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Off Topic / Anyone help?
« on: November 29, 2013, 11:17 am »
Hello there,

For Christmas I have asked for a network drive, but I'm not sure which one to go for, I'm not good at knowing good brands for this sort of thing. I will only need 2-3TB Storage, and the budget is 200.

If you guys could link any that are really good that would be great.

Many Thanks


« on: September 03, 2013, 06:40 pm »


Prize : Unsure of yet, Pantho is thinking.

Okay, so basically, I am going on holiday tomorrow, where? No Idea. My boyfriend has paid for this big ass holiday for us both and spoilt me rotten with 1st class flights and all excursions paid for and a week at a 4* Luxary all inclusive hotel... Im so lucky and excited.

He wont tell me where it is, and I found out about this holiday over a month ago, so you can guess how egar I am to find out. But people on TS have regularly asking me, where are you going? And it was Pantho's Idea to set up a friendly competition.

Current clues (They contradict each other cause he is trying to confuse me)

- We leave Said to destination at 10pm their time, and get into England at 1am.
- Supposed 7 hour flight.
- I do not need my EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card)
- I will need a european power adaptor
- Its hot (around 32C)
- We will be going snorkeling so it must be near a beach of some sort.
- It has to be near the sea cause he related the sea with a tweet about the holiday.
- Its not egypt
- We get into the hotel tomorow at 1am, after a 7 hour flight and 2 hour journey to the hotel.

I believe thats all I know.

If you select Other, please state the place in your comment.

Wire / E2 / [RELEASE] Dr. Moo's Gang List
« on: August 01, 2013, 11:05 pm »
Dr. Moo's Gang List

Whats up ByB noobs xoxo

Now I was feeling nice and decided to give you guys my Gang list E2. It will only fit 11 people on the screen. It tells you how many people you can have in your gang, and the amount of slots you have left. I have given it a sexy gradient color in the text, which I love. It will NOT link to any E2 Door you have, so be aware!

Have fun,

Its simple,

Spawn it, Wire it to a EGP screen | emitter.


Code: [Select]
@name EGPGangList
@inputs EGP:wirelink
@persist Members:array Names:array X Y SubTotal


if(first() | duped()){
    printColor(vec(255,40,130), "Welcome to Moo's Gang list.")
    printColor(vec(255,40,130), "Simply just use !add and !del.")
    printColor(vec(255,40,130), "Thankyou for using Moo's Gang list.")

    EGP:egpBox(1, vec2(256,256), vec2(512,512))
    EGP:egpColor(1, vec(0,0,0))

    EGP:egpBox(2, vec2(256,256), vec2(500,500))
    EGP:egpColor(2, vec(30,30,30))
    EGP:egpBox(3, vec2(256,256), vec2(512,512))
    EGP:egpColor(3, vec(80,20,50))
    EGP:egpAlpha(3, 150)
    EGP:egpMaterial(3, "gui/center_gradient")
    EGP:egpBox(4, vec2(256,80), vec2(384,60))
    EGP:egpAlpha(4, 1)
        EGP:egpText(5, "G", vec2(140,60))
        EGP:egpText(6, "a", vec2(165,60))
        EGP:egpText(7, "n", vec2(183,60))
        EGP:egpText(8, "g", vec2(203,60))
        EGP:egpText(9, "M", vec2(240,60))
        EGP:egpText(10, "e", vec2(268,60))
        EGP:egpText(11, "m", vec2(287,60))
        EGP:egpText(12, "b", vec2(315,60))
        EGP:egpText(13, "e", vec2(335,60))
        EGP:egpText(14, "r", vec2(354,60))
        EGP:egpText(15, "s", vec2(367,60))

    for( I = 1,11 ){
        X = (I + 4)
        EGP:egpColor(X, vec(255,(255 - (I*23)),255))
        EGP:egpFont(X, "Coolvetica")
        EGP:egpSize(X, 40)
    EGP:egpBox(16, vec2(256,300), vec2(384,300))
    EGP:egpAlpha(16, 2)

    A = owner():lastSaid():explode(" ")
    Player = findPlayerByName(A[2,string])
                    printColor(vec(0,255,0), "Adding smeg "+Player:name()+" to slot #"+(Names:count()+1)+".")
                printColor(vec(255,0,0), "Soz Nig, Screen is full!")
        printColor(vec(255,0,0), "Soz Nig, Player not found!")
            for(O = 1,Names:count()){
                        printColor(vec(255,0,0), "Removed smeg "+Player:name()+".")
                        printColor(vec(255,128,0), "Silly Nig, player not found!")
for(O = 1,Names:count()){
    EGP:egpText((O+16), O+") "+Names[O,entity]:name(), vec2(80, 135+(O*25)))
    EGP:egpSize((O+16), 20)
    EGP:egpColor((O+16), vec(255,(255 - (O*23)),255))

SubTotal = round(numPlayers()*0.3)
EGP:egpText(35, "You can have a total of "+SubTotal+" Members", vec2(120,120))

for(O = 1, Names:count()){
    Slots = round((numPlayers() * 0.3)- O)
    EGP:egpText(36, "You have "+Slots+" free slots left!", vec2(140,455))


Suggestions and Questions / [Suggestion] About the Banker
« on: June 26, 2013, 09:28 pm »
I would like to change the current rule :
"Bankers are advised to hire guards. Maximum 1 bodyguard & 1 Mercenary due to limit of positions in those classes."
I feel like this is an awful rule. lets put this into perspective.

30 players in game.
30% of 30 is 9. So 9 people can be in 1 gang.

90% of the time a gang is formed up of JUST Secret Agents (doing /job Thief of course) and BMD's and if needed, thiefs.

Now if you have 9 people raiding a bank which primarily has only 3 people due to capping. This is completely unfair. Yes you could say you will have the police however, this is not always guaranteed. Thus giving an extreme advantage on the raiders.

My proposal is completely remove the rule. And allowing any type of job, Body guard, Secret Agent, Mercenary. To become a guard for the bank, and not having a limit. It is just an abysmal idea to cap it at 2 guards, and is a catalyst for why people do not use the banker job nower days.

Off Topic / GG Pantho
« on: June 15, 2013, 10:20 pm »


« on: June 10, 2013, 12:24 pm »


Hello there guys (and girls). Basically with the new launch of RP6 it is quite different to the standard downtown map, and since it has gotten popular with frequent high volume of players some rules need to be enforced quickly. This needs to be done because whilst I have been playing, and I am sure you can vouch for the same. Some rules are NOT clear and there are many confusions. So I decided to create this thread.

Rules are simple. Just simply copy and paste this form below and it will be considered, it will either be added or rejected.

Added suggestions will look like this;

Rule Section : Cars
Rule : Attempting to Hit and Run players on the side walks is considered RDM.
Rule added.

Rejected suggestions will look like this;

Rule Section : Basing
Rule : You can't base in the sewers.
Rule rejected.


Rule Section :
Rule :

Please find below some rules I have managed to whip up now.

Rule 1 : Deon is not allowed to add rules. ~ Pantho


  • Hit and Run on players that are on the side walk will result in you being wanted via the police. However doing Hit and Run multiple times on purpose is classed as RDM.
  • Only Thief related jobs are allowed to steal cars (Gangsters are accepted).
  • Purposely driving into other cars and knocking them out of direction is not allowed.
  • Admin's can not help you with lost cars. Find it yourself.
  • No building ramps on the sidewalk just to throw cars into the water near spawn.
  • Shooting at police owned cars without a valid reason is classed as baiting.
  • Shooting at other player's cars without a valid reason can lead to a suspected RDM, as cars can break if too much damage is sustained.
  • Attempting to steal cop cars without a valid RP reason is considered baiting.
  • Reconnecting as soon as your car gets stolen is not allowed.
  • Hobo's are not allowed to drive cars or own them in game.


  • Basing in the watch tower is NOT allowed, however you can have a roleplay home there.
  • You ARE allowed to own the whole of 'The Mall' and take it over as a base.
  • You are allowed to block off (and have a base of course), and claim this area (You can not build beyond the building at the undergound entrance);

  • You are not allowed to block off the entire settlement in the Desert Camp.
  • You are NOT allowed to own more than one room in these buildings;

  • You are allowed to own all the rooms in this building;
  • Using the vents in the sewers as a raider's entrance is NOT allowed.
  • You are allowed to have keypad's for 2 entrance doors, a safe and a garage.
  • The garage door can NOT be a part of the raiding entrance.
  • You are not allowed to build a garage if your house/base already has one. You are allow to modify it though and install some kind of security system.

The Police.

  • You can set a speed limit, however by default there is NOT one.
  • Toll booths are allowed but no prices. You must also stay at the toll booth whilst its active and must be more creative than a prop in the road.
  • Tool booths and checkpoints may only be built in the interchange area between the city and the desert. Speed bumps however can be anywhere appropriate.
  • Stun-sticking players to get them out of cars is only necessary when you feel threatened, in any other case use the Battering ram.
  • Just because you are a cop doesn't mean you can drive like a maniac. You still need to abide the rules (with exception to chasing).
  • As a police officer, you are allowed to implement speed bumps and speed cameras.
  • You are allowed to build ontop of the garage on the PD to create a bigger compound.


  • Stolen cars stored in your base must be able to be 'stolen back' through a maximum of one keypad.
  • Keypad'd garage doors MUST be toggled.
  • Camping outside the Car dealer to steal cars as soon as they spawn is not allowed.

Thank you to all those who contribute.

Off Topic / Need you pc'ers help
« on: May 28, 2013, 03:59 pm »

I have decided to upgrade my pc as mine is ... well smeg.

As I have 4 months off till I go back to uni, it gives me plenty of time to start fres with my pc.

I want to get a better CPU as mine isnt even an i series...
I want it to be cost effective, none of this, 800 smeg...

So this is where I need your help.

I have not much knowledge for all this technical stuff, after a few talks with weasel in my time I have been left very confused, So this is what I desire ;

The only new items I need is;

Mother board

My graphics card is fine i belive, ATI Raedon 5770
1TB Harddrive, I like it nothing wrong
Disk drive

If someone could link me any recommended smeg for my pc i would love you entirely. I would like it also if they were UK sites as this is much easier for me. I was thinking of a new case as well, I would like this pc to be as small as possible but also not too hot for the pc. And as cheap as possible please.

Thank you

Wassup wassup wassup

I'd like to apologize in my inactivity, I have 3 weeks till I finish my first year at Music College ... quite scary how quick its gone. So I am currently doing a big assignment and I have my end of year recital to prepare for.

Anyway, I love space, and looking at it especially the high detailed pictures of nebulas etc. And I recently acquired an iPhone5. I wanted to have an awesome phonecase so I thought, why don't I make one? Then it is unique! And so I made this;

My friend came into my room shortly after to use my scanner (student life), and saw it and said, You should make these and sell them on, people will buy them.

So my question is, Shall I do so? It costs about 2 to make these, and takes about 30 minutes to make, but over time I should become quicker.

It will be something nice to do in my spare time, and easily gives me that extra little money.

I would like some advice weather or not I should think about selling these on, what do you think?

You can also comment on the case weather you like it or not too ^^

Tech Help / [Request] A coder xox
« on: November 27, 2012, 08:58 pm »
Okay so this is more for people who can create a simple PROGRAMME.

As a classical musician there is something I put into my daily practice called Scales. Now there are 77 scales to learn and 24 arpeggios. What I would like is a programme where it selects a random scale and then I can click either ; Played Well | Okay | Awful, and after I have gone through the scales and arpeggios in a random order (as its best to learn that way) it shows me what scales were awful etc. and then I can see which ones I need to revise and focus on.

And the programme remembers the history so when i next use it, I can see if I have improoved or not.

If anyone knows how to make this, I would really appreciate it if you could make something like this, I might be able to sort something out in terms of a repayment, not 100% sure. If anyone would like to start working Ill do a table of the scales etc.


Off Topic / Tesco's brings you wonders
« on: November 03, 2012, 08:05 pm »
Okay so today whilst doing my food shopping with my flatmate, I stumbled across this, and had to take a photo.

DarkRP - MOTD Revisions / [Add Rule] Traitor Camping.
« on: September 04, 2012, 07:01 pm »
Type: Add

Info: Traitor's can only stay in a Traitor only room for 30 seconds at a time.

Reason for suggestion: To prevent Campers.

Suggestion as to what should be added specifically in the MOTD (What the MOTD should say): This mainly occurs in 67th Way, Traitors go into the traitor room and camp there for many lengths of time, if this rule gets reinstated then this can prevent campers and not ruin the round / drag it for un-needed length of time. The idea is that Traitors can go in the traitor room as many times as they want, obviously within reason, and each time they Go in side they can only be there for 30 seconds. Obviously if they go in there, they are NOT allowed to return for a further 1 minute to prevent exploiting this rule.

Pros: Hopes to prevent Camping.

Server specific: TTT Servers

Gmod Support / Me no see loading screens :<
« on: August 13, 2012, 10:16 am »
That's right, for some reason when i join ByB I just see white, I don't get to see the lovley loading screens I made.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Or am I a moron and Pantho has disabled them?

Off Topic / How cute is my college
« on: June 23, 2012, 08:54 am »
Hey all,

Today through the post I got an invitation from my college welcoming me to the End of course show/exhibition.

I saw it from a distance on my breakfast bar and was like ... i recognise that image ... Turns out, That image I took and was one of my exam final images. And they used it as the invitation background ... How cute are they? :3

The image is taken with instagram as ive got a new phone which is actually good,

Off Topic / Can someone help please?
« on: April 13, 2012, 03:40 pm »
Ok so here is the problem,

My mum has a laptop, like most peeps, and when she got it I installed Avast on it because I have it and its never let me down. Anyway, The other day she updated and since then Something has smeged up, Its turnt off and you can NOT enabled anything on it, even if you click Fix now / Turn on all shields, nothing happens. So i thougt Im going to uninstall it and reinstall it ... I clicked uninstall and comes up with an error about a file not communicating, so you can't uninstall it. My Dad contacted Avast and they gave 2 methods, via safe mode or via a application they sent, They tried both methods and nothing.

Now i think there is a way of forcefully removing an application, if so then could someone tell me how to do it? Cause the option my dad my do is wipe the whole laptop and start fresh on it when he shouldnt really cause i think there is a method of removing it.

Any help is much appreciated.

Off Topic / What are you Pet Peeve's?
« on: April 13, 2012, 09:53 am »
Hey guysz,

Okay, so I got bored and just been angered and I thougt, Hey! why not make a post on it! So here goes, You list some of your pet peeves, if you cant think of some then come back later xox

If you post silly ones like

I dont like moo'in cows.
Then .. your not cool. Unlike me. Im tres cool.

Anyway, Here's my list;

  • When i ask people "How are you?" and they say "Fine."/"Good." ... WITHOUT SAYING "You?" .... ignorant smeges.
  • Greasey hair.
  • When year 8/9 girls just wear loads of hollister clothing, smeg there clothing range aint even aimed at you, you'll grow out of it in like 3 months, go to Primark.
  • Long finger nails
  • When people try telling ME how to build.
  • When people say "Admin here" ... smeg wheres your manners
  • People that smeg at music artists they dont like for ages, Shut the smeg up ok we get it you dont like them, build a bridge and get over it.
  • Loosing something, so you buy another one then find the original
  • Things that don't match

I cant think of any more atm, but Do share yours.

Fannkzkzz guys

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