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News & Announcements / A server for y'all
« on: July 13, 2019, 10:53 pm »
Hello friends, I have some news to share

After some discussion with Conor and the root admins, I have been given the green light to post this.
People have been posting, asking for a server for weeks now and well I have a solution.

We have a new DarkRP server that is still in it's infantile state and would love for you guys to join and play and tell us what you think over at Hydra. We a currently doing a base wars event if you want to do something neato like that.

The server is ran by some familiar faces some of you may recognize like myself, Sirdog, Bandicoot, etc.
The server IP is: 208.103169.78:27015
Also join our discord if you want to make quality, wholesome, sexual innuendos

Please note, ByB is not affiliated with Hydra. This server is offered so that those who want one to play can come and try it out. ByB may return to Gmod in the future but for now it's up in the air.


General Chat / Live Wires for a Dead Community
« on: February 18, 2018, 11:13 pm »
Evening everyone, it's Blue and I'll skip the formalities and head straight into the meat and potatoes of this post.

Let's bring back ByB. Let's take the joke behind this topic and actually make it happen and give it another go.

So yes, I want us to try and bring ByB back. And I know I'm not alone in this. Before writing up this post I spoke to roughly 15 people and 12 of them gave me a definitive yes and the others were more shaky on their responses. I only got one hard no. After having spoken with Conor a couple of weeks ago I was told that no one really wants the community back and that there seems to be no drive for it among the player base. Well I just asked 15 people who I caught to be online at the time from my small friends list of people who I met on ByB and in the majority they agree that they want to see ByB make a comeback. And I'm willing to be there's more across the forum, discord, every where else, etc. So that's proof that contrary to popular belief there is some semblance of people who want to community to make a rise from the dead.

Now I know the argument already as to why things have slowed and why things aren't really progressing. I know that the roots all have lives outside of ByB and they have obligations to those first. Whether that be a job, schooling, families, etc whatever it may be I acknowledge that anything in real life always takes an obligation over a game community. There's nothing that can be done about that. However I do have a solution if people are in agreenence to it.

A couple of months before the community went under, Tony Abbott started up a TTT server under ByB's name. What if we do something similar again. Have some trusted/super or whatever start up a server under ByB's name and just have a root manage it form the backlines or whatever? That could be a compromise to all of this if not everyone has the freetime. There may be other solutions but this is the best one I could think of.

Basically put I love this community. I met so many people here that I would consider life long friends and it was a big part of my life and somewhat shaped who I am today and it pains me to see it go. So I want to give it another shot and try to fix things.

Now I would like to hear everyone else's opinions and trying to stick the live wires up this dead horse to try and get it kicking.

Off Topic / Rick and Morty is a show for true intellectuals
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:58 pm »

General Chat / Problems of ByB
« on: June 30, 2017, 09:34 pm »
I want us all to sit down and address the issues that ByB is facing and some possible ways to resolve them.

Before I begin just a little disclaimer here. This post is going to be about what needs to change within the ByB community and how the community as a whole can be improved and perhaps revived. If you donít care for this then you may want to skip reading this though if youíre going to leave a comment for either your support or disapproval of this then I ask that you please read the entire post first. Thank you.

For the past two years ByBís been steadily falling. Standing on one leg at times. The server was dead during most of 2016, then only came back in February of 2017 and has died off yet again around a month and a half ago. Some may chop it up to a lack of interest in Garryís Mod. Or stale content that isnít be improved or things of that nature. While those are true they arenít 100% of the problem.

Garryís Mod, if I am not mistaken, is still one of the most widely played games on Steam at the moment. Viewing this page on Steam itís currently sitting at around the number eleven spot. So a staleness to the came can only be boiled down to a lack of changes on our part. And thatís what Iím here to talk about. Things within the community of ByB that should be changed if we would like to see it come back to life. The things range from server content, the administration team, the economy of the server and other factors. So letís begin in a list style fashion.

The Economy

Currently the economy on the server is absolute dog smeg. Itís very easy to players to come on and within a few hours have millions of dollars in order to buy whatever they please and at that point why bother to play if you have everything? Theyíll play for a few hours and then theyíre off. Thereís not enough incentive to make money if itís so easy to get a two million dollar car. The joy some people get of grinding for something just isnít there.

Therefore, we could attempt to stabilize the economy by either reducing how much money is earned or making goods more expensive. We could do a total cash wipe and then some price balancing (which I believe to be a better idea) or just do a steady cash wipe. And perhaps a wipe of certain cars and entities they own so thereís an incentive to make money to get those goods back. I believe that the best solution would be wiping cash and entities owned by players then stabilizing prices and the economy so that itís not so easy to get everything in a single day. FukaJones has said heís easily earned over twenty million dollars like it was nothing. If earning twenty million dollars is nothing then I feel as if thatís a problem. Yes from RP4 to RP Rebirth everything is more expensive yet itís so easy to get the millions of dollars to buy everything it almost doesnít make a difference.

Supporter Tools

I know this one is the root of many players leaving the server. Just today we witnessed someone going from saying he thought the server could prove fun to saying he hated it because of some of the supporter tools that were restricted.

Now yes, I agree that supporters need some things that only they have access too. Yet restricted a tool like material just seems a bit far in my eyes. I havenít the slightest clue as to why material is supporter only and everyone Iíve talked to donít know why either. I just donít believe that tools as basic to building as that need to be restricted. Yes ColorMater is a thing yet most people either donít care or need material. Myself not being a builder I wouldnít understand why. So this one would be simple. Just give public access to material back. Iíve seen more people than Iím comfortable with leaving because of something as petty as this. If there is a good reason as to why material is restricted then my apologies and I would love to hear the reason.

Server Content

As for server content I will not sit here and say that the server is lacking in content. To me it isnít but I enjoy playing SWAT so it can get a bit tedious mind you. What Iím saying is at times there seems to be just periods where nothing changes and nothing seem fresh. That can kill the enthusiasm some people have when playing. Or when thereís a bug that needs to be fixed and nothingís done to fix it for months. It can make some people aggravated and such. Iím not saying endlessly pump the server with new stuff. Perhaps every month or so we could host an event. Not just when people get bored and say ďDo you want to have a build event?Ē the night before. Organized events could spur some excitement. Or just small little gimmicky changes to the server.

This also falls to a lack of suggestions being implemented. Iíve seen a lot of suggestions being made and a lot of people wanting some change and yet those never get implemented. Theyíre more than likely ignored which is a tad bit disheartening because it sends the message that it doesnít matter. True some of them are horrible but perhaps there are some hidden treasures in there thatíre turned down because they werenít necessarily practical or something of the likes. Itís understandable that we donít have full time programmers for the server. Since any real life obligation takes priority to the server and many of the roots have work or family matters to attend. However it sometimes feels as though nothingís getting done. While listening to Adam S he makes the point that Chas asked people to post suggestions for the server a while back and they got ignored. Just seems a bit cold shouldered and what not.

To fix this we could implement more changes or accept more suggestions. Or perhaps even host events for special occasions and what not. It seems the only one who ever hosted events was Deluxe and he isnít here to do that anymore.


This one may be one of the more rant based ones so please bear with me as I go through this.

It was made apparent to me that towards the end, right before the server went flat line, that the administration seemed to become increasingly hostile towards some players. I am guilty of this myself at times because letís face it. You canít escape idiots. But itís especially bad from moderators. I know we can punish them for their behavior or misconduct but a lot of them seem to have this high and mighty attitude to them that I donít believe anyone should have really. I feel anyone with a ďholier than thouĒ attitude is immature. They get this from just having a rank on a Garryís Mod server. From this I suggest that we crack down a lot harder on the attitude of moderators.

Another thing being the lack of caring. So many upper staff just donít seem to care and do whatever it is they please. I would agree in saying a little fun is nice and could be used to lighten the mood so we donít seem like cold hearted machines that will punish someone for stepping out of line once. Yet I feel like the leniency some of them have is a bit too much. Ignoring rule breaks or breaking rules themselves just for a little fun. And most of the time the fun that is had is pure mingery. Yes itís funny but it can be disruptful to other players. I would like to see, from out upper staff at least, an improvement in behavior. Iím not going to sit here and say that Iím not guilty of it. We all are. But I feel like a tone of seriousness is needing with the titles we carry. Itís not just a free abuse pass.

Furthermore, staff activity. Lord this one. In my time here Iíve seen two staff purges. Both of which only got rid of certain people. The most recent one of this year didnít even get rid of the bulk. It got rid of a few but not the ones that needed to go. The current staff page is littered with old super admins who donít even play anymore. Iím not suggesting a time requirement to maintain your rank but if youíve got a year without being on the server then do you really need super admin? I feel like so many of the staff on the page need to be former fluffies as they havenít seen the server for more than five minutes in the past two years. This happened last time. So many of them donít play yet somehow they got off from the purge and werenít touched. Despite it being said ďDonít come back for two weeks to preserve your powers then go away.Ē Yet thatís exactly what happened with many of them. So I ask that of all the super and trusted admins that havenít played very much since Rebirth went up be moved to Former Fluffy seeing as they donít play anymore. If they come back thatís wonderful. You could give them two weeks playing with Former Fluffy and if they are serious about coming back then I say having their old rank back would be a good idea.


I feel as if this is perhaps the worst problem ByB has. The favoritism among the higher staff to their friends that makes them immune to punishment. Firstly I want to say youíll never get rid of favoritism. This guy or girl if your friend and you donít want to hurt their feelings or whatever by punishing them for being a smeg to other players. Yet I feel like itís gone a little far in some cases (no names mentioned). For this I just want more seriousness to be focused on all players being equal to being punished and reprimanded. No favoritism because theyíre your friends or because of even their rank. It sends a message to the regular players that thereís a very strong biased here and trust me. That turns a lot of people away..

I believe thatís it. This is simply part one. I could have more parts to add on to this if I deem it necessary. You guys could add on to this if you want as well. I look forward to your questions, comments and concerns. I know this was a very long post so forgive me if at some points I seem incoherent.


DarkRP - MOTD Revisions / Rules Missing
« on: April 23, 2017, 11:55 pm »
Yeah I guess there are some rules missing.

In the MOTD there is no spot for Taxi Drivers or Mechanics thought this was odd unless they're just supposed to be following the same rules as a Citizen for example.


Desolate Wasteland / viva la revolution
« on: April 02, 2017, 07:57 am »
so we've decided it's time for revolt against the superadmins we are building an army. Prodigy we're coming for you!

so far our forces include:

Rock'n Roll Glue
((the rest of the trusted admins and admins))

is joke no hurt thanks

Suggestions and Questions / [Suggestion] AoD Model
« on: March 31, 2017, 07:18 am »
Was chatting with Ninjabob and we thought it'd be cool if Admin on Duty could get a second model just to spice things up a bit. I don't know who specifically but we sorta thought Chell would be cool. Leave your thoughts :)

Not really a change in models if you're confused by like a second optional model. Just for the laughs my dudes.

General Chat / Admin Manual v2
« on: July 21, 2015, 01:51 am »
    In this post we decided to re-create the admin manual since the old one is outdated. Shout out to Greenflarp for reviewing this for me.

Administrator's Manual

Disclaimer: This is a re-write of the Admin Manual written by Khan a few years ago. Much of the same material may appear but we've decided to do the tweaking so the current Admins can get a better understanding of what they're doing. And, as in the previous guide, if this guide conflicts with the MOTD in anyway the MOTD is right!

This manual was re-written so our newest Administrators have a more dependable guide to go off of. It will, hopefully, improve the quality of our Admins and reduce the amount of admin abuse reports created.

Table of Contents/Sections
This guide will be broken up into seven main categories...
  • Basic Rules to Follow.
  • Administrative Commands
  • Player to Admin Interactions.
  • Punishment Guide.
  • Ban Guide
  • Common Misconceptions.
  • Handling Situations.

With the opening aside welcome to the world of Administrating. It is wonderful that you purchased Admin to have another person to help out the community. As a new Admin you'll need to have a good knowledge of what you're doing. You'd likely want to know what to do or how to do something. This guide will help you through most Administrative situations though when in doubt ask a Super Admin or Root Admin.

Basic Rules to Follow
There are some rules that may not be written down in the rules list. Some of these rules may be common sense to other and not so much to some. But you can use this as reference of the "Admin Rules" in the rules list. This should help tell you what to do with your new powers as an Administrator.
  • Don't abuse any of your administrative commands. This is mainly using your powers as an admin to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This can also constitute as taking action against fellow admins. If you're in question about something ask a Trusted/Super/Root Admin and if you think a fellow Admin is abusing make a ticket.
  • You are not above the rules. Being an Administrator does not grant you god access. You must not only follow the rules but you must enforce them too. You are also granted extra rules to follow when being an Administrator. But overall you are here to help players. Not stand over them like a god ignoring them all or insulting them and the likes.
  • Be nice. Since you are now an Admin players may look up to you. Try to be their friend. Treat every player with respect and try to be neutral in situations. When we have a nice Admin the tension between players and Admins is reduced.
  • If you're caught Admin abusing then a Super Admin or Root Admin may give you an admin warning. If you accumulate three of these warnings your Admin access may be revoked and you can never buy it again so be careful.
  • Try to use common sense. We understand that people may be oblivious to some things do don't be afraid to ask other Admins their opinion on the matter. We'd rather have you ask a silly question then get banned for something that could've been avoided with one.
  • Listen to all Super and Root Admins. They are the ones who have the authority to punish you for abuse and have the authority to give you orders.
  • Try to not noclip at all unless you're an Admin on Duty or in an admin situation. Even when you're Admin on Duty you cannot noclip into other peoples' bases unless you're conducting a base check which you must announce in admin advert. You may, however, use noclip for building purposes in your base.
  • As an Admin you're physgun and toolgun may now affect other player's entities and props. Only use them for administrative matters. Do not remove entities unless they're causes lag though you may only remove empty printer barrels or empty shipments. Any other entities will not be removed through your toolgun.
  • As an Admin you now get access to an exclusive chat. Admin Chat. This allows you to talk to your fellow Administrators. Though keep in mind. Admin chat is an OOC chat. You may have friendly conversations there, or discuss the matter of a report. Though since it's an OOC chat you cannot speak in RP there or blatantly insult players or other Admins.
  • Please try and answer reports. That is what you're here for. But you are only required to answer them if you're an Admin on Duty. If you're any other class you may answer reports of your own free will.
  • In console type bybmenu or !menu in chat. This will give you a list of players, their steam names, steam IDs, ranks and RP names. Do this every so often so you know you're not taking administrative action against another Admin or even a Super/Root Admin.
  • Again, try and help players and even fellow Admins if they need it. You're job as an Admin is to help people. Not be the one arse who likes to watch people struggle.
  • Do not ban other Admins. This is counted as abuse and may earn you an admin warning. The only exception is if the Admin you're banning goes rogue. Yet after you ban a rogue Admin you must make a ticket so a Super/Root Admin can take appropriate action or else you may receive a warning and ban yourself for banning a fellow Administrator.
  • Don't ever use your administrative powers inside RP. Administrating is purley OOC and you cannot slay someone for raiding you, or kick a player for mugging you. You can, however, build in noclip as mentioned above.
  • Don't spam commands as this annoys other and clutters up logs/console.
  • Use evidence you're presented with when handling a report. Don't punish off of someone's story. This is known as hearsay and can get your a warning issued.
  • If you accidentally banned a player then everything will be fine. Just contact a Trusted Admin+ and explain the situation to have the player unbanned.
  • If you see a player hacking or think they are hacking then don't ban them. Record a demo of them hacking and then report it to the helpdesk for a Trusted/Super Admin to properly handle.

Administrative Commands

Ever Admin has a set of commands they use to administrate and rid the server of trolls and abusers. You may type !menu or bybmenu in console and right click on a players name for a list of commands. Though I shall present a list. The list shall be divided into console and chat commands and have an explaination after them. Commands that have options for both will appear twice.


Note: It's better not to use the "< >" symbols as they won't do anything in chat. They're there to show that two words at together or in one section.
  • /adminduty - This enables you to turn into an Admin on Duty.
  • !slay <player name> <reason> - Allows you to forcefully kill a player and is used for small rule breakings such as a single case of RDM.
  • !slap <player name> <reason> - Allows you to slap a player for extremely small rule breakings such as profanity in OOC.
  • !kick <player name> <reason> - Allows you to forcefully remove a player from the server for things such as racism in OOC or 3+ cases of RDM.
  • !ban <player name> <time (in minutes)> <reason> - Allows you to remove the player from the server for a certain number of minutes and is used as a last resort. For things such as mass RDM, prop spam, spawn block, etc.
  • !motd - Opens the MOTD window.
  • !rules - Opens a window with the server rules.
  • !freeze <player name> - Freezes a player.
  • !unfreeze <player name> - Unfreezes a player.
  • !bring <player name> - Summons a player.
  • !return <player name> - Returns a player to their previous position.
  • !breeze <player name> - Summons and freezes a player at the same time.
  • !goto <player name> - Teleports you to a specific player.
  • /a - Admin chat
  • /aadvert - Admin advert, used for administrative reasons only.
  • !menu - Lets you see the menu with steam names, rp names, steam IDs and server ranks of players.
  • !dmglog - Allows you to see the damage logs (it only records the last 500 events)
  • !forcespray - Forces a player to spray their spray if suspected of spraying an offensive/illegal spray.
  • !proplimit <player name> - Shows how many props and wire entities the targeted player has spawned.


Note: The descriptions for the console commands can be found above in their chat form. If there is a command that is solely for the console it's description shall be found here. Also note that in console it is better to use quotations instead of the greater/less than symbols. Again, they're here to let you know that something is on it's own.

  • byb_slay <player name> <reason>
  • byb_slap <player name> <reason>
  • byb_kick <player name> <reason>
  • byb_ban <player name> time (in minutes) <reason>
  • byb_banid <player's steam ID> time (in minutes) <reason> - Used to ban a player's ID such as if two players have similar names and they can't target the right one or if someone prop spams/spawnblocks and leaves.
  • byb_goto <player name>
  • byb_bring <player name>
  • byb_return <player name>
  • byb_freeze <player name>
  • byb_unfreeze <player name>
  • byb_breeze <player name>
  • noclip - Enables noclip
  • bybmenu
  • print_owner - Prints out the steamID of the owner of an entity in chat. To be used if you find entities in a propclimb or no-clip only area. If the owner is an admin, make a ticket or contact a super admin.
  • cleardecals - Clears all decals. To be used i.e when someone got an offensive spray. Use twice in a row to remove sprays.

Player to Admin Interactions

As an Admin you are now looked up upon. Players come to you when they need support. So naturally you should try to stay friendly and open. Keep a helpful and kind tone with people and try not to over react. Be friendly, talking to an Admin can be unnerving at times, try to be calm and collected when making judgements and be fair when handing out punishments.
Keep the atmosphere friendly, crack a joke, relieve tension between players and Admins and when they need an Admin try to help them. Because if it were you asking for an Admin you'd like it if one responded.

Punishment Guides

You are to enforce the rules. That is the most important part of being an Administrator, enforcing the rules. When a player breaks the rules you're expected to punish them. Try to be fair with your punishments. There are few things that warrant an instant ban. Those things are:
Spawn block
Prop spam
Mass RDM
Hacking/cake or threats to do so (Get the help of a Trusted Admin+ to handle this one)
Spawn killing

Though there are other rule breakings that warrant far less severe punishments. Things such as RDM and NLR usually warrant a slay for one occurance. Though if the player repeatedly RDMs or repeatedly breaks NLR then you may give a ban of the approripate time (see ban guide for more details)

"Player01 RDMs someone." Slay them or give a verbal warning.

"Player01 is propblocking printers." (Bring him and ask him to remove it. If he refuses slay him and remove it yourself)

"Player01 has broken NLR now." (You may now kick him)

"Player01 comes back and RDAs two people." (Give them a nice 3 hour ban)

"TeddyBearSpecialist: (Report) I was RDMed by Mr. Thompson." - For this you would go to TeddyBearSpecialist and summon Mr. Thompson. Ask both sides what happened and if Mr. Thompson did indeed RDM TeddyBearSpecialist then you would slay him for RDM.

Someone is speedhacking! For this you would contact a Trusted Admin+ and record the player yourself until the higher Admin gets there. If no Trusted Admin+ is available get evidence through a recording and create a player abuse ticket.

A player is propblocking? So just summon them and ask them to remove it. If they don't then you remove it and slay them for prop blocking. But what's this? They do it again, re-remove it and kick then for repeated propblock. But what if he comes back and propblocks again? Hand him a nice hour ban for propblocking after a kick.

Of course I cannot cover every scenario in this guide. If there's something you're honestly confused about ask the other Admins or a Trusted Admin+ they'll be sure to help you if you really need it.

Oh what's this? A player decides he's going to be a little mean and use profanity in OOC such as "f***" or "s***"? For this a simple slap will suffice for curssing in OOC. He continues? Slay him, but if he still goes on then kick/ban him depending on the severity.

Ban Guide

Every so often you'll have to ban a player. For some reason Admins take pride to this. I don't know why I just know they do. Yet these people are the rotten apples of the internet tree. The ones who don't deserve to play here. But say you're confused on how long to ban someone or for what reason? Well after a slay/kick is issued or if the player breaks a rule that warrants and instant ban you will have to decide for what length.

Note: Due to past abuse of free banning Administrators may not ban for any longer then a day. If you wish for a player's ban to be increased make a ticket with valid evidence or get in contact with a Trusted Admin+ also note that the ban time is in minutes.
The ban table has times and possible reasons on it to get you on the right tracks

60 (one hour)       | Repeated RDMs or breakings of NLR, job abuse, prop pushing, etc.

120 (two hours)      | Excessive swearing/racism in OOC, RDMing repeatedly, Prop surfing, etc.

720 (twelve hours)   | Many accounts of RDM, job abuse, NLR, RDA, excessive swearing in OOC, propblocking entities after a kick, etc.

1440 (one day)      | Spawn block, spawn killing (all permanent banable offenses [make ticket          afterwards]), harassment, excessive swearng/racism in OOC, massive job abuse, prop spam, mass RDM, etc.

Common Misconceptions

Over the years there have been some rule changes, some of which are still allowed on other servers yet aren't allowed here. These are common misconceptions that people are confused about. Punishing for these things may earn you an admin warning and an sban.

The first one is would be leaving to avoid punishment. During any administrative sit players are allowed to disconnect since it is not against the rules to disconnect as explained here. Seeing as a disconnect will serve the same purpose as a kick it seems ridiculous to ban someone for breaking a rule that would normally warrant a slay. So if the rule they broke only warrants a kick or less then it's not worth banning them. Yet if the play did something of a bannable offense and leaves before you can ban them then ban their ID.

Another misconception would be issuing punishments for admin disrespect. Admins are not gods. Sure players are to treat you the same as everyone else but they don't have to bow down to you and call you master. If a player is harassing you then issue their punishment for harassment. This must be OOC since RP harassment is legal. As it is also stated here that admin disrespect is not a valid punishment reason.

Another that I notice would be fearRP or anything of the likes. ByB is a semi-serious RP server. Players can do "/me gags you so you can't speak" all they want but the players are not required to follow that. They can follow it if they please but things like not being allowed to move during a mug or following /me to the bone are not required. If a player makes a report for people not doing these things either ignore the report or, better yet, go to them and explain to them that players are not requried to follow those concepts.

Handling Situations

Administrating can be stressful, we understand this. You may be praised or ridiculed depending the the effort you put into it. Some situations can be more stressful than others. However, when handling situations it is very important to stay calm and keep a neutral point of view.

When you begin a situation you should summon both parties to a secure place where other players can't get to them. You then get the story from both sides and get as much information as you can. You check the console to see if everything matches up and you begin deciding what the punishment should be. You keep a neutral view. Don't take either's side, be your own party and at the end of it hand out punishments that are needed based on the conclusion. Sometimes there will be reports that are impossible to resolve. Such as both parties stories conflict too greatly or there's no evidence to go off of. For that you simply close it and let them take it to the helpdesk if they wish to do so.

That should about cover it for this updated version of the admin manual. Not everything can be covered here but when in doubt ask a Super Admin or Root Admin and they'll be sure to give you the right answer. Thank you for reading and enjoy your stay at ByB. Happy administrating![/list]

Suggestions and Questions / [Suggestion] Sellable Knives
« on: July 02, 2015, 02:03 am »
Greetings ByB

So I thought to myself, why can only Mercenaries and Hitmen have knives? I couldn't think of a reasonable answer so my suggestion is allow Gun Dealers and Black Market Dealers to sell knives to the public for a low price (around 100-200 dollars). I don't see any real harm and it would allow people to have knives and be all chef like "cutting watermelons". Anyways tell me what you think :)


General Chat / Greatest Achievement on ByB
« on: June 29, 2015, 04:39 pm »
I've seen quite a few topics in the older section of the forums about people talking about their greatest mistakes, but let's talk about our greatest achievements and what we're most proud of on ByB, could be anything you'd like so let's discuss!   :)


Suggestions and Questions / [Suggestion] New Job
« on: June 03, 2015, 09:49 pm »
Hello, I am likely going to get either a lot of heat or a lot of love for this but nonetheless I'm presenting it.

The new job I am hoping to be added is somewhat like a chef/cook job. Essentially a player becomes a chef or cook and can spawn in food. Small little entities that look like hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelons, etc. What these items can do is, depending on what, increase or help regain health, increase speed and jumping ability. Now these abilities could easily be abused to I'd recommend making it a Supporter only class.

The class can use the Judith Mossman player model. Buffs given, such as health would be capped at 120 to avoid it being overpowered. The limitation on speed could be set to that of a master thief or police officer and jumping to only slightly higher than normal. The effects would be reset upon death when a new life starts. Now just because buffs can be given that increase health, speed, etc with a concept of food doesn't mean a hunger system needs to be put into play. We can leave that out until people get used to this.

The limitations of this job should be anywhere between two or three at a time. The idea is to combine the roleplay aspect of eating food with the buffs of a drug dealer people here have been begging for for so long. The food aspect gives it the idea of "family friendly" to go along with the MOTD and rules.

Job Rules:


1. Follow the same rules as a Gun Dealer or Black Market Dealer in terms of supply. You may sell to anyone or refuse to sell, provided a valid RP reason is presented. Do not supply for only yourself or a specific group of people.
2. You must maintain a shop/restaurant at all times. Stands are acceptable as well provided they're RP'd properly (like a lemonade stand).
3. This ties in directly with rules one, but you cannot be in a gang.
4. As with Gun Dealer, limit the advertising campaign.
5. You may purchase/make entities for yourself and your partners/body guards provided you don't go on a massive self supply spree.

Entity Models and Effects:

1. Hamburger - Gives player strength
2. Hot dog - Gives player strength
3. Soda Can - Gives player speed or jumping (at random)
4. Watermelon - Gives player either of the three (at random due to it being solid but containing a lot of liquid)

That should about do it. Thank you.

If you feel anything should be added, removed or changed please comment below. Please keep all criticism constructive.

Suggestions and Questions / [Suggestion] 911 Restrictions
« on: May 29, 2015, 08:00 pm »
Okay to my proposal is the restrict the use of /911 whilst arrested. Why you may ask? It's simple. Whenever a player is arrested they simply use /911 to insult the police from what I've seen so removing it wouldn't do any harm. When a player is arrested only once in a blue moon would they call the police because someone is raiding the PD. So leave your thoughts below on whether or not you support it not.


Suggestions and Questions / Yet Another Suggestion
« on: April 15, 2015, 08:06 pm »
Greetings everyone. First I would like to say no, this will not be a regular occurring thing but I just have had ideas for RP recently.

Anyhow this time my idea is to give prisoners fists. I feel it could add some RP to being in jail. Such as if the prisoners get out of their cells they could start a riot and try to fight the police officer(s) in the area. Or beat each other up if someone says something despicable since they're convicts. They won't be exempt from the RDM/punch whore rule.

Poll to be added so you can vote and keep this whole thing organized.  ;)


Suggestions and Questions / Another small suggestion.
« on: April 12, 2015, 03:26 pm »
My suggestion is let SWAT be able to turn into the police chief as well. Sometimes when RPing as SWAT you want to go chief and going to regular police can be annoying. I don't see why not since police and SWAT are both part of the police force and theirs no SWAT chief. Just a little idea I had.


Suggestions and Questions / Small Suggestion
« on: April 10, 2015, 11:09 pm »
Hi so I won't take long. I am suggesting that we do some type of system where if a player dies they drop whatever gun they had in their hands. Job weapons and defaults are excluded. But say that a mugger was holding an AK47 and was killed. It may had RP if one spawned/was dropped in his place if he died. This would be cool if at all possible.


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