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DarkRP - MOTD Revisions / Shooting Window scenario APR 8th
« on: April 09, 2017, 03:42 am »
FukkaJones base Apr 8 ByB Rebirth.

His base is illegal because: The gold bars obscures the view of the raider, while the defender has more advantage because of the "They can see you but you can't see them" rule.

First off this is their base.

I made a little copy of their base here
In this picture, I make an example where someone can stand behind a shooting window, and not be able to see them, but to able to shoot your arms etc. There's only a 1x2 space so there isn't much wiggle room to adjust. It benefits the raiders.

[Plus to crack their keypad you need to be standing the whole time to crack.. I think it is ridiculous considering there's a rule about keypads that they need to be put in a reasonable location, and not be forced to do something to be able to crack them.. However this is just a side issue that I personally would like some clarification.]

I asked Delux, a super admin, and he didn't think it was illegal.
If you can allow some of these gold bars to obstruct them, you can do a bunch of bars and do this:
As you can see, this is an exaggeration, I'm just saying that to make things simpler would be to not have ANY obstructions of any shooting window in the raid entrance.

Another issue is in the attachment picture, these maze bases that have gaps between where the raiders stand, and the shooting windows creates subtle problems like this where defenders gets little cracks to shoot through, and admins don't really press the issue on things like this ingame.. I hate these maze bases but here is where we can talk about what is circumventing the rules and being more crystal clear about the defense systems.

I had trouble posting hopefully there isn't another of the same topic by mistake

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