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Author Topic: Please read me before creating a new topic!  (Read 5323 times)

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Please read me before creating a new topic!
« on: March 22, 2012, 09:39 pm »
This forum uses subject prefix to clearly mark topics.

The [Preview] prefix is for use with E2 that you are currently creating, but is not quite ready to release to the public yet. Feel free to include screenshots, video and/or pretty code snippets!

The [Request] prefix is for players who wish to request a specific E2 script. Be as detailed as possible and include any code you have already written. Make sure you've checked there is not an existing script (or request!) out there using the search function of the forums and do not bump your topic. If you do either of these you'll receive a forum warning, repeat offenders will be blacklisted from the E2 forum and may receive a site ban.

Finally the [Release] prefix is for you lovely people who wish to release your own E2 code to our community. Keep in mind, once it's released anyone may use it. If you decide at any point in time to remove the code, you can't expect players already using it to give it up in game.

For all other topics (such as discussion) simply use a descriptive subject line.
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