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Suggestions and Questions / Bank change
« on: April 11, 2017, 06:14 am »
So lets face it guys, no banker ever uses the actual bank building for anything, right now its just a reason to get police to turn up so you can kill them, if they even show up at all that is.

 So my suggestion is why not let the banker itself put the bank vault in there own bank wherever they want it, in there own bank building that actually makes it challenging for thieves ect to rob. with the corresct st of rules in place for the vault being placed i don't really see an issue with this idea at all.

right now i dont think the bank in its current state is being used to its full potential, right now its just really, there.

Suggestions and Questions / [Suggestion] Advance Dupe shiz
« on: March 26, 2017, 06:58 pm »
Seems that everyone and there mother spawns their base with welds 24/7 lags the crap out of it in the process. maybe just force advance dupe to spawn without welds or maybe warn the client beforehand when they are about to spawn the base with welds.

News & Announcements / ByB Sandbox | Finally!!
« on: September 03, 2014, 05:32 pm »
ByB Sandbox

Yes, finally after a long time ByB Sandbox is comming back and will be managed by myself ;D

The main reason for this thread is to find out what addons you guys want on the server and what map you guys would like to see, so if you have any ideas or suggestions just reply with the addon/map name and possibly a Link to the workshop addon/download.

I will take all ideas into consideration as long as they are reasonable ideas.

When the server is up and running il be hosted some kind of building Compition and will be giving out a few prizes From RP Cash, to Admin Codes for our DarkRP Servers! so be sure to check back here at a later date to find out when that will be happening.

News & Announcements / ByB Sandbox Server!
« on: November 06, 2012, 01:45 am »

ByB Sandbox Server!!

Server IP:

Once again ByB has a Sandbox server. Managed by SomeGuy and myself. The server also has a few fun Mods installed but if you guys have any mods that you would like to see on the sandbox server, just leave a reply on this Thread and me and SomeGuy shall look into them. The current map that the server is on is freespace_revolution.

Server launch event!
So we thought a server launch event would be a great idea so on Wednesday 6PM CST there shall be a 'Build Whatever' contest, Judged by Myself, SomeGuy, and maybe a few others. All you have got to do is impress us , there is no limit to what you can build so get creative and start getting some ideas! You will have 1 hour to build whatever you want. Judging will be at: 7PM CST

1. No Teams
2. Don't upload/use Dupes for the Contest (Must be Built from scratch)
3. Try not to Interrupt players when then are Building

There shall be 3 Prize winners:
First Prize: 1 Million RP Cash 
Second Prize 500K RP Cash and
Third Prize 250K RP Cash

Additional Info:
Admins on the Sandbox server shall be Selected by Me, SomeGuy, or any Root Admin.
All ByB Superadmins shall automatically be added on the server.

Any bugs you may find on the server Make a bugs report ticket on the Helpdesk.
There may still be a few Minor issues, but they are being worked on.

EDIT: Day of the Event has been postponed to a later date.

Wire / E2 / [Release] Touch screen Shipment Dispencer
« on: September 13, 2012, 02:42 pm »
Just a Release of my First touch screen E2 To simply dispense guns from Shipments. Tell me what you think :D

Code: [Select]
@name Shipment Display [Touch screen]
@inputs CS:wirelink [R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6]:entity X Y Use OnScreen
@outputs U1 U2 U3 U4 U5 U6
@persist BoxColor1 BoxColor2 BoxColor3 BoxColor4 BoxColor5 BoxColor6

# Thank Sexy SomeGuy For his Amazing Lesson he gave me on Touch screen E2's :D

if (first()) {
BoxColor1 = 111
BoxColor2 = 111
BoxColor3 = 111
BoxColor4 = 111
BoxColor5 = 111
BoxColor6 = 111
hint("Do NOT Sell this E2, Its Free!",5000)
hint("Made By [email protected] | Nightmare!",5000)

if (dupefinished()  | first()) {

CS:writeString("      Shipment Dispencer      ",0,0,90,9,0)
CS:writeString("   Made By [email protected] | Nightmare    ",0,17,90,9,0)

            CS:writeString("Shipment:  " +R1:shipmentName() ,0,2,90,BoxColor1)
        } else {
            CS:writeString("Shipment:                  ",0,2,90)
            CS:writeString("Shipment:  " +R2:shipmentName() ,0,4,90,BoxColor2)
        } else {
            CS:writeString("Shipment:                  ",0,4,90)

            CS:writeString("Shipment:  " +R3:shipmentName() ,0,6,90,BoxColor3)
        } else {
            CS:writeString("Shipment:                  ",0,6,90)

            CS:writeString("Shipment:  " +R4:shipmentName() ,0,8,90,BoxColor4)
        } else {
            CS:writeString("Shipment:                  ",0,8,90)

            CS:writeString("Shipment:  " +R5:shipmentName() ,0,10,90,BoxColor5)
        } else {
            CS:writeString("Shipment:                  ",0,10,90)

            CS:writeString("Shipment:  " +R6:shipmentName() ,0,12,90,BoxColor6)
        } else {
            CS:writeString("Shipment:                  ",0,12,90)


if (OnScreen & X>-0.961 & Y<0.737 & X<0.938 & Y>0.637){
    BoxColor1 = 9
    if(Use){U1 = 1}
    else{U1 = 0}
}else {BoxColor1 = 111}

if (OnScreen & X>-0.960 & Y<0.536 & X<0.974 & Y>0.432){
    BoxColor2 = 9
    if(Use){U2 = 1}
    else{U2 = 0}
}else {BoxColor2 = 111}

if (OnScreen & X>-0.964 & Y<0.327 & X<0.983 & Y>0.225){
    BoxColor3 = 9
    if(Use){U3 = 1}
    else{U3 = 0}
}else {BoxColor3 = 111}

if (X>-0.960 & Y<0.113 & X<0.972 & Y>0.016 & OnScreen){
    BoxColor4 = 9
    if(Use){U4 = 1}
    else{U4 = 0}
}else {BoxColor4 = 111}

if (X>-0.965 & Y<0.097 & X<0.976 & Y>-0.198 & OnScreen){
    BoxColor5 = 9
    if(Use){U5 = 1}
    else{U5 = 0}
}else {BoxColor5 = 111}

if (X>-0.965 & Y<-0.304 & X<0.986 & Y>-0.407 & OnScreen){
    BoxColor6 = 9
    if(Use){U6 = 1}
    else{U6 = 0}
}else {BoxColor6 = 111}

Gmod Support / Crash When i join RP2
« on: May 07, 2012, 02:18 pm »
Hi Guys, Whenever i join the RP2 Server im in for like 5 seconds then my gmod just shuts down with no error message at all. Anyone have any idea to help me fix this?

Suggestions and Questions / RP2 Secret Service Agent
« on: February 18, 2012, 01:16 am »
I was Just thinking that the Secret Service Agent should have access to the PD doors as the do Work with the Mayor who is in the PD A lot. That is all :D

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