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Author Topic: Considering recent events; Time to officially clear up E2 Abuse  (Read 1927 times)

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Recently it has come to light that different administrators of different rank are punishing and viewing e2 abuse from completely different perspectives. Some have claimed that this was already "established", others have claimed that certain roots have claimed it.

Talked to roots, we are of the same opinion in regards to e2 abuse (which I will explain below), and that neither of the claims that "this root claimed this" are valid.

To point out;

E2 abuse is ONLY when someone exploits the smart opener function in an RP scenario. E2 abuse is only when it is actually abused; this includes running in and out of a base using e2 to kill raiders and similar scenarios. This has always been the case, and has never been different or appointed differently by any root, ever.

Example 1: Cops pursue a criminal -> Criminal runs inside of his e2 = Legitimate as long as he stays inside, but this warrants a raid by the cops for the criminal.

Example 2: A base is being raided, one of the members living there runs out through the e2 and attacks the raiders from behind (not running back inside through e2) = Legitimate, as long as he stays outside during the raid/until raiders are dead.

In short, it is only abuse when actually being abused (primarily going in and out through the smart opener function, in the end abusing the safety mechanism that it provides). Nothing else is considered abuse.

Some of you have been punishing people for running through an e2 after being pursued by cops, THIS IS NOT VALID. Others have been punishing people for using the e2 door in ANY RP scenario, THIS IS NOT VALID. Doing this in the future will result in punishment. One can utilize the e2 door as a quick getaway or quick entry/exit strategy at any point. The point of abuse is when one runs in and out of it during an rp scenario. This includes running in and out shooting at cops/raiders, or simply baiting people through it, and above mentioned examples.

Now I am personally unsure as to how this came about to be such a general consensus despite the fact that neither root has approved of it or claimed it, despite people claiming that certain roots have. You are NOT to enforce your own opinions or perspectives on certain things. If you are UNSURE, you consult a root. This is to avoid smeg like this from happening, where certain supers for example, issue punishmentn for things that aren't really abuse, and the lower ranked administrators learn from this. This goes out to specifically superadmins as you are often consulted by lower ranked administrators. But is also a public annoucement to the rest of the members of the community, to clarify as to what e2 ABUSE really is. It shouldn't be required to clutter up the MOTD even more with specifications as to what is abuse and what is not in regards to everything. Especially considering the fact that the community works on a warning-based system, where if a person breaks a rule, you inform them of what they've done wrong FIRST. If they repeat it, punishment is valid due to their blatant disregard of the warning/rules.
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