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Author Topic: Wire Edits & Transparency  (Read 515 times)

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Wire Edits & Transparency
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:57 am »
People keep telling me our wire works different, or we've changed this, changed that or whatever.

I think it might help if you knew what we edited, so here is a full list of Wiremod modifications we have made & what they do.

To the base Wirefolder:
Code: [Select]
>Social Spy hook to stop reading of admin/rp chat.
>Single line edit just to set Entity info for logging, nothing more.

These are not edit to Wire folder,but part of our GameMode addons.
Code: [Select]
E2 Functions removed
E2 function edits, nerfs or permission changes
Gates too
>Same as E2 function table edits, emptied there equivalent gate.
Additions to E2
>ByB DarkRP functions that we've always had.
No other edits, we don't change EGP refresh rates, we run latest wire from GIT and we are not responsible for errors in WireMod itself, report them to who is relevant.

We are running the latest Wire, with NO relevant code edits, 1 if statement in chat.lua for Social Spy and 1 in init.lua for logging support.