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Author Topic: [Request] E2 To Fit The New Rules  (Read 689 times)

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[Request] E2 To Fit The New Rules
« on: October 21, 2013, 07:06 pm »
Hello ByB :)

I was going through these rules and had come across the Fading Door Rules (

There's a rule there that states the following:
Combat bases & E2 Doors: You may use wire to open any door you own. However due to endless abuse the following applies to Combat bases:
If using E2 on raiding entrance it must always open for 8 seconds.
If using E2 doors to escape enemies they must open for 8 seconds.
If using E2 doors to attack enemies they must be open for 8 seconds.

SO my request is for a e2 that once the target is acquired the fading door is open for 8 seconds but the countdown only starts once the target has walked away from the e2, if the countdown hasn't reached 0 by the time another player who is added to the e2 has stepped in range the countdown starts all over again when the player steps away from it :)

The e2 musn't close to targets not added and obviously must not open to them either but will close once those 8 seconds have passed :)

If you can do this for me would be great :) if you want me to pay you with RP cash I will do that just pm me :) or if you want to paste the code for all of us that would be chilled as well :)

Thanks a lot in advanced :)
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