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This has been suggested by myself and others in other variants in years past - but it is certianly a topic I'd like to bring back for discussion.

Of course, restrict this ability to supporters (or not?), as supporters are far less inclined to abuse.

Government rolls don't seem to be used often - and should be revitalized if you ask me. I have also seen a dirty cop be snuck in just to sit in the cell room and unarrest his friends, help defend a single base and only that base, or even as bad as a cop outright basing and it's members spamming no on any incoming demote. It doesn't make much sense for a mayor/chief to lack the ability to remove dirty or unfit officers easily.

Mayor or chief able to force demote any officer
Just like a demote command - the mayor or chief would have some sort of specialized menu with the ability to immediately demote a standing officer (with a required valid reason, as well as a 5min cooldown)

If there is a chief & mayor, this ability is either taken from the chief, or the mayor must approve his demotes.

Same principle for SWAT commander, but his authority, of course, only over the SWAT ranks.

"Can't a gang member just go mayor/chief and fire all the cops?"

Well - yes, but with the 5min cooldown, and a reason required, an admin case would be very easy to invoke. And, him and his gang can just use the /demote command as it stands and have the entire gang vote yes. That's a non issue.

Abuse of this system in general wouldn't be much more of an issue than any other false demote case.

A system for hiring that works in a (similar) way would also be a nice feature, but that's a discussion for another time.

Suggestions and Questions / [Clarification] Bail/bribery
« on: May 07, 2017, 05:46 am »
While I know a chief and mayor can control it (As I always do) is it permitted by default? Can some normal cop just release your murder suspect you arrested for 5k - Yes, I have seen that.? Or is it considered bribery. Can cops only release their own arrests by default? I have heard every which way.

Suggestions and Questions / [Suggestion] ULX
« on: April 26, 2017, 12:40 am »
As the current command setup is, other admins (or mods, as some will call them) can bring, slay, kick, ban, etc. other admins (some commands, like I believe slap are blocked on other admins, but others, like bring are not. The only commands you'd ever need to execute on another admin is !goto (when given permission to do so) and !ban (in the very rare case of a rogue admin that is imminent) my suggestion is simple - to block the unneeded commands from being executed on other admins. Of course, you can do an rp_lookup in the console, but that is both time consuming and people don't normally do it. E2s to help with such a thing have been banned in addition.

Suggestions and Questions / [Suggestion] Name change delay
« on: April 09, 2017, 10:59 am »
It is incredibly difficult when a player continuously /rp names and RDMs to evade warnings, and checking SteamIDs is obviously difficult and not always able to be done. Why not add in anywhere between a 30min-2hr cooldown between /rpname?

The previous keypad system, and all it's "glory" did have one redeemable feature - the doors created with it would output 1 when faded. Currently, a huge amount of chips with alarm integration, or standalone E2 alarms/security chips have become nullified due to the new pad system's doors not outputting anything when faded.

Assuming it's even possible without destroying the simplicity & functionality of the new keypads, I think just about everyone with E2s would be happy.

Suggestions and Questions / [Suggestion] 32D2 advanced dupe
« on: March 19, 2017, 09:28 pm »
It would be dandy if those 32D2 textscreens would work with advanced dupe & Physgun, and possibly a limit increase? A great way to evade those ugly and laggy wire text screens I seem to use an abundance of. Thoughts?

Suggestions and Questions / Root Clarification - EGPs
« on: March 19, 2017, 07:10 pm »
In what case can an EGP used for IC purposes? Can an abrupt gang EGP be used to identify gang members? Can a EGP sign saying a BMD sells weapons be used to warrant them? Can my impound lot EGP be used to identify cars that were raided out? It seems to be a grey area, as they can be used for both IC and OOC purposes.

Wire / E2 / [Release] The infamous law board
« on: March 11, 2017, 12:19 am »
I didn't make this E2, but I have had it modified a few times to fix bugs - credit is on the EGP itself.
This is mostly about the laws, which are as strict as they legally can be. Feel free to use this.

Code: [Select]
@name Town Laws
@inputs EM:wirelink User:entity
@outputs ArrayNum

if(changed(players():count())){#Checking if the player count has changed.
     timer("redrawegp",60000) #Give them some time to actually load in, just refreshing the egp when a player leaves or joins wont work as they're added to the list when they connect, not load.

     #And whatever code you need to redraw all your egp items.
ArrayNum = 1
EM:egpBox(666, vec2(19,35), vec2(1300,55))
EM:egpColor(666, vec(0,0,50))
EM:egpText(1,"Civil Regulations",vec2(160,21))
EM:egpFont(1,"Times New Roman",26)
EM:egpColor(1, vec(255,0,0))
EM:egpText(16,"Illegal for everyone",vec2(20,10))
EM:egpFont(16,"Times New Roman",18)
EM:egpColor(16, vec(0,255,0))
EM:egpText(17,"Legal for government",vec2(20,35))
EM:egpFont(17,"Times New Roman",18)
EM:egpColor(17, vec(255,255,0))
EM:egpText(18,"EGP made",vec2(400,15))
EM:egpFont(18,"Times New Roman",18)
EM:egpColor(18, vec(255,255,255))
EM:egpText(19,"by wicked",vec2(400,35))
EM:egpFont(19,"Times New Roman",18)
EM:egpColor(19, vec(255,255,255))
EM:egpText(2,"1:noise spam, knockspam, littering, disturbing peace, town disrespect, -illegal.",vec2(10,70))
EM:egpText(3,"2:All weapons - illegal (Even knives/toys) (5a) GDs may only sell to gov't",vec2(10,100))
EM:egpText(4,"3:Insulting/Sarcasm/Opposition/Not agreeing/supporting  government - illegal.",vec2(10,130))
EM:egpText(5,"4:Antisocial, cussing/Disrespect to anyone/Behaving uncivil or moronic - Illegal",vec2(10,160))
EM:egpText(6,"5:People Obey government, government obey Commander - or face punishment.",vec2(10,190))
EM:egpText(7,"6:Government must act professional and civilized | (6a) Animals/fur suits - illegal.",vec2(10,220))
EM:egpText(8,"7:The homeless may only build in alleyways, radios in public, misuse of 911 - Illegal.",vec2(10,250))
EM:egpText(9,"8:Random swinging of fists on objects/air/wall | Vandalism - illegal",vec2(10,280))
EM:egpText(10,"9:Asking to meet the Commander, gain access to the PD in any way - illegal",vec2(10,310))
EM:egpText(11,"10:Entry to any gov't property w/o permission - AOS, Gangs are illegal",vec2(10,340))
EM:egpText(12,"11:Vaping near/in PD/in people's faces/drugs, as well as vape sound spam - illegal.",vec2(10,370))
EM:egpText(13,"12: Any sort of gang or mob activity/recuritment is illegal. (13a) raid tools - illegal",vec2(10,400))
EM:egpText(14,"13:Loitering near PD, illegal parking - illegal. Speed limit: 25mph.",vec2(10,430))
EM:egpText(15,"14: Officers bailing prisoners - illegal, lawyers in the PD - illegal.",vec2(10,460))
EM:egpColor(2, vec(0,255,0))
EM:egpColor(3, vec(255,255,0))
EM:egpColor(4, vec(0,255,0))
EM:egpColor(5, vec(0,255,0))
EM:egpColor(6, vec(0,255,0))
EM:egpColor(7, vec(0,255,0))
EM:egpColor(8, vec(0,255,0))
EM:egpColor(9, vec(0,255,0))
EM:egpColor(10, vec(255,255,0))
EM:egpColor(11, vec(255,255,0))
EM:egpColor(12, vec(0,255,0))
EM:egpColor(13, vec(255,255,0))
EM:egpColor(14, vec(0,255,0))
EM:egpColor(15, vec(0,255,0))

Replace Slap damage with reason
This has been discussed in the admin chat before, and seems to be unanimous, the slap damage is hardly ever used, and more or less useless, as slaps are normally used for minor offenses or just to get someone's attention who is getting a warning. A reason field as opposed to a damage field would be far more useful.

Spectate command
We had it for a while, and it was incredibly useful for catching those questionable players who were certain to re-offend. Very useful for the "masses" (Mass RDM, RDA, propspam, etc.) possibly restrict it to the aod job? Certain weasel will roast this one out of existence, but feedback is appreciated.

Suggestions and Questions / [Suggestion] Weapon checker
« on: February 26, 2017, 02:22 am »
As of now, the weapon checker is abused as all hell, and lacks some features that would come in great use.

Weapon checker time modification
- Make the weapon checker only work on individuals not moving, and require a bit of time for it to complete the scan. I have seen officers run around checking everyone and just arresting anyone with an illegal weapon, even though they had no rationale.

Spawn weapons
- If possible, it'd be great for spawn weapons to show up if they had been used in that life. Example: A master thief doesn't ever shoot his bizon, it won't show up. But if he shoots it, it is visible in a weapon check.

Show all weapons
As it stands now, the weapon checker will not show pistols and shotguns. But some mayors will prohibit all weapons, or allow only pistols. Having 2 categories, illegal (default) and legal (default) can help alleviate that issue, as well as help in investigations.

Confiscation feature
Permit the weapon checker's yielder to take a certain weapon, take all weapons, or take an entire inventory. To alleviate abuse, of course, require the victim to either say yes to a popup box or in some other way consent to this event.

Wire / E2 / [Request] Broadcast E2
« on: February 19, 2017, 09:14 pm »
I have searched high and low for this E2, as I used to possess a similar one - but no luck.
Essentially I am looking for an E2 that will broadcast a list of concomds, with the ability to add an endless amount of commands for it to loop at random, but not repeating any until it has gone through all of them, waiting 3min before each broadcast.

Wire / E2 / [REQUEST] Damage detection E2
« on: August 21, 2016, 05:41 am »
The damage default damage detector doesn't work, if possible, I am looking for an E2 that if you shoot it,  it will output damage to a screen or EGP. Don't know if that's possible, considering in my Google search for it, I found an addon to E2 itself that makes it possible.

Wire / E2 / [REQUEST] Sound E2
« on: July 30, 2016, 02:15 am »
Essentially I am looking for an E2 that will play a sound, delay for a certain amount of time that is configurable, and play another one and so on... When it is through all of them, it loops back to the beginning.

Gmod Support / Crashing when joining server
« on: October 29, 2015, 08:39 pm »
I suspect it's just my GMod (The game isn't exactly programmed very well, which doesn't help) because I saw others logged into the server. When I try to log into the zombie RP, it'll eventually just crash with no message. Just closes and nothing else happens. I tried verifying the cache and disabling firewalls, and the array of basic stuff.

I can join other servers, but I haven't tried any that require downloading a map.

General Chat / Windows 10?
« on: August 23, 2015, 05:56 pm »
I've been thinking about getting windows 10 for a while now, any of you guys use it and think it is worth the trouble of installing or not?

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