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Author Topic: Can someone modify this E2  (Read 506 times)

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Can someone modify this E2
« on: February 24, 2014, 03:32 pm »
Some functions I would like added:
The ability to add any member of the general public to the PD door (And remove, of course)
The ability to block a member of law enforcement (Or mayors assistant) from getting in.
If possible, make it more air tight but make it so people won't get stuck in it.
(That is useful for when I fire a cp from his job when I am mayor, and the demote won't pass, or if a cop wants to try and RDM me as mayor but won't get demoted)

If this is even possible, the ability to have 1 chip and wire any fading door prop to it(And as many as I want) , and have that prop open when a law enforcement member gets near it. (I have a ton of these E2s in the PD, this would reduce my E2 count)

And of course, all the chips would sync with each other when I add/block people

Code: [Select]
@name police e2
@outputs Fade

#made by boats and hoes

{Fade = 1}

else{Fade = 0}

Thanks for your time if you decide to make it.
I can also pay in-game cash.