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General Chat / Iphone 5
« on: July 12, 2013, 01:57 pm »
So I've worked a lot lately, and I've spent 1500$ on a beast computer.

Now i'm purchasing a Iphone 5.

Anyone have this phone, good/bad feedback?

Alright so first of all, people have this annoying idea that they must vote "no" for every single vote regarding jobs. But they instantly vote yes for any demotes.

So i'm suggesting a instant cop, without voting.

-0/10 players are cops, 1 cop instant spot will be open (No need to vote)
-0/20 players are cops, 2 cop instant spot will be open (No need to vote)
-0/30 - 3 spots, etc etc.


Another option, this one may be easy to abuse, but a lot of things are easy to abuse, doesn't mean we remove them.

This option will allow the current Mayor to force promote officers untill the "instant cop spots" are full, so the 1/10 cops rule again.

A citizen or any other job, can use F4 menu to "Request officer", much like the gun license. Mayor may then accept "Yes" or "No".

Give me your thoughts guys, yes or no? if no, please state why.

Suggestions and Questions / Question - Supporter - Demote - Mayor.
« on: April 29, 2013, 11:34 am »
Questions regarding usage of demote.

1: If i am mayor, may i demote with reason "fired", considering the cop
is not obeying me, or being a bad cop. or for any other reason not
happy with him as cop.

Cop1 disobeying mayor and/or higher ranked officers
/Demote cop1 "Fired"

2: Whilst being mayor, i promoted a secondary mayor to vice-president, as
well as 2 cops, being higher ranked than others (Chief and commander)
If they wanted someone demoted, could i demote them with reason fired?
Cop1(Higher rank): Cop2 is being a horrible cop, please fire him.
/Demote Cop2 Fired!

DarkRP - MOTD Revisions / [Add Rule] Base Camping
« on: April 20, 2012, 07:34 am »
Type: Add
Info: As you know, thiefs are not allowed to simply sit in their base and camp printers.
Reason for suggestion: Printer farming = bad.
Suggestion as to what should be added specifically in the MOTD (What the MOTD should say):
Secret Agents doing job /Thief are under the same rules as the actual thief job, meaning that if you sit in your base and camp for a certain period of time you can get demoted.
Pros:Avoid printer farming and/or base camping which results in fail RP
Cons:People will use /demote more frequently to demote other secret agents possibly resulting in /demote abuse.
Server specific:RP3-5

Weasel Edit: Added prefix.

Suggestions and Questions / Question to Trusted+ ---> Ban Times.
« on: February 19, 2012, 10:19 am »
Okay a couple of situations:

Person 1 spams on microphone "fabulous fabulous fabulous fabulous" I then tell him, stop discriminating against homosexuals, he continues to spam "fabulous fabulous fabulous" in mic (Yes i have it recorded so i have evidence of it if i ban him)
Person 1 says "smeg you indian" Cop1 stunsticks him, Person1 vote demotes Cop1.

So my question is:
Ban times for racism/homophobic insults?


Suggestions and Questions / Question to Trusted+ ---> Ban times.
« on: February 15, 2012, 08:04 pm »
Okey, so i'm wondering if there's any rules as to ban lengths, if i think someone really deserves a nice long ban can i do so?

Situation i'd like to know ban time for:

BMD shoots a cop with (selfsupply), he then gets arrested by another cop --> Then to avoid jail time he uses "no vote" to become a police offcer which instantly releases him from prison --> Then changes back to BMD.

Personally i think he deserves a nice 100x his jail timer, but i'd like to hear your opinions.

Off Topic / Series/Movies you like, and reasons to why you like it.
« on: February 15, 2012, 03:41 pm »
I personally really like a "new" series called game of thrones which is based on the books.

The story: is about families with noble background fighting to gain control of the lands.

The genre: is Fantasy/adventure, which is my personal favorite
Okey, so why is this series good?:

1. The series is based on a great book "Game of Thrones" and they follow the book VERY well.
2. Perfect acting.
3. Each episode lasts for a nice long 60 minutes, instead of the casual 45 minutes.
4. Has a great dwarf actor who plays his role perfectly, and is very funny.

Website Discussion / Ticket suggestion: Edit button
« on: February 14, 2012, 10:37 pm »
Just a quick little thing to add to tickets, when I create tickets and reply to them I can't edit the replies, which is annoying when I do mistakes, I think the edit button should be really easy to add and would solve a lot spelling mistakes, miss-tells etc.


Off Topic / How fast do you type!?!?
« on: February 11, 2012, 12:50 am »

Just curious, i got 76 WPM ;>

Suggestions and Questions / Supporter abusing /demote.
« on: January 15, 2012, 12:38 pm »
Info:The supporters ability to /demote is being abused so much, demoting with reasons such as "RDM" "NLR" etc, i've also made abuse tickets about these players.

Suggestion:Random demoting should be punished harder than the good old "Warning(optional slay) - kick - ban" I think that there should be a clear rule in !motd that if you randomly demote someone without a valid reason you will be banned 10-60 min.

Info2:There's not been a demoted supporter yet afaik, but there should be, the amount of abuse from some players is insane: ticket:;sa=ticket;ticket=1920.0

The ticket is private but i'll give you some of the evidence that was provided against this one player, this is just an example of one of the people that abuse supporter.

More proof? ;)

Code: [Select]
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_06_2011 01_34 pm.txt:12/06/11 15:04:37 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 28 Stealing A FRICKING GUN
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_06_2011 01_34 pm.txt:12/06/11 15:41:37 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 50 Shooting SWAT -_-
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_08_2011 03_31 pm.txt:12/08/11 16:59:07 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 36 Raiding without warrant
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 18:23:22 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 93 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 18:23:53 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 4 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 18:51:03 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 126 Selfsuply and Throwing smoke
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 18:51:13 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 126 Selfsuply
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 18:54:42 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 45 Rdm throwing smoke
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 19:00:59 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 93 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 19:24:18 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 183 Nlr
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 19:41:25 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 193 Nlr
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 19:54:02 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 210 Nlr
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 20:07:52 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 201 Rdming as SWAT
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 20:07:59 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 201 RDMING
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/10/11 20:23:13 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 228 Rdm
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 10:07:31 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 493 Killing wile we help
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 10:15:18 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 504 Raiding without warrant
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 10:15:27 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 504 No warrant
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 10:43:51 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 490 Ownign almost all doors
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 10:44:03 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 490 Owning 4 houses
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 10:55:59 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 503 Owning a house
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 10:57:47 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 503 nlr
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 10:59:11 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 490 NLRRRR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 11:08:22 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 516 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 11:11:44 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 509 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 11:14:21 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 532 nlr
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 11:20:27 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 509 RDM me
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 11:28:36 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 507 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 11:32:25 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 507 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 11:36:33 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 545 Rdming me
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 11:50:46 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 543 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 12:22:13 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 569 Rdm + Swearing
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 12:32:33 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 564 RDM!!!
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 13:15:05 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 559 Afk for 1 hour
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 13:24:12 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 559 Proppushing
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 13:34:40 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 559 RDM AGAIN!!!
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_10_2011 03_04 pm.txt:12/11/11 14:03:47 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 534 Random flah

Code: [Select]
===== RP1 =====
RP1\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 07_31 pm.txt:12/17/11 21:55:45 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 123 NLR
RP1\DarkRP_logs\12_20_2011 12_06 pm.txt:12/20/11 17:09:07 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 291 Stealing
RP1\DarkRP_logs\12_21_2011 08_02 am.txt:12/21/11 09:42:51 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 16 Proppushing
===== RP2 =====
RP2\DarkRP_logs\12_14_2011 12_21 pm.txt:12/14/11 20:33:08 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 212 Stealing a car
RP2\DarkRP_logs\12_15_2011 07_05 pm.txt:12/15/11 20:21:04 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 36 Fail Driving
RP2\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 02_31 am.txt:12/17/11 12:14:53 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 82 RDAING
RP2\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 02_31 am.txt:12/17/11 16:37:16 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 213 RDM
RP2\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 02_31 am.txt:12/17/11 17:29:30 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 169 Fail rp
RP2\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 02_31 am.txt:12/17/11 18:02:05 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 211 Fail wanteds
RP2\DarkRP_logs\12_24_2011 03_33 pm.txt:12/24/11 15:45:25 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 3 Random Demote
===== RP3 =====
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 01_49 pm.txt:12/13/11 18:44:35 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 268 Random throwing snowballs
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 01_49 pm.txt:12/13/11 18:45:07 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 268 Throwing Snowballs
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 01_49 pm.txt:12/13/11 18:48:08 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 65 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_15_2011 04_33 pm.txt:12/15/11 17:41:31 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 10 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_15_2011 04_33 pm.txt:12/15/11 17:44:21 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 2 Random demote
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_15_2011 04_33 pm.txt:12/15/11 17:49:07 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 17 Owning doors as hobo
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_15_2011 04_33 pm.txt:12/15/11 17:54:10 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 53 Raiding without warrant
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_15_2011 04_33 pm.txt:12/15/11 17:54:18 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 53 No warrant
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_15_2011 04_33 pm.txt:12/15/11 18:22:37 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 30 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_15_2011 04_33 pm.txt:12/15/11 18:30:08 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 2 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_15_2011 04_33 pm.txt:12/15/11 18:48:46 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 99 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_15_2011 04_33 pm.txt:12/15/11 19:20:42 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 2 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_16_2011 09_35 pm.txt:12/17/11 10:11:42 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 165 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_16_2011 09_35 pm.txt:12/17/11 11:14:00 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 188 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_16_2011 09_35 pm.txt:12/17/11 11:25:54 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 153 Random demote
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_16_2011 09_35 pm.txt:12/17/11 11:31:37 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 239 No warrant
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_16_2011 09_35 pm.txt:12/17/11 11:56:39 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 213 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_19_2011 06_14 pm.txt:12/19/11 18:50:32 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 7 Random Demote
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_19_2011 06_14 pm.txt:12/19/11 19:04:59 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 4 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_19_2011 06_14 pm.txt:12/19/11 19:09:40 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 3 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_19_2011 06_14 pm.txt:12/19/11 19:30:36 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 7 RANDOM DEMOE
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_19_2011 06_14 pm.txt:12/19/11 19:38:16 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 7 RANDOM DEMOTE
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_19_2011 06_14 pm.txt:12/19/11 20:00:04 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 66 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_19_2011 06_14 pm.txt:12/19/11 20:06:39 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 9 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_19_2011 06_14 pm.txt:12/19/11 20:12:49 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 7 Random Demote
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_20_2011 06_45 pm.txt:12/21/11 08:45:17 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 217 Failrrp + Rdm
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_20_2011 06_45 pm.txt:12/21/11 08:52:14 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 220 Failrp + Rdm
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_20_2011 06_45 pm.txt:12/21/11 09:06:14 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 217 Mass RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_20_2011 10_20 am.txt:12/20/11 13:49:26 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 18 No warrant
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_20_2011 10_20 am.txt:12/20/11 14:01:32 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 51 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_20_2011 10_20 am.txt:12/20/11 14:04:27 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 86 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_20_2011 10_20 am.txt:12/20/11 15:23:09 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 86 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_23_2011 02_29 am.txt:12/23/11 10:08:53 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 80 Nlr/FailRP
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_23_2011 02_29 am.txt:12/23/11 10:15:55 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 130 Random shooting
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_23_2011 02_29 am.txt:12/23/11 11:10:16 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 130 My dad is dead?
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_24_2011 04_12 am.txt:12/24/11 09:46:08 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 37 NLR
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_24_2011 04_12 am.txt:12/24/11 09:59:12 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 3 NLR is not cool
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_24_2011 04_12 am.txt:12/24/11 10:04:12 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 43 RDM + Selfsuply
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_24_2011 04_12 am.txt:12/24/11 10:12:46 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 43 Shooting me
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_24_2011 04_12 am.txt:12/24/11 10:16:19 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 37 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_24_2011 04_12 am.txt:12/24/11 10:22:22 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 30 Random Warrant
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_24_2011 04_12 am.txt:12/24/11 10:30:55 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 45 Basing as GD
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_24_2011 04_12 am.txt:12/24/11 10:33:38 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 37 Selfsuply
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_25_2011 03_17 pm.txt:12/25/11 15:46:13 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 20 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_25_2011 04_36 pm.txt:12/25/11 16:46:58 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 10 RDM
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 09_11 pm.txt:12/26/11 21:57:00 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 2 Killing unarmed guy
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 09_11 pm.txt:12/26/11 22:31:37 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 20 No warrant
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_27_2011 03_21 am.txt:12/27/11 10:44:02 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 46 Random Demote
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_27_2011 07_49 pm.txt:12/27/11 20:23:33 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 27 Random Shooting
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_27_2011 08_35 pm.txt:12/27/11 21:25:14 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 3 FlashBang Spam
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_27_2011 08_35 pm.txt:12/27/11 22:25:18 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 46 Killing unarmed hobo
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_27_2011 08_35 pm.txt:12/27/11 22:31:27 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 74 Random Stunsticking
RP3\DarkRP_logs\12_29_2011 03_29 am.txt:12/29/11 10:25:21 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 82 Arresting SWAT
===== RP4 =====
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_12_2011 02_44 am.txt:12/12/11 09:43:33 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 271 Punch Whoring
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_12_2011 02_44 am.txt:12/12/11 10:23:16 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 191 RDM
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_12_2011 02_44 am.txt:12/12/11 10:45:00 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 309 NLR
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_12_2011 02_44 am.txt:12/12/11 10:55:24 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 326 RDM
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_12_2011 02_44 am.txt:12/12/11 10:56:58 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 93 RDM!!
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_12_2011 02_44 am.txt:12/12/11 10:57:04 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 93 RDM
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 08_55 am.txt:12/13/11 11:17:38 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 88
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 08_55 am.txt:12/13/11 11:19:43 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 93 Rdm and Selfsuply
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 08_55 am.txt:12/13/11 11:51:39 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 104 Killing without hit
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 08_55 am.txt:12/13/11 12:24:53 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 133 NLR
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 08_55 am.txt:12/13/11 12:50:58 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 133 NLR
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 09_36 pm.txt:12/14/11 08:12:48 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 302 RDMING
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 09_36 pm.txt:12/14/11 08:49:07 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 311 RDM
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 09_36 pm.txt:12/14/11 08:51:14 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 319 RDM
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 09_36 pm.txt:12/14/11 09:05:57 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 339 NLR
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_13_2011 09_36 pm.txt:12/14/11 09:13:03 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 344 Fail warrant
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 11_09 pm.txt:12/18/11 02:05:31 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 149 RDM
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 11_09 pm.txt:12/18/11 02:47:36 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 169 Working with mobboss
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 11_09 pm.txt:12/18/11 06:11:10 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 239 Nlr
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 11_09 pm.txt:12/18/11 06:21:46 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 372 Random shooting me
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 11_09 pm.txt:12/18/11 06:30:01 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 350 NLR
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 11_09 pm.txt:12/18/11 07:46:42 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 441 RDM
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 11_09 pm.txt:12/18/11 08:04:51 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 465 Arresting in jail
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_17_2011 11_09 pm.txt:12/18/11 08:11:43 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 417 Nlr
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_20_2011 12_23 am.txt:12/20/11 13:06:09 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 546 RDM
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 02_19 am.txt:12/26/11 03:09:10 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 21
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 02_19 am.txt:12/26/11 03:53:05 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 40 No warrant
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 02_19 am.txt:12/26/11 04:19:05 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 41 RDM
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 02_19 am.txt:12/26/11 04:22:32 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 54 Mic Spam
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 04_33 am.txt:12/26/11 05:41:44 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 43 Stunstick abuse
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 04_33 am.txt:12/26/11 05:57:25 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 54 RDM
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 04_33 am.txt:12/26/11 06:15:13 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 72 No warrant
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 04_33 am.txt:12/26/11 06:26:16 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 90 Job Abuse
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 09_55 am.txt:12/26/11 10:42:34 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 16 Rdm as mayor
RP4\DarkRP_logs\12_26_2011 09_55 am.txt:12/26/11 10:43:54 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 67 RDM
===== RP5 =====
RP5\DarkRP_logs\12_18_2011 07_58 am.txt:12/18/11 09:33:13 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 116 RDM
RP5\DarkRP_logs\12_18_2011 07_58 am.txt:12/18/11 09:40:36 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 41 Trying to arrest
RP5\DarkRP_logs\12_18_2011 07_58 am.txt:12/18/11 09:42:29 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 45 Arresting SWAT
RP5\DarkRP_logs\12_18_2011 07_58 am.txt:12/18/11 09:57:35 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 45 RDA
RP5\DarkRP_logs\12_18_2011 07_58 am.txt:12/18/11 10:21:19 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 65 RDM
RP5\DarkRP_logs\12_19_2011 07_07 am.txt:12/19/11 07:35:57 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 13 NLR
RP5\DarkRP_logs\12_19_2011 07_07 am.txt:12/19/11 07:46:25 -name removed- (Steam ID removed): /demote 20 RDM

Yours Little Timmy / Slurpre

Shikari Edit: Removed name/Steam ID.  Replaced the tiny paste with second code box to remove name/Steam ID

Slurpre Edit: Oh yay we just got 2 more tickets about supporter abuse!! both banned 1 day ;)


Code: [Select]
01/15/12 10:52:10 <Name Removed> <STEAM ID REMOVED>: /demote <name removed> killing unarmed citizen
Code: [Select]
01/15/12 10:49:04 <Person 1> <STEAM ID REMOVED>: /demote <Person 2> RDM FAIL RP
01/15/12 10:49:24 <Person 2> <STEAM ID REMOVED>: changed to Citizen
01/15/12 10:49:24 <Person 2> <STEAM ID REMOVED>: spawned
01/15/12 10:49:30 <Person 1> <STEAM ID REMOVED>: /secretagent
01/15/12 10:49:30 <Person 1> <STEAM ID REMOVED>: changed to Secret Agent

^Possible job steal demote ;)

Is it possible to make admins on RP2 able to force demote, the amount of declines on my /demote is insane, and only way i have to force demote is by kicking.

-Yours Slurpre.

Purchases / Paid for admin
« on: October 25, 2011, 04:54 pm »
Hey i just paid for admin using paypal, i took a look into subscriptions and nothing has been added. The money was drawn from my account, how long does it take to recieve admin?

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