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Author Topic: New Class Revisions  (Read 816 times)

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New Class Revisions
« on: April 15, 2017, 11:38 am »
MOTD Edits


  • Allowed to work with Hobos for the odd abduction or two.
  • Extend Knockout Timer +5 Seconds.

Bounty Hunter

  • Instead of players calling 911 or advertising when they get kidnapped have this class have a notification about abductions, let the kidnap victim have access to a command that allows them to type one message to the Bounty Hunter to try and save their life!
  • Take the class off of the Law Enforcement list and make it Civilian.

Black Market Dealer

  • Add Lockpick and Keypad Cracker Shipments to the sell list
  • Add Gas Masks to the sell list
  • Be able to sell attachments in singles and x10
  • Start with 100% armor, because you just spawn it for yourself anyway
  • Let BMD base with a gang if they already have 4 existing members making 5 including yourself as long as the server population is 40 or higher.

Meth Cook

  • Able to work with other Meth Cooks
  • Increase money per hour cooking meth, it's really a lot of moving around and the gravity gun makes  so much noise going on and off constantly that it literally leads people right too you.

Master Thief

  • Spawn with armor.
  • Limit one per gang.


  • Switch sniper to a higher damage sniper that make a lot of noise or a semi-auto with a silencer
  • Spawn with silenced pistol.


  • Be able to hire full time
  • Can help Bounty Hunter find kidnap victims


Rule #4 MOTD: Your job is to break into those hard to crack crime dens and take the fight to the criminals. Its not to walk around the street as a glorified beat cop arresting the odd criminal. You should spend a majority of your time in or directly next to PD. If you're not there you should be on your way to or actively raiding. The SWAT aren't just Police Officers with more armor.

What are we doing? Are we enforcing this or not? This rule needs to be cracked down on or removed.

New Class Ideas


Make a Scrapper or Salvager class that steals cars and can take parts off them for money? It's a great way to clean up all the broken or abandoned cars left all over the map and add an extra "freelance" money job.

Secret Agent

What happens more often than not is there is a full gang of master thieves, the reason? There is no other jobs to go! Mercenaries can't guard full time nor base with you, Secret Agent is gone and nobody wants to be a regular thief or gangster. We need this class back so desperately bad or some variation to fill in it's role. We have a balancing issue with gangs and cops big time! Please think hard on this!

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Re: New Class Revisions
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2017, 12:08 pm »
I'm gonna go through and give a few thoughts.

Current Jobs
Kidnapper- I'd not be adverse to some sort of RP interaction with the hobo community, you could pay them in the form of some pitiful some of money or a bag of gear, maybe even just a death threat if they don't help. Extending the knockout timer I assume is because people keep waking up before you can get them back to base? Either way I don't really see a downside, yeah people will minge with the job still but 5 seconds is five seconds.

Bounty Hunter- could be a interesting idea but I doubt that many people would bother to play it, you'd likely spend a lot of time doing nothing. Maybe incorporate it into a negotiator role as part of the police force so they can be used for a few more roleplay scenarios such as trying to talk down people before a raid etc.

BMD- Don't see any harm to allowing them to sell those items provided the prices were set correctly, as for Armour I'm undecided as whilst you are correct you do still have to pay when you spawn it for yourself. With regard to basing I would be against a change back to the old rules where you could base with a gang but wouldn't be against potentially having a singular gangster allowed to work with/base with you as a lackey. Given you have raid entrances back you should be able to design your store in such a way that you can fight against the odds.

Meth cook- I don't think there is anything that stops you working with other meth cooks at present is there? Haven't personally used the job so can't really comment on the payout values.

Master thief- disagree on them spawning with Armour; they are a highly talented thief but they rely on being speedy to evade police etc and aren't a class that traditionally is aiming to be involved in combat. Limit of 1 per gang sounds relatively sensible to stop the spam that happens at present.

- Can't comment on the sniper but a silenced pistol sounds relatively sensible, they are meant to be experts in killing people after all.

Merc- Longer time hiring makes them pretty similar to the bodyguard class but I guess a little more versatile? Not really sure what I think on that one. Helping other classes isn't an issue as they can be hired for that already.

SWAT- I'd like to see the existing rule enforced better. As it suggests, the SWAT aren't meant to be a ridiculous armed up cop.

New Jobs
Scrapper- Could be a novel way to get rid of all the bastard cars that sit about broken. Not sure how the implementation would work but I guess Weasel or one of the other roots might be able to comment there. Could be quite mingey if its not done right.

Secret agent- Don't really know what this is meant to do other that just be another class name you can pick. Cops have the ability to go undercover and gangs already have the master thief but by all means feel free to try and give some reason for it.

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Re: New Class Revisions
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2017, 12:30 pm »
Thief and Gangster are just so monotone and boring there's nothing special about them, just a Citizen with the ability to rob and raid, that's all. Secret Agent is basically the filler for the gang after you already have your master thief, plus the uniqueness of a crossbow or another special weapon on spawn.

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Re: New Class Revisions
« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2017, 03:52 pm »
Kidnapper:  I'm fine with these but there NDDS to be a clause in the rules limiting how long an individual can be held.   I reccommend 10 minutes.  After that point they should be able to suicide out.  We'll say they starve to death.

Bounty Hunter:  The whole point of the class is to be the mayor's private hitman.  It is fine as it is.  Though it would be nice if it could ID a target from long distance ( representing the better resources he has access to)

BMD On the part about basing...no.  Hell no.  HELL...THE SMEG...NO.  This is how it used to be, and it was total BS.  No, No, and more no.

Meth Cook:  The grav gun sounds are OOC so if you're getting warranted for that, you'll need to get an admin to deal with that.  As for money, the amount they make now is fine, especially since the labs don't make a crap ton of noise anymore which cuts the risk of getting hit by police.  As for working with others, I could see allowing a single other meth cook, but doing so would mean you get no bodyguard.

Master Thief:  I'm Commander shepard, and this is my favorite part of this post.

Hitman:  I suggest the M21 Rifle for the hitman.  He can buy anything else he needs from the other players.

Mercenary:  I still support having them be limited use.  Maybe if someone needs them long-term, have them agree on a time limit.  i.e. "Act as a bodyguard for the next 20 minutes."  then they can renegotiate the contract after that one has expired.

SWAT:  We should just go ahead and remove it.

Scrapper:  No.  If anything, this should be a tool buyable by the mob boss and BMD to encourage gangster-run chop shops.

Secret Agent:  Another hell no, especially not with that jank-ass Crossbow.
Master Thief: 4 Slots
Reg Thief: 8 Slots
Gangster: 8 Slots
If anything, we should expand the gangster slots out to 14.

New Suggestion:  If we need more criminal slots  how about an Enforcer job?  It would be limited to 1-per-gang with only 3 slots on the server and would be the criminals' answer to SWAT.  The Enforcer would spawn with armor, have on-board damage reduction, and maybe even come with a remington.
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