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Off Topic / Classic videos from bygone days
« on: July 27, 2018, 05:21 pm »

Introductions / Hello
« on: July 27, 2018, 05:21 am »
My name is Voce. Some of you may know me from the past. I am an MLT (I analyze piss, body fluids, and blood for various things, essentially), am 22, and plan on going to school for law.

Off Topic / Post pictures of your pets
« on: July 27, 2018, 05:19 am »
Woof woof meow meow sqwauk sqwauk

Do lizards make a noise?

Either way, show me them kitties

Suggestions and Questions / On Kidnappers
« on: July 26, 2018, 04:40 am »
The kidnapper job as it is now should not exist.

However, I was thinking and I had a few ideas to maybe improve the job and make it viable for good and entertaining RP.

1. Allow kidnappers to base with gangs. This would allow kidnappers to have more of a chance of effectively defending hostages and would allow for interesting RP situations (we kidnapped your gang leader, pay us to get him back, etc)

2. Something to prevent victims from adverting or calling 911 for a short time after being snatched. As it is now, as soon as you have someone in your clutches, they just immediately call 911 and the cops come. However, why would a kidnapping victim be able to call 911? I'd recommend that only being blocked for like 5 minutes, though, otherwise you could end up with victims who could not afford to pay ransom or people who are otherwise unable to negotiate their release being stuck indefinitely, as suiciding out would be failrp. This would allow the kidnapper to maybe actually RP out a kidnapping situatiom rather than simply kidnap->get raided ad infinitum.

3. Make kidnapper similar to hitman; people choose a target to get snatched rather than killed. This has great potential, such as removing a pesky SWAT or mayor from the city for a longer period of time than just killing him or her.

Honestly, I think they would work great, even as they are now, if they were allowed to be members of a gang.

Or just remove the job.

pls no bully

Suggestions and Questions / NLR
« on: July 26, 2018, 04:31 am »
After reading the NLR thread posted months ago, I was reminded of a nice addon a few POG servers had. Basically, it would display a red dome over your NLR radius (voice range from your location of death), would warn you with a screen popup, and would autokill you if you decided to stay in that NLR area for more than a minute.

This seems dangerous (" I was just trying to get to another part of the map") until you realize that movement speed gives you plenty of time to get out of that radius before being killed and the only reason you would be killed is if you intentionally stayed in the area.

I assume this could be edited to simply return the player to spawn, etc. but something like this seems like it could do good, especially because it would physically prevent minges from constantly violating NLR and would visualize the NLR range for new players.

AutoMerge: July 26, 2018, 04:41 am
Whoops, the NLR post is from 2011, but this is still relevant.

It is really a pain in the ass when you're in a raid as police chief and you can't see anything. I suggest making the police chief immune to flashbangs.

As most of you know, someone with the Hitman job may be made a mayor's assistant. However, whenever I do this I am always demoted (and then the demote starter does it later, ha). My question is this: if RPed correctly, can a Hitman remain Mayor's Assistant?

This includes:
-Having a fake job (Mayor's Secretary, etc.) that they need to RP (props, cover story for their actions, basic stuff)

-If the mayor is caught placing hits, demote for corruption as usual.

-Hiding their true occupation well.

-Not taking hits from anyone but the mayor (it's the Mayor's Little Secret).

Obviously, since they are the mayor's assistant and all hits come from him, if they are caught, killed, or they let the cat out of the bag, the mayor is in deep trouble.

TTT Suggestions / A vote-based RDM system.
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:47 am »
At the current moment, if there are no admins on and some guy is running around shooting everyone, tough titties. However, I suggest this: whenever an RDM report is submitted, make it vote-based, like a demote. If the other players agree that it was, in fact, RDM, the person is slain at the beginning of the next round. There is no building penalties, i.e. kick, because that would make it too abuseable.

So I browsing through the forums and I noticed StupidWeasel is totally gone. What happened? Was it voluntary or involuntary? I enjoyed getting banned by him.

DarkRP - In Character / Cult of Sol
« on: October 04, 2013, 12:20 am »
Have you ever thought to yourself "Why don't we worship the big flaming ball of death in the sky?"
If so, this group is for you. We are dedicated to Sol, both the giver and taker of life. Paradoxically, we operate in the shadows, yet like Sol, those shadows are normally very far away. Our ranking goes as follows:
High Priest of Sol
This is me. you may not have this position unless I designate you.
Cardinal of Sol
They can promote others.
Warrior of Sol
Acolyte of Sol
Neophyte of Sol
Off and to the side, we have the
Assassin of Sol
The only person they are required to answer to is a cardinal or higher; they also may not give orders. They are allowed to accept outside contracts.
We may or may not be overt. Oftentimes, you may find yourself a part of another gang when you are called to action. Be prepared. Anyone who wishes to join must go to this page; no in-city recruiting shall be allowed. You shall favor long range and sharp weapons, such as the crossbow, knife, and sniper; this is so we are not detected, and if we are, you killed the target with a knife, so good for you.

To apply, put your information here, in this format:
In-game Name:
Also, add a [☼] next to your name, if you so please.
Hail the Sun!

General Chat / Voce's Newb Guide (A Situational Adventure)
« on: September 30, 2013, 03:10 am »
VOCE'S NOTE: Okay. So, if you are reading this, you may be wondering why some of this stuff is really obvious. It is because this guide is aimed at newcomers, and repeat joiners who have no idea how to play.

On that note, let us start on our wonderous journey.

Situation #1: Picking a job.

You have just joined. As most new people do not wish to be a civilian, you may be wondering "What job should I pick?" Here is a good way to choose a job; if you are not willing to put in the effort required to be a good <job>, do not be that job. If you are not willing to make a shop or negotiate prices or interact with other players, do not be a Gun Dealer. If you are not willing to raid or steal, do not be a thief. If you are not willing to RP a Police Officer, do not be a Police Officer, and most importantly, if you are not going to rp as Mayor, don't be Mayor.

Situation #2: Finding a gang.

And we're off. After joining, you decide you want to check out the ByB Thug Lyfe, so you become a Gangster. As you look around, you see many enterprising groups ready to make their fortune by harassing shop owners and repeatedly raiding the PD. The violence brings a tear to your eye. As you look around, you may notice some gangs have signs with a member list on them outside of their base. You may also notice that some of these have a big red light that says NOT HIRING. This means not to spam the gang leader. It is really annoying. Truly, I say to you: if thou dost trouble the leader of mine gang, thou shalt die in a hail of heated crossbow fire.

However, if they are hiring, message the gang leader and ask to join.
Once hired, here are some things to not do. Ever.

-Join just to steal from the gang. This is highly frowned upon and will destroy everyone's trust in you. It will be hard to be hired ever again.

-Get the gang warranted. Do not display printers in visible areas, do not shoot at cops, do not do anything illegal in plain view of police or snitches.

-Be useless. Don't just use the gang as defense for your printer farm. This, although not a truly killable offense, may get you kicked out of the gang.

-Be a nuisance. This includes being in the way during a raid, accidentally killing people during a raid (excusable if happened once or twice, past that -dead and expelled from gang), and being annoying. This may get you killed.

So, to review: when finding or being in a gang, use common sense. Don't be a prick.

Situation #3 (Independent illegal careers)

Maybe you don't want to join a gang. You don't need nobody. You ain't got time for dat. As a Gangster, you may just walk around and mug people or kidnap them or whatever. It is not really that complicated. Remember to change your job name to "Raider" or "Mugger" or whatever.

As a Thief, you may do basically the same things as a gangster, only you may not mug (as per the MOTD). Also, you spawn with a keypad cracker and lockpick, making you an asset and your raiding cheaper and more successful.

Situation #1-2 (Noncriminal job choice)

Maybe you don't want to be a criminal. Maybe you want to be a shop owner or a different nonviolent job. Here is your section.

You decide to be a Gun Dealer . Your mission: to sell weapons to the good (ha) people of ByB. Here is some more don'ts:

-Do not make prices too high. No one will buy from you and the rate of theft will go up.

-Do not make prices too low. This will drastically increase the supply of weapons, making the city very dangerous and cutting your profits exponentially.

-Do not self supply. You may not provide weapons to yourself. You will suffer if you do.

-Do not base with anyone. You must be alone, except for personal guards (Max 1 Mercenary and 1 Bodyguard).

-You MUST have a shop. Remember to take location into account, otherwise you will not get any business.

-Price competitively.

Situation #1-3

If you are a hobo or a citizen, you just hang out. You may not raid or anything. Hobos may build on the sidewalk and beg for money. Bankers may build shops to store things in for interest. Mercenaries and Bodyguards have a self explanatory job. Don't be an idiot.

Situation #5 (Rulebreaking)

You see a guy pushing someone down the street with a baby. He is cackling maniacally and doesn't seem to be stopping. Do you:

A) Push him back. An eye for an eye; rather, a defective child for a defective child.

B) Shoot him.

C) Start spamming
(ex. (ooc)newbcakes: ADMINGE ADMINGE COME HERR)

D) Use /report and provide a reason and a name.

If you chose D, you get one VoceBuck, redeemable for -1 human heart. The other answers were incorrect.

When you see a rulebreaker, please report it. It will be handled accordingly. Also, please do not spam OOC. It will make admins hate you. Don't spam anything, as a general rule.

-Play along. If someone comes up and says *takes away phone and gags and ties you up*, it makes you look bad if you just walk away and say "No you didn't."

-NLR. If you are killed, you must wait 5 minutes or until the raid you died in is over to return to the death area.

-RDM. Do not randomly  kill people.

-RDA. Do not randomly arrest people.

-Do not type stuff that is in character in ooc, and vice-versa.

-Do not be an insufferable smeg.

-Listen to admins.

I ran out of things to add; I may add more later. For now, I hope you have learned the bare minimum to play on DarkRP. And remember, by donating to ByB you help features keep being added and keep it alive and throbbing, so donate. You get rewards, too.

Farewell for now,


General Chat / Voce's Guide To Bans
« on: September 02, 2013, 11:27 pm »
So, you've been banned. Everyone has. Mostly me. Anyways, you have probably like 4 options.

a) Wait it out, because you knew you were doing something wrong (shame on you, you horrible person).
b) Make a GOOD ticket. A good ticket consists of:
     1) Counter-Proof, if you have it. If you can prove without a doubt you were banned wrongly, good   on you.

     2) A reason why you should be unbanned. No one can help you if your ticket is "unban me pl0x I <3 byb". State your reason for unbanning or your apology.

     3) A good attitude. This one here is why I never get unbanned. When I am banned, I want to shank the person who did so. Do not do this.

     4)Your SteamID (it is required).

c) If you do not wish to make a ticket, you could try taking it up with the person who ticketed you. This is generally ineffective.

d) You could talk to the person who banned you. Maybe they coul;d ponit out what you did or something. Don't try to get unbanned through invalid means.

The best solution is to not piss people off and not get banned.

There is many different things you can get banned for, including, but not limited to:
   -Homophobic slurs and childishness.
   -Being Voce.

Going along with ban reasons, there si varying times. Techincally, you can be banned for any amount, but the most common times are:
   -15 mins (wait it out)
   -30 mins (wait it out)
   -an hour (wait it out)
   -4 hours (ticket if you want, but you will be unbanned before the ticket is processed.)
   -8 hours (see "4 hours")
   -1 day (ticket if you want, "4 hours")
   -1 week (ticket it unless you know you were wrong)
   -1 month (ticket it, but this means you had hefty evidence against you.)
   -Perma (ticket it no matter what; they may reduce your ban.)

Speaking from experience, if you piss people off, more people ticket you. If a root bans you, deal with it; they are always right except for sometimes. If you are banned by a Super, that generally means you were wrong. If a trusted or lower bans you, they have more room for error. Still, if you know you are wrong, do not try and prove your innocence, as you will die.

This has been Voce's Ban Guide. Read it, I guess. TL;DR: Don't do stupid things. Also, the formatting sucks, I know.

Seriously. Everyone has their own definitions and it pisses me the smeg off.

General Chat / [Rant] Stop spamming tickets.
« on: August 28, 2013, 03:51 am »
I am not naming anyone, but recently, several people have been ticketing for everything, no matter how miniscule (forgot to change job name, forgot to sell doors as cop, minor stuff) and it is really annoying. If said people would actually point it out and remind the person, wonderful. But as of now, it is "I GOT SCREENSHOTS I AM GONNA GET U BANNED LOL". I am not talking about major things, I am talking about tiny things like the stuff I listed above. This is really irritating. Tickets are meant for things that cannot be dealt with on the spot, not "this guy started to mug me as a raider". Getting people banned for short amounts of time for no reason doesn't make you look like a diligent Batman of the ByB community, it makes you look whiny or like you are unable to solve your own problems. Filling someone's ban record with 4-8 hour bans isn't helping server quality, it is just pissing people off. This is not about the admins who respond to these infantile tickets; you guys are just doing your job.  But please, please, stop ticketing for tiny little things.

Suggestions and Questions / [Suggestion] Add rope of some sort.
« on: August 25, 2013, 04:03 am »
Right now, kidnappings are completely useless. The captured can just call 911 or pull out a pickpocket or cracker or whatever. I suggest adding some sort of way to tie people up, preventing them from using /advert and /911. This would allow actual ransoms to be had, because the victim couldn't immediately get a warrant on the perpetrators. For mayor, /broadcast would have to be disabled whilst tied up.

If this was implemented, a rope cutter must also be added. A BMD could sell one and cops could have them. Although the risk of random people being tied up is high, maybe add an untie command to the admin menu. As a secondary, maybe add a gag so the player can't speak? I digress. Anywho, anyone else up for this?
Also, maybe make random roping an automatic 10 minute ban after a warning.

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