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Author Topic: [Release] All the sShops (and other stuff, too)  (Read 1414 times)

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[Release] All the sShops (and other stuff, too)
« on: June 30, 2018, 09:42 am »
sShop Legacy Pack
Some old, some new! (to you, at least)

Hopefully this keeps you lot off of my back until I can write sShop17 for whatever the hell we're doing on s&box, assuming that actually ever happens. On the bright side, sShop17 probably won't be in Expression 2. So, here's my last Expression 2 release, for, well, the rest of eternity. Probably.

A fair warning: some of these chips don't account for changes made to Expression 2 functions at the start of the year; where I would typically use a return type (i.e., number) on a function, I often didn't actually return anything, which was technically UB and no longer compiles. Just change the return type on those functions to void.

Included Things and Stuff
  • Scriptis' Shop (sShop 0) - Straight out of 2011, my first solid attempt at E2. Revel in the hopeful ramblings of a small child trying to figure out how the hell this whole programming thing works anyway, armed only with E2 Helper and the sheer will of a moron.
  • sShop2 through sShop 9 - Old-school shops utilizing console screens or EGPs, depending on whatever was available at the time on whatever server I was active on. One or two of these might've been compatible with ByB, but they're pretty outdated at this point. A few of them might not even be finished. Neat!
  • sShop13 - An autovendor that let you purchase a variable amount of a single item.
  • sShop14 - An incredibly concise, extremely effective autovendor made on ByB. Displays all items in a large table, allowing users to quickly put together a cart and get out.
  • sShop15 - The best god-damn autovendor on the market for two years. EGP-based and looked pretty decent-ish for the time.
  • sShop16 - The best god-damn autovendor on the market until the heat death of the universe. EGP-based and looks beautiful.
  • Shrimp - Small single-item autovendor meant for small machines out in the streets.
  • sShop17 - Sorry, it's not finished. If it were, it would be the best god-damn--well, you get the point.
  • sShopKeeper - Another chip never used on ByB. Creates a holographic NPC that sells you guns through a holographic interface, utilizing moneyRequest.
  • sShopKeeper2 - A faster, more optimized, and generally more effective version of sShopKeeper, with some extra features.
  • sShopKeeper3 - An unfinished rework of sShopKeeper2 that was designed as a hot dog stand instead of a shop.
  • sShopPortable - It would've been better than whatever CanadianBill made, if I bothered to finish it.
  • sShop Nexus - You haven't seen this before. Designed for open-air maps, Nexus launches headcrab cannisters to players ordering weapons, and then teleports the relevant weapons out of a crate launched from the cannister on impact. This definitely wasn't built for ByB, but I was damn close to making it work anyway.
  • Art - Neat triangle and miscellaneous art included as a bonus. The sShop logo (which is not a zebra), a weed leaf by commission, a pretty orb-looking thing using a gold-cyan color scheme, and a rainbow staircase builder.
  • Miscellaneous ByB Nonsense - Single-E2 full meth automation, ultimate fort of superevil (slow-moving plate base) controller, self-driving cars, automated printer dropoff, whatever. Varying legality on ByB according to the old rules (and probably the future ones, too).
    • Automated Printer Dropoff - Allows you to move a prop or wire weight around the map with A* pathfinding, exclusively on rp_downtown_v4c with the included graph. Used to move printers back to your base while you're out raiding.
    • Stupid Car Thing - A self-driving car using the same aforementioned A* tech.
    • Ultimatum - An unfinished (but conceptually sound) all-in-one printer bank, automatic gun shop, and self-storage service (the trifecta of things I automated away entirely).
    • Police Hub - Counts remaining jail time for jailed players, as well as /wants. I forgot I had this one, and it's still pretty neat.
    • Meth Automator - Standalone meth automator. It's very simple to use: buy all the materials, spawn the chip, and go eat.

Okay Cool, But Why?

Well, why not?

I don't know, maybe these qualify as collectors' items or something, probably valued in the tens of hundreds of tenths of hundreds of pennies. Maybe they qualify as a memo for ByB. Maybe I just felt like it, and I can do what I want, god damn it, get off my back man.

That's not an excuse

You're not an excuse.

You're also ugly.


Archive available here.

Anything Else

I'll probably just release literally everything when GMod finally just kicks the bucket. We're getting there.

If there's anything in particular I missed that you vaguely remember and still want, scream at me. I'll tie it to a brick and throw it at you. Except for HoloSlots (which I regret making), Blackjack (which is really ugly), or anything that is really cool but isn't from ByB.

Some little bonuses right off the bat: world's greatest moped (re-re-re-release), and the fancy sci-fi room that I've included a really soggy low-res picture of below because I really needed some pictures in this thread.

just build some cool stuff

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Missing library followup, in case you're missing an #include for it:

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Re: [Release] All the sShops (and other stuff, too)
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2018, 10:28 pm »
The nostalgia... what a kind gesture Scriptis!