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Author Topic: [Add Rule] Some building rules for ZRPs  (Read 803 times)

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[Add Rule] Some building rules for ZRPs
« on: June 08, 2012, 08:15 pm »
Type: Add

Info: Currently there are no rules on bases in the ZRPs, only the keypad rules. Hereby I suggest adding at least some rules for these servers, because I personally do not like seeing things like this:

Click me for a random example of a shooting window being used in ZRP6 right now

Reason for suggestion: I don't think its good for RP to have people be allowed to make such bases, they are not allowed on the other servers, and I think that having shooting windows with these props, not even slightly transparent. Furthermore people could have shooting windows with ridiculous sizes, although I have not seen anyone do that yet.

Suggestion as to what should be added specifically in the MOTD (What the MOTD should say):

Something similar to:

- Shooting windows should look at least a bit realistic, this means you must have a prop that is transparent as shooting window (this means that prop is a toggled fading door).

-Anyone outside has to be able to see whatever you can see standing inside, if they see your head, you see their head too, no ''I can headshot you, but you can't even see me''.

Pros: Some more order in the servers  :D (less printerfarming and better looking bases?)

Cons: Longer MOTD

Server specific: ZRP1 and ZRP2

Other info: please comment on what you think about this suggestion.