posts in this topic.
Deluxe runs TTT and has final say on any features added.

8th June:

Modified Pointshop to check if a model exists before creating clientside models
* Why it didn't do this anyway I've no idea, it's very basic and stops people with missing files from seeing floating error followers or hats etc.
Added a hud someone released this week, fairly basic, might not stay. Need to confirm with deluxe if he wants it or not.

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