February 28, 2020, 09:40 am
ByB Community Rules
  1. We try to be family friendly. You may swear to a civil extent but only in RP. Swearing in OOC will be punished with a quick slap and a polite mention to behave. RP swearing/racism must be done tastefully. You cannot run around calling everyone a giant evil rutabaga just for the fun of it.
  2. Instaban offenses: Spawn block, prop spam, toolgun spam, mass extremely random RDM (rooftop sniping everyone etc).
  3. Insta kick offenses are normally just for extreme vulgarity in OOC/homophobia etc. We don't care if you tickle men, women, ponies or rutabagas just don't be obnoxious and offensive in OOC.
  4. You may not prop climb, however you may use RP entities as ladders. Such as shipments, becki-boxes or even printers!
  5. Wire & E2 must be used to aid RP in realistic manners. Fading doors and the usual stuff. Any E2 deemed to be abusive may be removed.
  6. Please have a reason for demoting people.
  7. Vote yes unless you have a reason to vote no, it's not nice to be cruel.
  8. 'I'm building' is not a reason to propblock, leaving your base open should make people see you have no valuables. Prop blocks may be removed by admins.
  9. Do not Fading Door Abuse – This refers to when you use a button, wire etc.. to quickly close a fading door again after being cracked. Fading doors must stay open at least 8 seconds (see below for more details)
  10. Using specifics prop or materials to get one way windows is only allowed when covering an existing MAP window.
  11. Votes, sales and any form of RP involvement has to be done through /advert and not through OOC.
  12. Do not use any form of command (eg: kill/suicide, change job) to avoid a RP situation.
  13. This should fall under common sense, but physgun beams should be visible.
  14. StupidWeasel (STEAM_0:1:24400282) is a meta creature and inhabits a different plane of existance to normal players. He does not exist in a roleplay sense & can (most of the time) be safely ignored.
  15. Finally and most importantly, play nice & have fun!
Death, Combat & RDM -
  1. There should never be a reason for combat on newly spawned players at spawn.
  2. Never RDM ( Random Death Match ). This refers to killing randomly without a legitimate roleplay reason.
  3. While raiding you should only shoot those who are ARMED or you have good reason to believe they will harm you. Shooting everyone in your sight and everyone you run past on the street is not allowed.
  4. You must have reason to kill an unarmed person. Examples would be: RP Robbery, blocking path of escape, refusal to leave property, taking hostile action - 911 calls or being a spy etc, official hitman tasks or a well though out hobo revolt against the king hobo!
  5. Unarmed is classified as equipped, however during raiding it's safe to assume certain jobs are armed.
  6. Classification of 'helping a friend'. In RP terms your friends are your gang members, employers etc. You may protect them, defend them, avenge them all to a degree. Remember the aim is to have fun. You may not go on a revenge rampage due to a guy you play with on the odd second Tuesday being on just because you want to RDM someone.
  7. Inciting RDM. Hobo revolutions, killing all cops or your average anti Swedish campaigns. These are not RP, they are excuses to RDM so don't do it. Protests, revolutions, hobos united etc is all allowed but in a proper fashion and not a /job Cop Killa kinda of thing, although in a decent situation a peaceful protest can turn violent etc, but that's not the same as simply shooting people.
  8. There is a default LAW on the server meaning any member of the Police force may arrest you on sight for owning any weapon in public. You may own a weapon but can only equip it on private property. <-This rule may be altered by an active mayor->
  9. You're not required to advertise the fact you are raiding, if you do law enforcement officers are welcome to /warrant you immediately (and it may be considered baiting, depending on the circumstances)
  10. Intentionally killing players with a printer ("Printer Bombing") is treated just like attacking them any other weapon. If you've no reason to kill them (ie: they're innocent or unarmed), it'll be treated as if you've broken the applicable rule above (ie: RDM).
  11. However throwing a burning printer out of your base to save your life is common sense and is not RDM.
New Life Rule (NLR) -
  1. NLR is an acronym for New Life Rule. New life rule is, simply stated, the rule that states if you die, you must not return to the area of your death for 5 minutes.
  2. If you must pass the place of your death then do not interact with the area or the people involved. Simply walk past the property.
    1. You can not simply stand outside it watching and waiting and then BAM jump in after exactly 5 minutes and murder them.
    2. You can however after 5 minutes insist they leave, if they do not after a few minutes you may murder them at will :)
  3. You may ask the raiders if the raid has expired. Since this is not a pure RP situation you may ask in OOC, however it is preferred to ask in a PM.
  4. If you accidentally kill yourself building then you may return to the place of death.
    1. If you die of accidental death DURING an RP event, such as a base raid, then NLR does apply.
  5. If you break NLR you may be punished by an admin with either a Slay, Kick or 60 minute ban. Repeat offenders may receive harsher punishments.
  • You're a regular guy, you may buy a house, open a cafe, book shop or anything you like.
    • You are not however a robber, please use appropriate jobs for thievery. With that said opportunists are everywhere. If you are immoral and see a chance to make a few dollars then go for it sir/madam.
  • Do not EVER let rogue Deon/Nightmares into your abode. They make a mess, they stink and they're not nice people.
Police Officer/Chief & Swat:
  • Public corruption may result in being demoted via /demote. That been said, sneaky deals behind the chiefs back is what pays for that swimming pool.
  • If you are role playing very well you may own a small home and decorate it as you wish, maybe /citizen while off duty etc. You may not have a base of any kind.
  • You must have cause for entering properties, or taking any hostile action. Reasons for hostile action have to be absolute. Suspicion alone is not absolute.
  • Only highest ranking officer may give permission for props inside PD, ie security. Rank is: Mayor -> Chief -> <ALL COPS> -> Deputy/Assistant. Swat and Police have the same rank.
  • You may arrest without arrest warrants. However please use them IF able. We don't expect you to type out warrants while being shot at.
  • Remember you're civil officers, be nice, be polite, be cautious and above all else arrest or shoot those robbing murdering filth.
  • You may work with informants, it is encouraged when done properly.
  • 911 calls will flag up a HUD display showing the rough location of the incident. These calls ARE valid reasons for entering property.
  • You're expected to act sensibly & do your job. Charging around shooting up the streets, throwing flashbangs everywhere & blowing off doors left, right & centre is, surprisingly, not your job - and will lead to you being demoted.
  • Using a few roleplay centric props (for example wooden or concrete barricades) when raiding a gang warehouse / having a stand-off with an armed suspect is fine. These props should not obstruct players, and should be removed once the matter is dealt with
  • The Police Chief may deputize and fire almost any player with the /deputize and /firedeputy commands (also under the F4 menu)
    • Deputized players get door access to the PD, access to group chat & a pretty sign above their head
    • Deputies (and Mayor Assistants) may still be arrested for illegal acts - they may, however, have weapons in public - providing the mayor or chief give permission.
    • The police chief is responsible for any deputies. If they repeatedly run amok & break the law, he's expected to fire them. If he fails to do so, he may be demoted for corruption
  • You're the mayor, be nice and you may stay in office.
  • You MUST have a valid reason for lock downs. This can be a rogue criminal or a peaceful protest you wish to end, long as it's a good reason it's fine.
  • You must follow all Police rules.
  • You may create laws, however you cannot create laws to incite RDM.
  • You may not legalize printers, if police are caught owning printers you are expected to punish them. However corruption and politics ...
  • You may place some roleplay props around town (for example: pretty trees or evil skulls, depending on how much of a tyrant you are). These should not overly obstruct players / get in the way of any world doors.
  • The Mayor may hire and fire mayor assistants with the /addassistant and /fireassistant commands (also under the F4 menu).
    • Giving your personal bodyguard, PD Lawyer or Pet Hobo (to give examples) allows them full access to the PD doors and police group chat.
    • Mayor Assistants (and police deputies) may still be arrested for illegal acts & normal job rules apply (see the Police Deputy and Mayor Assistant section below). They may have weapons in public, providing the mayor or chief say it's ok.
Gun Dealer:
  • You are NOT allowed to be a member of a gang or participate in hostile events, such as raiding/robbery etc.
  • You must maintain a shop. You may leave the shop, go to your apartment or food shopping. However extended absence may result in demotion. Anyone abusing this new rule may be shocked and sent away for a while :)
    • You may build a small market stall on the streets if you don't want a full blown shop. This must be a stall rather then a propbase (no raiding entrance of any kind). Much less security is the risk you take in having a market stall.
    • The mayor may outlaw this if he wishes.
  • No mass advertising campaigns, 1 nicely located sign is plenty.
  • Please limit /advert messages. Adverts are fun, spam is a horrible meaty thing.
  • You are allowed 1 guard for your entire store. This may be an appropriate class(Secret Agent/Bodyguard/Mercenary only) with "/job Bodyguard" or "Tim's Protection Services" etc etc.
    • This should be obvious, but you may only have one guard per store - your guards may not have guards. You are ultimately responsible for this and can be demoted if you allow it.
  • Switching to this job just to buy weapons and then switching back is punishable by a swift kick and all your items being removed. Repeated offenses may result in bans.
  • You are allowed to buy any weapons for yourself/bodyguard to defend your establishment/apartment. This should be obvious, but you need to be within your store before purchasing these weapons - it's enough to be within the owned world doors.
  • Please create a store before or very soon after becoming a gun dealer, you may not spend an hour building an intricate maze of shopping heaven.
  • You may sell to anyone, or refuse sale to anyone. However, try to keep it in RP and not refuse some guy because he robbed you 2 days ago.
Black Market Dealer:
  • Your guns are illegal. If caught expect the police to attack first ask questions later.
  • As with the gundealer job, you must NOT use this job as a personal weapon supply. Caught abusing it will lead to demotion.
  • You may NOT be in a gang. I know rule changes suck eh?
  • You must never have obvious shops. They must be sneaky and subtle, book shops with hidden counters, laundry services with guns in the washers etc etc.
    • Having a big flashy raid entrance is not sneaky or subtle. Scale your security to match that of your cover (for example, a bookshop would have less security then a pawnstore)
    • Automated and semi-automated stores are permitted, but must adhere to the roleplay requirements even more stringently. Simply displaying a different screen to any browsing cop is not enough.
Body Guard:
  • When using this job you should be hired. Either to protect a player or his items.
    • You may be hired by the police or a bad guy, but you must not play an active or continued part in a gang/basing structure.
  • Do not spam with the fists. Repeatedly punching people/props/windows is annoying and will result in a warning, then a kick and then a ban.
  • You may NOT be part of gangs.
  • You may heal for free, or you may charge, it’s your choice.
  • You may not use this as a “gunslinger” job just to heal yourself. Medics are NOT gangsters.
  • Medics may NOT be part of gangs and may never raid.
  • You can only have 1 text screen to advertise your clinic. Realistically this should be on your shop’s wall.
  • You may build a small stall on the streets if you don't want a full blown clinic.
  • Be creative! There are all kinds of doctors you could be: From a psychologist to a proctologist.
Secret Agent:
  • This job is an open job. You may, with permission of the mayor/chief, be an undercover agent. You may be a gangster or a thief. You should set your job name to match your given role. You can if you like be an extremely well armed citizen.
  • The job you portray will live to the rules of that job. If you become a gangster then you will follow the Gangster rules, thief/robber type roles will follow the Thief rules. Any form of bodyguard will follow bodyguard rules etc.
  • You are a hobo, not a badly dressed millionaire. You may not own residential property.
  • You may build a shack anywhere on the map, as long as you're not blocking other peoples bases etc.
  • Hobo shacks must not be in the middle of the road, or anywhere equally silly. Corners, alleys or just sides of buildings are fine.
  • Hobo Shacks cannot have keypads only buttons.
  • In this day and age a Hobo could be well armed, obviously if caught with weapons a Hobo might be hurt by the police.
  • Hobos should use HL2 style props. Things like crates, boxers etc. However, if you're doing it properly and it looks like a Hobo shack then you may use props from any category. But please remember a hobo does not live in a perfectly formed house with 4 floors.
  • Throwing bugbait at people and property is illegal, and will as such result in you being arrested. Users who are not part of the law enforcement may kill you if you were to throw bugbait at them.
Mob boss:
  • You are supposed to lead a gang. Please do so.
  • Agenda: Use this properly. “Kill cops” is not a proper assignment.
  • If not leading a gang, you can be demoted.
  • The items and shipments you may buy are for personal/gang use only, they may not be sold
  • You do not have to, but are expected to join the gang of the “Mob boss”.
  • RP properly and you may do anything from robbery to extortion to beating someone up for money. Don't mug for over $500 unless you know they have more money in character.
  • You break into people’s homes and rob shops/banks.
  • You may NOT camp in your base as this job.
  • You are a banker. Build your bank and safe to protect items for a fee.
  • Bankers are advised to hire guards. Maximum 1 bodyguard & 1 Mercenary due to limit of positions in those classes.
  • Bankers have a few rule exceptions, you may have multiple safes for clients.
  • A maximum of 5 safes.
    • You may provide E2 access to your safes, providing that there is also toggled keypad access (if you wish to have more then 5 safes, one keypad must toggle all safes)
  • You can only have 1 text screen to advertise your bank. Realistically this should be on the wall of your building.
  • This class can be used for people to negotiate bail.
  • You may un-arrest people, but only after talking with the police. Or if slipped a sly amount of money.
  • We're aware it’s a pretty useless class atm...
  • You can only have 1 text screen to advertise your office. Realistically this should be on the wall of your building.
  • You MUST be paid at least $700 per hit.
  • You MUST be PAID for a hit.
  • You MUST get a note for each hit (use /write “name” “how to be taken out”). You only need ask for a reason if your suspicious of metagaming/nlr.
  • Your job IS illegal and secret. You may NOT advertise you're a hitman directly, any adverts have to be subtle/hidden. Deon is a muppet.
  • There has to be a REASON to kill someone. If you kill the same guy repeatedly you are breaking NLR. Use a bit of common sense when taking people out.
  • Hitman is a solo job. You base alone and you work with nobody. However this is RP, paying a player (as a one off) to assist/lure a target out is fine.
  • You are a hired gun. You can either protect a person, his base or his items. Or help him raid/rob someone.
  • You may also do tasks for him, such as delivering stuff etc.
  • Mercenaries can be hired by anyone, from Police needing extra muscle to take down a bad guy/gang. Or hired as a bodyguard, doing some dodgy job. Your description is endless with the only rule relating to Assassinations.
  • You may not be hired by a hitman, as hitman is a solo job.
Admin on Duty:
  • This is a moderator class. You may NOT RP in this class.
  • This is the only class that it is acceptable to noclip into other bases with a valid reason.
    • You may only noclip into someone’s house/base to check it. But first you must /aadvert it.
    • Example 1: /aadvert John, I am going to inspect your base for propblock.
    • Example 2: /aadvert John, I am going to test your keypads.
    • This does not apply for superadmins, on or off duty.
  • You may not own bases/printers/weapons/items in this class.
  • If there is a Superadmin or Superadmin-on-Duty, you should check with them before banning a player for non-severe reasons.
Superadmin on Duty:
  • You are the go to God of the server.
  • Admin on Duty must ask you before banning for small infringements such as (RDM & NLR, etc)
  • You may not RP as this class. If there are no other admins online or on-duty, try to respond to as many reports as possible.
  • You must kill Chas at least once to be allowed to use this class. Failure to do so will result in death.
  • Any player may create a gang, providing they're using one of the jobs below.
  • The following may join any gang:
    • Secret Agent
    • Gangster
    • Mob Boss (If is in the gang, must be gang leader)
    • Thief
    • Master Thief
  • Gangs must make up no more then than 30% of the current player base or two players (whichever is larger). This number is rounded up to the nearest integer. Examples:
    • 3 players - Maximum gang size of 2.
    • 9 players - Maximum gang size of 3.
    • 20 players - Maximum gang size of 6.
  • You must have similar job titles. For example
    • Gang name "Stinchers Destroyers!"
    • Job titles could be anything "Stinchers ..." so "Stinchers Guard" or "Stinchers Lt" or "Stinchers Member" or whatever you like, long as you use Stinchers in the name to mark your membership of the gang.
  • Both Deputies and Assistants must still follow the relevant job rules for their job (for example: they must still be paid as a merc/bodyguard)
  • Police Deputies are not undercover cops. They're supposed to be in plain sight & have a big shiny badge. Think: Citizens (of whatever job) that have been sworn in to aid the police. Watch more westerns if you want inspiration ;)
  • Mayor Assistants should not take part in any PD raid. Deputies may aid with police raids, providing their normal job rules would allow it (ie: no raiding as a deputy citizen or deputy doctor).
  • The mayor may hire/fire assistants at anytime, using the /addassistant and /fireassistant commands (or the F4 menu)
  • Likewise, the police chief may hire/fire deputies at anytime - using the /deputize and /firedeputy commands (or, again, the F4 menu)
  • Deputies and Assistants may quit at anytime with the /leaveassistant and /leavedeputy commands
  • Use a little common sense! We want to allow flexibility & creative roleplay, but if this leads to player abuse - many more horrible rules will be added :(

We are sorry for the very specific rules, but over the years we've had enough of the arguments. These are strict rules, but please be warned not everything can be covered here

Base/Store/House Rules -
    New rule: 3 EGP per BASE - per BASE, not player, per BASE. Giant gang base? Well, 3 EGP only!

  1. Large, lag-filled bases will be removed without warning. So do not spam massive props in your base (or, of course, any other form of props/entities).
    1. Build efficiently. For example, do not spam props in order to cover a place when it can easily be replaced by a single bigger prop. Remember other people play here, it’s nice to be friends to server resources and player machines.
  2. You may only use 1-way props to cover existing world-map windows. They may never be part of any of your entrances or safes. Neither may it be part of your defence system.
  3. Base rule is that enemies must be able to get to your valuables within 3 keypad cracks. This traditional is 2 doors and 1 safe. However there are no rules on safe sizes.
  4. Entrances should be 1x2 horizontal minumum space, to fit at least 2 people standing, for each fading door. Both of them should be able to crack the keypad and shoot back if standing up, just in case there is a window.
  5. Using lights, lamps, material (for example, a room that is a pitch black box) or any other tool to purposefully lag or disorientate players is not permitted.
  6. The base must be able to be walked into. You may not force a player to crouch or jump to enter your base (players must be able to walk in and stay standing up)
    • Bases should be resonably easy to get in/out of when carrying a printer/becki box. You should not create a convoluted maze or use "ladder" props to make what is essentially an obstacle course.
  7. PROPBASES (including skybases) ARE NOT ALLOWED. There are plenty of houses/apartments/warehouses already on the maps, use them accordingly instead.
    1. You may have small extensions purely for decorative purposes, such as well designed conservatories and porches if it is deemed fit. This is for RP purposes and not to make your base bigger. Extensions should however be limited and you should do your best to use the area that you receive within your base as efficiently as possible. Blatant disregard for this and greedy extensions will result in removal of it.
    2. Extensions do not have to be part of the main entrance, you may use your extension as a safe if there is not enough space inside - but NOT to advertise your possessions.
  8. Only Hobos, Gundealears/Doctors with a market stall and the mayor (in a limited capacity) may build outside. Please see the relevant job section above for details.
  9. You are not permitted to build outside bases that have huge front lots (often come with part-of-map fences), and should only build within the ownable doors. Having a connected lot that is partly constricted with part-of-map fences does not give you the right to build there.
    1. This is not public property, it is still yours, so you may ask/require players to leave
Fading Door Rules -
  1. Fences props may not be used as any part of the entrance including the door. Fences may not be blocked by another prop that is used as a fading door. Fences may not be colored or textured.
  2. No-collided props are NOT allowed.
  3. Doors must open as soon as any corresponding keypad is cracked. You may not use wire or e2 to delay the door opening.
  4. Safe entrances MUST use keypads only. No automated door systems. Base entrances can use automated doors as long as keypads are provided for raiders.
    1. An exception is made for law enforcement. A safe located within the PD may make use of a separate automated door, providing it's based on teams (usable example E2 script here). The safe must adhear to all other safe requirements.
  5. Your keypad MUST be open for at least 8 seconds.
  6. You can ONLY have 2 doors (+ one toggled safe), meaning no 5 sets of doors with buttons etc.
    1. This means that a person must be able to get into your base completely by only hacking 2 keypads excluding the safe. The same rule applies for leaving, 2 keypads or buttons out.
    2. You may have 1 extra keypad for a safe which must be set to toggle. This applies to the whole base, not each individual player basing there. Bankers, however, may have up to 5 safes
    3. You may forgo a safe of any kind to have a third button toggled door. This door may go on either end of your raid entrance.
    4. Stores may have an additional keypad + toggled fading door for a "privacy room" (also toggled by a button, for the customer, on the inside) providing it is in no way part of the store security system
      • Only one door (including any closed world doors) should be between the customer and the outside world. The customer must be able to open the door from inside the "privacy room"
  7. Both buttons and keypads need to be clearly beside the door they trigger, they can't be coloured, hidden or in obscure locations (for example keypads/buttons that make you stand in a specific location or tiny obscure buttons toggling hidden safes are not permitted). You may not force players to jump, crouch or move to a specific tricky spot to crack keypads - they should be able to stand in a reasonable location.
  8. If you have a world door that needs lockpicking, any fading door must be behind the lockpickable door.
  9. Keypads do and will break when you disconnect, due to internet issues or gmod/server issues. You will have 5 minutes on reconnecting to fix your keypads. After this an admin may move or remove your fading door
    1. Use wire keypads if you wish to avoid this issue.
  10. Fading doors that are using a keypad can not autofade use "smartopeners". These have to be separate to prevent fading door abuse. (i.e. someone cracks the keypad, the owner runs into the smartopener and moves back to auto close it prior to the required 8 seconds of it remaining open). Same applies vice versa.
      • If you're a smart cookie and use either a wire or gate, or have the keypad as an additional input for the E2, so that the door stays open 8 seconds when cracked ignoring any smartopener input, you can ignore this rule. You need to test & doubletest this setup before use & be 100% sure the doors stay open for the entire 8 seconds
    Shooting Windows -
    Thumbnail of example shooting windows, click to enlarge Thumbnail of example keypad placement, click to enlarge
    1. Minimum size for shooting windows is a PHX 0.5x2 plateprop or 2x8 super flat plates, set horizontally, they are the same. No small slits that no one can barely see into (this includes door props etc..). You may extend these in any way you want as long as the minimum requirements are met, i.e. 0.5x2 horizontally. Shooting windows have to be placed at 4 blocks above ground, meaning one 1x2 PHX plate under the shooting window, set horizontally, this results in what is considered a waist-height.
      1. This is the advised minimum size, having your shooting window also act as a door is fine. Nobody will complain about an entire door sized shooting window.
    2. Shooting windows must be textured/coloured as see through and set to toggle. If using damage detectors, they must be placed on both sides.
      1. The material used must be rendered/viewable from any distance. Using a materiel that changes visibility depending on the view distance is not permitted.
      2. Having unrealistic bases with unrealistic defence systems is not permitted. Heads do not magically stick through props. No hitbox glitching. Both sides have to be able to shoot the person in the exact same spot at all times.
        1. Any part of the intruders body you can see, they must be able to see on you. No "I can headshot you, but you can only see my feet."
      3. Safes may not be used for defence (they can't have shooting windows).
  1. Make sure you buy ALL of the doors before you start building.
    1. If a player owns all of the doors in a building except one, including the front door, an admin may ask the player with 1 door to sell it. If the player refuses, the admin may kick them to allow the other player to purchase the door.
    2. This rule does not effect if someone owns the front door of a building. If I own the only door leading out of the building, that means that I automatically gain rights to the doors inside. The only way this rule doesn't affect anything is if there is more than one entrance to the building.
  2. You are not allowed to buy all doors and sell them like a Real Estate Agent. That’s why there is no Real Estate Agent job.
  3. If a person is disconnected as a result of Buffer overflow or Reliable snapshot overflow, the persons base may not be owned by anyone else as long as the said persons props (even disconnected) are still there. However this only applies if the disconnected person does not re-spawn their base during after rejoining until the issue is resolved (can then be proven by the aid of Console. If a base was spawned after snapshot overflow (i.e. removed and respawned during issue), the person loses his/her right to the base doors. Same applies if the props are removed as a result of disconnected props expiration.

Roleplaying can be fun when done properly. You should treat your actions in the game as if you are the character you are moving around. Every word you say in-game should be in character unless you are talking to an admin or talking in OOC using “// text” or “/OOC text”. If you want to talk OOC in local to a friend you should wrap your text in (( )). For example; (( This is out of character )).

Example of a conversation IN Character:
(Situation: You have built yourself a nice home but keep getting robbed, you end up looking for a gundealer to buy a weapon)

CitizenX: Hi.
GunDealerX: Hey, sup.
CitizenX: My shop keeps getting robbed, can you see me some extra protection?
GunDealerX: Sure, I've got a range of protection. A nice M3 pump action 12gauge should keep those bastards at bay.
CitizenX: Hmm, how much would that set me back?
GunDealerX: $400?
CitizenX: What? Screw that, I could buy one for $350 down the street.
GunDealerX: Kid, buy the gun or I'll come deliver it with free bullets tonight...
CitizenX: Since you put it that way... I'll take 2.

Example of an OOC conversation:

IdiotX: Why did you kill me M***erF**ker?
RandomThief: I was robbing you, calm down please?
Idiotx: Go get a life instead of playing on a computer all day.
RandomThief: ...
IdiotX: You're probably sat in your room playing this game all day.

While this conversation above is offensive, it is also a great example of OOC chat being incorrectly used in-game.

Another example would be if a player reads something in OOC chat, and then uses this knowledge in-game. Location of printers, bad guys etc. This is called metagaming and will get you punished.

  1. You may build with noclip. But using it as fast travel, to rob people, to reenter and exit your base or for any RP terms will result in loss of noclip ability.
  2. If someone breaks rules, please give them appropriate warnings. If you need to kick put a reason.
  3. Only use !bring/!goto for ADMIN reasons. Do not use them for buying weapons etc or bringing friends.
  4. You must have proof before punishing someone. Please only react on what you see. Do not kick randomly based on OOC chat.
  5. All bans MUST include a clear reason. For example !ban iRIDEsisters 1440 "For being awesomer than Pantho". Ban duration is automatically displayed to the player.
  6. Remember it is a game, do not take things personally. Act calm and polite at all times. Help new players out, we have a lot of rules and they can't be expected to know them all instantly :).
  7. If you are dealing with a propblock, !bring the player to the door and ask them politely to fix it. If he refuses you may remove his door. If he accepts, give him 5 minutes.
  8. If dealing with a base that has faulty keypads/buttons (not long enough/not visible/not correctly placed/not working etc), you should bring the user and ask them to fix it as well as explain the situation. If the user specifically refuses to fix it, you may forceably remove the props/doors. If they recreate the enterance again without changes, you may ban them.
  9. Do NOT ban or kick other admins unless it is a serious offence such as propspam/spawnblock/permanently banning everyone.
      1. If a fellow admin is breaking the rules, file an admin report on the website.
    1. Please respect ALL Superadmins & Root Admins!
    2. You are NOT allowed to clean up Disconnected props unless it’s related to a ban, propspam, major propblock or spawnblock. Seen doing this illegitimately will give you an admin warning. (Command is now restricted to trusted).
    3. Do not weld stuff to/nor colour cars. The only reason your toolgun can be used on them is to remove them if they get stuck.
    4. Breaking any of these rules will result in an admin warning. Superadmins & Root admins reserve the right to give you warnings as they seem fit if they find your actions abusive and/or damaging the community at large.
    5. Admins and players can and will be punished for bad or insulting conduct on the servers, including as a result of any form of influence. This also includes disobeying a superadmins or root admins. Users or admins can create tickets in regards to this matter (admins can still punish regular users), whilst superadmins+ are eligible to punish everyone including administrators as a result of their insulting/bad behavior.
      1. Note that the above does not mean that players must revere you as a god. So while offensive language is against the rules, "disrespect" is NOT a valid reason for slaying, kicking, banning or any other form of punishment.
  1. No swearing/abusive language. This, obviously, includes evading the cussfilter.
  2. Racial, Political and/or Religious discussions are NOT for gaming forums and will not be discussed here.
  3. No Adult or Abusive images/videos. Flash/Moderate language links MUST be labeled as such.
  4. Post in the correct topics.
  5. Any Player/Admin abuse ticket posted without the proper required field may be locked instantly. This includes SteamID’s and evidence.
  6. To reply to helpdesk tickets, you must be a trusted+ administrator OR directly incident with something useful to contribute. Replying to a helpdesk ticket that you're not involved in will result in a forum warning, forum ban or even a server ban in exceptional circumstances.
  7. All ByB Staff and Helpers reserve the right to delete and lock your posts if they deem it worth such actions.
  8. All ByB Staff and Helpers reserve the right to issue Forum Bans and Forum Mutes when deemed appropriate.
  9. Use common sense for other rules. =)
  1. Tickets require some form of hard evidence (screenshots, video or a demo). Tickets without this evidence may be immediately locked without reply.
  2. You should include a valid steamid. For player or admin abuse reports, this should be the steamid of the player or admin. For unban requests, this should be your steam id.
  3. As mentioned at the top of the helpdesk, "Witness Statements" are not valid evidence. This includes getting your buddies to vouch for you
  4. Ideally, when uploading a demo, archive it first. This reduces the size dramatically for all but the most voice heavy of demos
  5. Superadmin reports must be private messaged to a root admin. You may view a list of active root admins on the staff page. Like with other reports, you must include hard evidence
  6. Video based evidence uploaded to a video sharing site (eg: YouTube) should not be publicly listed. For YouTube videos, this simply means setting the video to unlisted. Publicly listed videos will not be accepted as evidence.
  7. If in doubt, please feel free to private message a root, super or trusted. We're happy to help and will tell you what you need to do :)

These rules may be revised by the ByB root administration team at any time, without notice given. It is your responsibility to ensure you check the MOTD on a regular basis.

Due to the fast moving nature of the community there may be rules enforced in game that are not yet featuered in this MOTD, if in doubt please contact a root administrator via the forums.