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General Chat / How or Why you joined ByB
« on: October 25, 2014, 11:08 pm »
I will start. So I first joined ByB around late Feburary 2014. I was playing TTT with my friend and he decided to show me another gamemode since I was still new to Garry's Mod. So he took me to RP4 where we became police officers. At first I really didn't give it much thought but I later came to love playing on ByB. So afterwards later that week he was unavailable for skype so I decide to join RP4 again and something got me hooked on it. I remember I would connect everyday after school and become police chief and have a great time. Sometimes I would forget to do my homework until late at night. I liked ByB so much its the only server I ever donated to. In May 2014 I bought supporter and July 2014 I bought admin. Now here I am typing this waiting to hear your stories :D.

Tech Help / Teamspeak Issues
« on: September 21, 2014, 07:09 am »
I have been trying to get on TeamSpeak lately and when I download game tracker get the server ip and everything it wont let me launch Garry's Mod. I just get a message that hl2 has stopped working. Can someone help me with this its really annoying now to play I have to uninstall the program completely.

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