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Hello! My name is Mac, I am a loyal player to BYB Servers, and the community in general.
I am an experienced player with Garry's Mod, having played for 1880 hours, and six years.
Even with the previous experience, I have never ever experienced the magnitude of abuse from one administrator as I did today, and over the past few weeks with DiamondSnake.
Continually, I have seen DiamondSnake flexing his power on this server. My first instance, was about a week ago. Diamondsnake had slayed me for no reason, and had been deducted as wrong in his actions by Leonard Potato, and an additional administrator. Next, today, Diamond has randomly slayed myself, and VeryDrunkPanda, who would also be able to provide information to support my information. More issues can be identified in the comments by others who also had issues with DiamondSnake. Please give them time to reply to this thread. I would have made a ticket, but wanted others to be able to add information aswell. A video is also being uploaded to Youtube as I wright this.

Gmod Support / ADV Dup?
« on: June 05, 2015, 09:17 pm »
Hey guys! (:
Im a new player to your server, and was very excited to play with the amazing ability to build beautiful shops to use in roleplay.
So I joined, played with a few players for a bit, then went off to single player to build an amazing shop to use, with the hopes to use it on the server.
I copied it in advanced duplicator, and then rejoined the server, but was severely disapointed when I could not upload it to my advanced duplicator file on this server. ):
I was wondering if it would be possible to upload the file somehow? I put alot of work into it and was really looking forward to it! Its not a big shop, and not laggy at all. Infact, its about 6x5 PHX blocks long!
Pictures can be supplied if you wish. I only built it in singleplayer, because I crash often and it wouldnt be worth me to build it otherwise!
Thank you for your consideration!
-Mac (1,800 Hours on Garry's Mod)

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